Day By Day


  • Delilah T

    Nope, Jeeves, you’re silver. Get over yourself, Robobutler.

    • JackDeth 72


      Billie Holiday, he ain’t.

  • JTC

    Worst kind of racist…dude ain’t black but desperately wants to be and tries to adopt what he thinks is black culture by assuming they’re all the same.

    Except the black kid who programmed him doesn’t quite fit the mold; not much risk of an AI takeover if Shiny is all they got ’cause this ‘bot ain’t too smart…

    Come to think of it I think maybe Javier is fucking with the folks at the ranch.

  • WayneM

    Jeeves; the Rachel Dolezal of the robot world…

  • JackDeth 72

    To quote a favorite line delivered by Felm Gormley, one of the one of the pastiest white guys in Dublin Ireland:


    “I’m black and I’m proud.”

    *’The Commitments’ (1991)*

  • C’mon, Jeeves. David Clayton Thomas wasn’t a bro either.

  • pyrodice

    If he gets that way, it’s time to change the oil and wash the tar off the undercarriage.

  • Depends on the audio program, Jeeves could have sounded JUST like Billie Holiday. Remember, chrome don’t get you home, but it might get you laid.

  • gafling

    … had to take a second look at the song … I took ‘chile’ to be ‘chilly’ instead of ‘ch-eye-l’. I think the classical spelling might be ” chil’ ” but I’m just a old West Texas Deplorable.

  • nonncom

    The Little Black Dress…..classic…..

  • Major Matt Mason

    With every passing day, I like Jeeves more and more… 😀

  • KenH

    Shut, The FRAK , up
    Or I’ll have you melted to slag and moulded into an ashtray

  • revjen45

    Paint him black and he will start selling crack and robbing liquor stores.

  • Jerseygirl Angie

    I believe the term that best describes Jeeves’ racial dysphoria is ” wigger ” .

    • JTC


    • NotYetInACamp

      From Grand Torino, possibly it’s best scene. Clint Eastwood’s character
      Addressing the “date.”
      “Shut up, pussy. What’s all this bullshit anyway? Want to be super spade or something? These guys don’t want to be your bro, and I don’t blame ’em. Now get your Offay Paddy Ass on down the road.”
      Addressing the 3 urban gentlemen: “Take care now.”
      One responds: “uhh … you too”
      His response: “Ohhhh yeahhh.”

      Offay Chromy Ass?


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