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  • merle

    Good luck there dad….

  • Too Tall

    Zed, I feel your pain. Been there, done that. Survived by the grace of God, and the talents of my wonderful wife.

    If it’s ever not about chores, get Sam’s help ASAP.

  • JTC

    You lucked out this time boy, but Double Trouble (heh) is coming your way…

  • JTC

    So is it less sinful that the attributes of the one with less to deal with is more attractive than the other?

    • Too Tall


      Blinded by Science. I think Javier would disagree with you as to which twin was more attractive.

      • caved1ver01

        Such is the wonderment of paternal female twins…

    • caved1ver01

      The interesting part is the fact that in Mari’s case a blue-eyed brunette in extremely rare and more attractive.

  • formwiz

    This is why boys are easier to raise.

    • Pamela

      Do you see either of the girls saying “Here. Hold my beer and watch this.”

      • ses1066

        Re: the “Hold my beer”. Taken in one direction, competitor in Darwin Awards. In another direction, “Above and beyond the call of duty”. Two sides of the coin that some call testosterone.

        • Unca Walt

          Best analysis I’ve seen.

        • My catchphase for the second case is usually “Keep my coffee warm”, and involves a drysuit and a fresh tank of air.

          Zar Belk!.

        • JTC


          That’s beautiful man!

      • Too Tall

        Game, Set, and Match to Pamela.

        Raising sons is expensive, Raising daughters is priceless (i.e. can’t calculate the cost)

        However, while daughters may give you sleepless nights, those moments of pure, unadulterated hormonally-fueled stupidity generally require a son.

        • Pamela

          Thank you Good Sir

    • caved1ver01

      According to whom? Today the parents of boys have to deal with AA/gender quotas, paternity fraud, etc.

  • Pamela

    Auntie Naomi, time for a visit.

  • cb

    All I got is — LOL

    • JTC

      Might even explain current Palm Beach behavior Halley…

      • Halley

        Yes, one fears it could be so…

    • nonncom

      I’ve attributed this very notion to the fact of John Roberts radical, and unpredictable, behavior….

      • JTC

        Almost certainly.

        And our two new hires are susceptible as well…Kavanaugh has already shown a fear and acquiescence to femdom, and Amy has a dozen or so kids of various extraction which makes extremely vulnerable as a mom which she said is her primary role…

        Of our sitting “majority“ I view only Thomas and Alito as incorruptible.

        They don’t need to change the law to attain a supermajority if they can achieve it with payola, intimidation and threat.

        I mean, it worked with the Rinos, the “intelligence” community, and much of the military…

  • Punta Gorda

    …so… Kiko is corn fed?

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

      You say that like Mari is grass fed?

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

    If they’re arguing over little things, the twins have too much energy and time on their hands. Time for Daddy Zed to have them totally muck out the stalls and do repairs on the barn. All under Zed’s supervision, of course. And if they STILL want to argue over the little things, time for a five mile run. In opposite directions.

  • Mike-SMO

    My wife always said that she was happy that we had only boys.

    Couldn’t be the “Mob”. Them guyz had standards and “honor”. Nancy d’Alesandro never learned that part.

  • Swansonic

    Even if it is about chores it really isn’t about chores….

    That and every kid thinks that they have more to deal with than other kids….

    • NotYetInACamp

      You were right, and this also for the USA downgrading capabilities to produce, to be efficient, and to be able to survive.
      Regulations have killed power production. And people.

      posted on yesterday today:

      Progressives caused tens of hundreds (?) of billions to be spent on Clean Coal electric power generation. Regulations they passed demanded it.
      Technology and scrubbers made the air being expelled from the coal power plants better than the air going in and it met standards even normal air in cities could not meet. Texas had a good number of these coal power plants. Remember the billions upon billions spent to get the air exhaust cleaner than air.
      They were closed down (all?) by EPA edicts and Congress’s laws.
      Billions of research and infrastructure capital expenditures rendered worthless.
      Austin Teas, now a bastion of snowflake progressiveness and anti environment style idiocy decided that in all fairness to the Earth and its citizens those foul clean coal electric power plants must go. The electric plants were very profitable to the City of Austin, but they had to be turned to scrap in the name of ‘the good of all / the greater good’ virtue signalling.
      So the clean coal powered plants were closed.
      Bye bye evil ant-socialist profit. Bye bye clean electricity. Bye bye US generated electricity.
      Austin bought power from dirty coal electric power plants located across the USA border in Mexico.
      Not saying this had an effect n failing to roll the blackouts, but, that is many hundreds of miles of power lines, electric stations, snow, sleet, ice, and bumbling that must be dealt with to keep the electricity on in Austin, and other Texas areas.
      But virtue has been signalled. There is nothing more to see there.

      Oops. The Bolshi/red guards/Califoriates have all been dancing and celebrating the stupidity of Texas on not being able to do what California can do. Roll a blackout. They are attacking Texans and Sen Cruz’s tweets of a year ago.
      But it is all in fun and virtue signalling how much they have done for the greater goo, no matter the cost.
      They’re so fine. They’re green.
      Any incorrect statements from memories of long ago. Tough. It’s the internet.

  • Blackrifle081

    When those two are 18, we can admire how nature has been kind to both of those young ladies, but not a minute before then…

    • JTC

      The law of man should not supersede that of the Framers and of God.

      Admiring and appreciating the artful Hand of both is not breaking either.

      A responsible young man enjoying the design and history and purpose of firearms is not analogous to him embarking on a murderous rampage, and appreciating the form and beauty of a budding female is not prelude to raping or in any way harming her.

      Yet both will result in arrest and incarceration under the laws of man.

  • PaulS

    O M G!
    Zed, Lord help you!

  • James/G

    Baen’s Bar is being temporarily closed to appease the Liberals. Has to do with a so-called writer of ‘specultive fiction’ who has claimed to have received death threats from some members there.

    This guy’s writing up of theBar was so poorly done, it wouldn’t be acceptable to the Daily Mail.

    Let your friends know…

  • Gary

    Was eating breakfast and reading this, now I am wearing breakfast!

  • Just PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me they are 18 even in “Toonville”, then I don’t have to feel so dirty!

    • JTC

      See my comment above, you have been misled about what “dirty” is.

      • John M.

        It’s interesting to think that even a Century ago, a woman that wasn’t married or “seriously involved” by the age of 18 was considered an Old Maid…

      • Thx JTC. It is my Catholic Guilt showing. 42 years ago being an alter boy. The beliefs are ingrained.

  • JTC

    With a power grid emergency this could not be more timely and hopefully eye-opening for those who are “woke” but still asleep…Rarely do I buy a movie, but this oughta be good;

  • Halley

    One of my earliest memories was in front of a black/white TV, age 4, watching a spooky The Twilight Zone episode. Many moons later, I’m still watching, but now it’s outside my window and in every webbrowser window. Thing is, each Twilight Zone episode must come to an end. This spooky Crazy Years 2020-2021 season must also, one way or another, come to an end. 80,000,000 good people will not accept being sent to the cornfield by the corrupt and demented…

    • JTC

      “…one way or another…”

      A hopeful observation, a serious promise, and a dire warning all wrapped up in one…

      • steveb919


  • Patricia

    JTC, I have a feeling arrest and incarceration would be MUCH better than what Zed and Sam would do… with that much Texas at their disposal, the body would never be found!

    • JTC

      Maybe Patricia…

      But these are complex people here at the ranch, as are their extended family.

      And as is their creator.

  • Paul

    SO ! I wonder how this current lovely weather will be portrayed on the ranch ?? In Eat Texas it has, let’s just say SUCKS ! One reason I left Montana !


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