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  • JTC

    Not sure how many street squatters are world travelers, but they might declare SF a Chinese sanctuary to add to the mix as it were…

    Question: if encouraging shit in the streets goes beyond signaling their virtuous tolerance and gets to croaking them in their squalid utopia, will they show their true colors and exterminate the street people wholesale like their commie gods?

  • Governor Newsom Declares California A Coronavirus-Free Zone

    Iowa looks fun. Biden loosing, Bernie popular, precinct captains were to send in results with a smartphone app, which isn’t working. So Dems are doing “Quality Control” before releasing any results actually showing the old hippie commie is winning, which can’t be allowed.

    • Too Tall

      Progtard DildoCrats MUST cheat in elections, even when the election is just among Progtard DildoCrats.

      • MIKE-SMO

        Well, Plan-A apparently was using the gangs of Sanctuary to drive the useless city dwellers into the suburbs, as in Compton, California, thus allowing a profitable redevelopment. Plan-B may be killing them all off with Typhus, Ebola, Corona spiked pooh. Profit either way. Plan-B will not provide as much cheap labor for the Kock Succours, but there will be plenty of jobs for those who can sing, “Bring out your dead!” Free public transport for the faithful. “Blue Zone” for the “special people”.

        • rtlvkt

          “Kock Succours”…… I love it.

    • interventor

      Apparently, counting and addition are advanced math. If, one is a product of a liberal education. Add, that a smart phone requires one to have a minimum of intelligence to use it.

  • Too Tall

    Progtard DildoCrats are infantile. They are not potty trained housebroken, and they can’t play by the rules.

    • Pamela

      Wonder how much kitty litter would be needed to take care of the issue…

      • Bill G

        A 50 pound sack, dropped from a sufficient height, would take care of any one of them. Tough aiming, though.

        • interventor

          During WWII, when the Soviets became desperate, due to a bomb shortage. They loaded bathtubs with stones and dropped them out of their bombers.

        • Contrarian View

          Not if you tie it around their ankles and drop them off a boat.

    • Barbara Skolaut

      “they WON’T play by the rules”

      FTFY – no charge.

  • Kafiroon

    Live in crap
    Die by crap

  • WayneM

    Meanwhile in Canada, Prime Minister PotatoHead is berating Canadians and accusing us of racism. Apparently asking for government to take prudent steps to contain and/or limit exposure to the latest novel corona virus is somehow xenophobic, racists, insert whatever “bigot bingo” word to fill your card…

  • interventor

    Viewing the mammoth screw up of the Iowa caucuses is entertaining. Wonder if its planned or typical Democrat incompetence. Either way, makes good propaganda — do you want these same people to run the government, or design healthcare?

  • I wonder how many street squatters there.are in Sacramento, near the Governor’s mansion…. Frisco could import some….

  • Pete231

    So, now the libturds can have brown shoes to match their brown shirts. I can see the old timey boot scrapers making a big comeback ’cause it’s impossible to tell shit from Shinola……….

  • Punta Gorda

    Abd confirmed case number nine was in what city?

    Nancy’s Turf.

    • MasterDiver

      Like o coven, er, covey of Junior High Mean Girls; any excuse to ridicule or persecute the smart one who only makes them look even more foolish.

      Hang in there Rush, Miracles DO happen!

      Zar Belk!

  • Bill G

    The streets of San Francisco, and the Iowa Cacas, er, Caucuses show that the libs do not have their S*** together.

  • Kafiroon

    “Sh!t Happens”

    Saying on the back of many pickup trucks years ago.

  • Dread

    We’ve all known what the dems were full of all along. Well, it happens.

  • clayusmcret

    I didn’t see a down side.

  • Kafiroon

    Sh1t Abounds
    Sanitation enforced
    Civilization occurs

  • JTC

    Congratulations and thank you to President Donald J. Trump.

    That was masterful and awe-inspiring!


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