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  • formwiz

    Three Graces?

    OK. let’s see them dance.

    And you know what I mean.

  • I can see the validity of the blues reflected in that poster.

  • JTC

    That slow-motion disaster makes those other things look like a church picnic.

    • JTC

      BTW, my Grace is my amazing granddaughter who turned 16 in January and took her night flight tonight near her home in St. Pete FL…one of the last major steps before solo; she aced it of course, and sent me and her Nana a great vid of her in the cockpit of the little C172 and coming in to the runway lit up like the Vegas strip. Awesome kid. Lucky Papa.

      • Lon Mead

        Congratulations to your granddaughter, and to you!

      • NotYetInACamp


      • Swansonic


  • Delilah T

    The one question that no one has answered: why does Jeeves the Robobutler need teeth?

    • Henry

      “All the better to bite you with, my dear!”

    • James McEnanly

      He’s modeled after the T-800, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s skeleton, from the Terminator franchise. However, he probably sounds more like C-3P0 than he does Arnold.

  • Lon Mead

    Oh, the humanity…

  • Dienekes


    Hooray for your Grace! My son soloed on his 16th birthday about 22 years ago. Many ratings later he has about 10,000 hours and flies executive jets.

    (You DO know that that that private pilot’s license will only be the beginning–don’t you?)

    Giver her a hug for me.

    • JTC

      Dienekes, thank you…big congrats to your son; his (flight) path is the one Grace is determined to follow, her eyes are on the prize in the cockpit of the big ones.

      She, her brother and Mom took a short snow trip to Colorado last month and by the time they landed in Denver she had somehow talked and charmed her way into that Delta cockpit, sent us a pic of that too with the first officer and a giant grin.

      Not that many female commercial jockeys, but if any can make it she can; biggest obstacle is the right school and training without going the mil route which her Mama is pretty set against…I don’t doubt she’ll make it happen though.

  • WayneM

    Tragedy and the blues aren’t the same thing… And, yes, I’m saying all three of the aforementioned situations were tragedies.

    • JTC

      WayneM, blues ain’t just a case of the sads; not sure about up Canada way, but in the birthplace of the blues, heartache borne of the deepest loss and tragedy of the heart and soul…a blend of black gospel and Appalachian hillbilly, is the source and godhead of the best of it.

      • WayneM

        JTC, Canada was the final stop for the slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad. They brought their blues with them.

        • NotYetInACamp

          And kept it cause it is so darn cold up there. Not like down upon the Suwanee river …
          Lincoln’s favorite song was “Dixie.” he had it played everywhere he made a stop. Sometimes he even brought a US Army band to make sure. It was hard to get into the Blues when I grew up in 76 degree weather with girls wearing bikinis at the beach and light clothes all year round, except a few days. It took hard work to get into the Blues under those conditions.

  • Pete231

    While we’re on the subject of wunderkinders, my niece’s daughter just turned 11 and drives a Jr. Dragster here in the Mile High city at Bandimere Dragstrip. She’s very competitive and gets pissed off after being DQed for going too fast in her class. Can’t wait to see her in 10 years when she gets Top Fuel license……

  • Bill G

    We sang the blues for the eight years of Obama; the left is going insane now that they aren’t having it all their way.

  • eon

    I believe that after The One, all Americans now have something in common with Scott Adams’ Dilbert.

    We can all put on our resumes’ “Eight years’ experience being micromanaged by a nitwit”.

    And The One was and is at least as vindictive and evil-minded as Dilbert’s pointy-haired tormentor and his chrome-domed, brain-dead uber boss combined.

    Of course, that’s like saying he’s a very typical progressive, too.

    clear ether


  • Marcus Bressler

    All of the aforementioned were disasters.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    If I’m going to the Triple Dee to listen to the Three Graces (lovely ladies, lovely name, no nudity required), to listen to the blues and other “torch” songs, I would prefer soft lighting (blue, nach) against the natural barn decor. Those other three pictures make an interesting statement, but would be a jarring distraction against the music and the ladies.

    BTW, been watching “Peter Gunn” on the oldies TV station. I can see the Three Graces singing that style of music.

  • gruundehn

    I am not a fan of the Blues, but a guy who worked with me at Ubon told me that one sang the Blues to say: I am down and out but I refuse to let that get to me. I like the concept as explained, but I still do not like the genre.

    • JTC

      gruundehn, I think that’s close to right.

      Southern black gospel always had the component of redemption, salvation, and joy in the certain hereafter, and Appalachian music is more a telling of hardscrabble history but with perseverance and survival as key ingredients.

      Don’t like it though? Try a semi-dark room with a good drink in hand, maybe a cigar…crank up some classic blues and let your soul drift. If that doesn’t do it, well, there’s always rock and roll…itself in many ways an offspring of jazz, rhythm and the blues.

      • gruundehn

        I prefer Scottish bagpipes or classical symphonies.

  • canuck49

    I prefer Willy Brown’s definition from the movie Crossroads : “The blues ain’t nothin but a good man feelin’ bad …thinkin’ about a woman he once was with”.

  • JTC

    Canuck, that’s perfect to both describe and encourage the quiet struggle of the preference cascade, thank you.

  • canuck49

    JTC, you are most welcome. The lady who shared that poem with me says she reads it once a year whether she needs it or not.

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