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  • Swansonic

    Eww – Nothing showing and I still need mind-bleach….

    • eon

      Of course, Skye wouldn’t know “consensual” if it bit her on the ass. Literally.

      clear ether


  • Pamela

    Well that explains a great deal. No wonder Bill won’t go near her.
    So which room will become the Dungeon should she get in?
    Hope there is a drain in the floor.

    • eon

      She’s a lot of things, but a dom she isn’t. Just an abuser.

      She lacks the two things a dominant must have. Empathy and self-control.

      She fits the profile of a domestic abuser and a sociopath. Not even close to the same thing.

      If she had a dungeon, it would be for torture and death, not “kinky” sex.

      (Before you get any ideas, I had to pass tests on this stuff in Abnormal Psych.)

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        I forgot the Abnormal Psych class. You are right. I did see some pretty strange behaviors exhibited in the 70’s, especially getting a friend away from a Gorean freak of nature. Popped the SOB in the nuts and nose. Boxed his ears. He demanded obedience. Yeah right.

        How can a person be so broken that she gets off on doing that to others?

        • eon

          Ask serial killers. It’s one of the markers on them. See “BTK killer”, etc.

          Almost all are sexually inadequate in any conventional sense. They are also utterly uninterested in purely consensual BDSM play. Their whole identity is based on forcing an unwilling victim to submit.

          The old saying that “the best gift you can give a good sadist and a good masochist is each other” does not apply.

          Incidentally, in my experience “Gorean master” types tend to fold abruptly in purely physical confrontations, as you noted. Which in view of their “he-man” role model, Tarl Cabot, I find rather amusing.

          Show one an actual weapon, edged or projectile, and they’ve been known to foul themselves. It’s all artifice with them, generally.

          Not surprising, though. The Gor novels (yes, I’ve read them) tend to be outstandingly boring, more so than most first-person fiction writing. (It’s the toughest type to carry off successfully; Robert A. Heinlein was one of a handful of writers who could successfully do it consistently.)

          Actually, the ones “written” by the “slave girls” are generally the only ones that are even halfway readable. I’ve always suspected they are ghostwritten by women writers for “John Norman” (real name John Frederick Lange Jr., Ph.d Phil & Soc.). In fact, I suspect his wife, Beatrice Green, is the actual author.

          I also suspect that they began as an involved academic joke that “got away” from him.

          clear ether


          • S Hooks

            Eon (and Pamela), your mentions of Gorean “culture” evoke some long-forgotten memories of my college days, with Norman’s Gor novels filling the shelves of the bookstores and earnest nerdy guys in coffee shops trying to persuade impressionable girls to “role-play”. Despite the serious, sick, dark aspects of that mindset when adopted and practiced by psychopathic sadists, as you both noted, I did observe some harmless comical behavior by desperate beta types who thought they’d discovered a new way to get girls.

            In the spirit of serious discussion, I offer this essay on the subject: (apologies if you’ve seen it; perhaps the others might enjoy it)

            Houseplants of Gor:

          • eon


            Never seen it before, thanks for the link.

            As Yoda might say, Ow, the irony, it burns.



  • bill3542

    ouch… snap-on tools, the tools of ugly old hags everywhere.

    • MasterDiver

      And PIAPS’ would be long, wide, blunt, and covered with wire bristles.

      Zar Belk! (And a maximum Geschtam Jump in a random direction!)

  • Grunt GI

    Oh yea. I hope Bernie’s life insurance is paid up..not good to challenge the evil queen.

    I’m sure Hillary could make him squeal like a pig.

    She probably makes Huma squeal too…

  • Pamela

    Oh crap! Is she insider trading?
    Or is it graft and corruption, bribery, vote buying?
    No wait, procurement of flesh.
    Is she a Bawd on top of everything else?

    • She was doing insider trading in cattle futures when she was at that little law firm in Arkansas.
      If you don’t think so, tell me what amateur could possibly make a fortune in trading any commodities futures without substantial inside info… Especially when she couldn’t pass the bar exam in whatever state she first tried to take it….

      Hey! No fair hiding Zed’s assets!!!

      • TomZ

        Payoff disguised as trading.

        • Norm


        • John Greer

          Yes, all you have to do is trash the bad receipts and it _looks_ like you’re a genius.

  • JTC

    If I had to pork one of ’em, is it bad that I would choose the bern over the bitch?

  • How many remember “Deliverance”, and what the expression is actually based on?

    • eon

      Here. Saw it once and vowed never to go on a canoe trip.

      Where my family comes from (both sides of the Ohio River above Point Pleasant, WV- “Mothman” country), you can throw a rock and probably hit at least one guy who thinks he’d like to do somebody like Ned Beatty got it in that movie.

      Never go unarmed in those parts.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        That arrow shot was one of the coolest movie portrayals of a bad guy getting dead evah. Burt at his finest.

      • JTC

        Movie setting was North Georgia when they were damming up those rivers, filling up the valleys to make TVA lakes and drowning the towns in them. All of which really happened. The ridge towns that survived have city folks paying hundreds of thousands for “cabins” on those lakes and rivers and the old downtowns are touristy shops and cafes run not by locals but other flatlanders from ATL and FLA.

        We spent summer vacations in rental cabins around the town of Blue Ridge for years, tubing and trout fishing in the rapids of the Toccoa River which is dammed upriver to create the recreation reservoir of Lake Blue. Twenty years ago you could do some exploring away from town, up and down rock roads with small farms, country stores, and tiny churches and cross paths with a few folks who had lived their whole lives in and around those mountains. There were some Deliverance types but mostly folks who were perfectly satisfied with their lives. I’d take the porch sitters and banjo pickers from that era over the human waste from today; they’re all methed out up in there now. A trip a few years ago just made me sad and for the first time worried about keeping doors locked, etc. We haven’t been back. Pains me something terrible to say that; me and all of my folks are from the hills of Tennessee, those are -or were- my people.

        Just a little anecdote presented here without accusation or discussion of cause and effect, for now.

        • eon

          You just described the folks around my family’s home turf. Old river valley saying, “there’s always a couple of rotten apples in any basket”.

          Of course, used to be everybody knew who the real rotten ones were and avoided them. As for meth-heads, they’re everywhere today, and can generally be spotted by the occasional explosions in their back forties. What with blowing stumps being illegal now.



          • JTC

            Largely another example of gov helping a people to death with freebies and prohibition, but there are other factors for another discussion.

  • H_B

    Those “Hillary is a robot” and “Hillary is malfunctioning” comics from several months ago are sounding more prescient than funny these days:

  • Bill G

    Never saw the flick but I’ve heard enough chat to know the reference.
    What Skye doesn’t know is that she’d have gotten ‘Delivered’ by her adored Bernie just as much as by Cankles.
    The left cannot understand that their beloved examples in the Nordic nations are not the examples of socialism/marxism they want them to be, and that Greece and Venezuela are just examples of socialism done wrong and that they can do it right.
    It is impossible to convince a liberal that socialism is economic poison and that there is no right way to take poison.

  • Grape

    Maybe there is a right way – to self-induce. Now to convince the entire liberal bunch to join the lemming club and sign a pledge to follow their leader over the cliff.

  • Steveb919

    Some ladies like anal once in a while. I speak from first hand knowledge.

  • Grunt GI

    Ok, can’t take many more banjo references….

    so did anyone else really pick up on Chris’s little bombshell in yesterday’s comment thread about a potential adults only pay version of DBD? This seems like a significant teaser trailer to me….no pun intended.

    ANY chance to get some more details?

  • JLG

    This is a very peculiar obsession and as a metaphor it has become ubiquitous to the point where it’s fair to question its deeper meaning.

  • Dave P

    I have an idea which involves giving ISIS members the Ned Beatty Love Treatment, but instead of a psychotic hillbilly, a real boar hog would deliver it.

    • Pamela

      While thought provoking, wouldn’t the animal cruelty people take exception to the boar hog being subjected to disease and debasement in the administering of cross-species sexual services?

      Toss them into a 24 hour Super Max with a now serving number 75 announcement over the speaker system.

    • Kafiroon

      Would then have to sell the violated one to the next village as per “usual” practice? The boar should get a medal.

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