Day By Day


  • formwiz

    Nice to see Sam airing her differences again.

  • JTC

    Great ‘toon, gorgeous art, sharp wit, harsh truth…

    But wait just a DAMN minute!

    Did Zed just um, cur-tail his entry plans to discuss zippy and the beast?

    WTF? OVER?

    • Pamela

      Care to place a bet on how fast the lights go out and the conversation turns to to more pleasurable lines?

    • Old Codger

      Maybe he aborted his op upon recognition of his partner’s OBVIOUS discomfort. IMS, Jan did not seem to enjoy Damon’s little drive down the “hershey highway” either; not to mention her being sore for some time afterwards. If one partner finds a particular activity unpleasant, would not love dictate the other partner refraining in deference? I cannot see how it would be pleasurable for a woman to have sex that way – although some (many?) claim to do so. We tried it a couple of times early on (44 years ago now) and she did NOT find it pleasurable in the slightest.

      For the life of me I can/could never understand why a guy would want to take a dip in the sewer when the garden of earthly delights was right next door. But if both partners are willing it’s entirely their choice.

      • JTC

        Last line says it all, and I am genuinely sorry for your loss.

        Did like the first line too though; “…he aborted his op…” Making him not a pain in the ass, just a dumbass. They’ll “come” around (heh). Silk scarf restraints, eh? Elegant perversion; I like it.

      • Pamela

        Only experienced it once in my life. An Ex thought some chloral hydrate and cuffs was a good way to end our relationship since I said NO. It did not end well for him.

        • JTC

          Again recalling OC’s last line, “if both partners are willing”.

          If they are it’s love. If they are not it’s assault. It’s not the activity, it’s the participation. Bilateral sex is love. Unilateral sex is either masturbation or rape.

          The old-fashioned Baptist preacher that married wife and me in 1971 counseled our scared but confident little 17-year-old pregnant selves thusly: “Nothing is taboo in the marriage bed, anything consensual is love in God’s eyes”.

          Never forgot that and it has brought great pleasure and indescribable closeness to us over the years. A little creativity of method, a few toys, play-restraint, all good if mutual.

          The other kind, inflicting fear and forced compliance? That’s sadism and psychopathy, plenty of that in the real world; the marriage bed is the escape from that, an unassailable refuge of two people, and it is sacrosanct.

  • Pete231

    ” There are only two kinds of people – Liars and Damned Liars ! ” M. Twain. And, we know which ones the Hildebeast and Duhbama are……

    • Bill G

      I thought it was Liars, Damned Liars and Statisticians.
      Of course, in this context the latter could be shortened to Statists.

    • Peet

      Actually, Clemens made it clear he was quoting the quote himself: “Someone – I think it was Disraeli said there are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

      [close as I can remember, and I’m too lazy to go find the book]

  • JLG

    On the other hand, the “adults” in the room are frolicking naked and carefree, like newborns with no personal boundaries.

  • Pamela

    Whoa! Gives new meaning to Ride ‘Em High. Ride ‘Em Hard Cowgirl.
    One thing about sex is it can heal even with a bit of pain.
    Get out the silk scarves, a little restraint might be needed to finish the ride.

  • George

    “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

    -Joseph Goebbels

  • Crotalus

    Last panel explains it all: Obama is a petulant two-year-old.

  • Hardball

    Not a problem, but Sam isn’t hanging low enough in panel 2. Gravity, ya know

    • Grape

      He is working up to it.

  • Bill G

    In this same time frame Cankles is trying to claim she supports the Second Amendment.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Wait a durn minute…. 2nd panel. -click-! Zed had his hands full. WHO’S TAKING PICTURES?

    • That was the light switch

      • GWB

        And who turned it on?!? Not that I’m complaining……….

    • JIMV

      hopefully those artistic works will appear with more clarity later. I would love an adults only paid version of daybyday, one where the cast is larger, the clothing smaller and the implied boinking less implied…

      • Chris Muir

        It’s coming.

        • JTC

          Yes it is…oh wait, you meant…

        • Grunt GI

          UMMM, you mean more snark and less clothing?

          HMMM, that could give a whole NEW meaning to Sex, Lies, and Politics.

        • Pamela

          Maybe with sound..

          • JIMV

            Is there a sound to boinking?

      • Grunt GI

        So who would you add to the cast JIMV?
        I think it is pretty darn good as is…but an adult version of DBD does have some interesting possibilities….the imagination runs wild.

        • JIMV

          The passing through…after all, they had that club…

  • NotYetInACamp

    people like obama, Hillary, Ryan, Frank, Wasserman-Schultz, Reid, Jordan, Schuumer, Pelosi, and the ilk are known for and revered by their supporters by how much they have allegedly stolen from the evil rich and given to the ‘deserving.’

    The call it the high road, yet all it is, is, at best, what Zed was attempting.

    No issue will result from the efforts, except by accident.

    • GWB

      Nicely put.

  • David M

    If it hurts, you are not doing it right… Just saying…

    As for the rest of the strip, Proglodytes care not for trivial things like facts, nor truth… Just keep telling the big lie and stick to the talking points, just follow the narrative…

    • JTC

      Let’s not discuss how you know that, but upthread @Pamela, straight from the horse’s…umm, mouth, we see that sometimes, pain is pleasure.

      Pretty wonderful in the context she addresses, but it is sadly true of the political back door forced entry too…maybe not pleasure so much as a numbness after “taking it” for so long that it becomes the expected norm, and that’s about where we are now as MCWF (middle-class white folks).

      Still, as I admonished at the top, there is no justification for um, pulling out, of the former context to engage in discussion of the latter. Except…well I guess otherwise the lights would still be out and we would not have been treated to any of it, so…thanks, Chris I guess?

      • Pamela

        If the Beast gets in, unwanted, unwarranted pain will be the daily dose for the majority of Americans. No safe words involved.

        Lights off, Lights on. All depends on the imagination of the viewer and sometimes, shadows dancing on the wall.

    • Polly Cy

      Hmmm, David. That ain’t the way I learned it. My ballet teacher’s mantra was always, “If it DOESN’T hurt, you’re not doing it right.” No pain, no gain you know.

      • Pamela

        Polly Cy- Don’t remind me. The exercises for dancing en pointe nearly killed me. Great for the posture, flattening the belly and legs got really strong and flexible, but it freaking HURT. No pain No gain is right.

        • Polly Cy

          Ah, Sister! I once danced through an entire recital en pointe with a hairline fracture of my ankle. After that, no more pointe work for me; I couldn’t get enough turnout on that foot. I was always strong and loose jointed anyway, as opposed to ethereal and graceful, so I was moved more and more into jazz. Fourteen years of abuse – and sad to say, I LOVED every minute of it. But now in my dotage I have joint hypermobility disorder on top of the psoriatic arthritis, which makes therapy and treatment such an adventure.

          • Pamela

            My daughter and I took private lessons fulfilling a childhood dream of mine and hers until she broke her big toe playing. Ouch. Dancing on air was possible then. Size 11 toe shoes not withstanding.
            Here is to pain free days.

  • Tim I.

    I genuinely laughed out loud at that one Chris! Well done.

  • Sometimes political realizations come at the most inopportune moments. Just sayin’.

  • JTC

    BTW, teen girl wins first USA gold in Rio.

    But you might not see it mentioned much; it was for shooting.

    • S Hooks

      Obama will probably have the BATF confiscate her assault rifle when she returns to the USA.

    • Old Codger

      Wonder how much longer shooting sports of any sort will be allowed in the Olympics. Besides target and trap in summer games, there’s also biathlon in the winter games. Mustn’t glorify peons with firearms. Firearms are fore the protectors and special servants of the elites.

      • night driver

        Well, it WAS AIR rifles after all, at 10 meters.

        • JTC

          “air rifles after all”

          Dude this “elite” organization here sends gradeschool kids home for drawing a gun shaped picture.

  • Roland Deschain

    I did it! I went back to the first toon and read every one! Wow, it was like a history lesson. I must say that your skills drawing people, especially women, has come a long way. If I could draw like that I would have no reason to leave the house. Keep up the great work! I am hoping that next year my financial situation I better so I can support DBD in the manner it deserves. Thanks Chris!

  • epilitimus

    If I recall it was just a bit before Skye left last time that Sam was extolling the virtues of letting Zed take her as he pleased…have to go back and check that…or maybe she just needs a bit more softening up first.

    • Pamela

      Maybe if he spoke to her in tongues

      • JTC

        Wow. Will CM’s new graphic ‘toon go there?

        Or maybe DBD could imply going there? Hmmm? Silhouettes? Gauzy curtains? Love it.

  • 'TreHammer

    The envelope has been pushed again…:-D…

  • Grunt GI

    Just. Wow.

    • Pamela

      Grunt GI

      Truth is truth. Life can be difficult at times. Overcome the difficulties and help others overcome it. Trauma does not define who I was then or who I am today.

      • Grunt GI

        True and good on ya!

        However, I was complimenting your “speaking in tongues” quote. My reply posted in the outer thread by error.

        Well done. -/:)

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