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  • formwiz

    As they used to say in Mad Magazine, “Scenes We’d Like To See”.

  • KenH

    Simpler and less pain to just shoot the bastards in the face with a 12-guage. But this works fine

  • Big Jim

    A Tip of The Hat (remember ‘Hatlo”?) to ol’ Tabasco, and C.Muir, and…Damn!!…..Zed needs to take ol’ Tab to Charlotte, too!!

    • David Gonzalez

      You mean like 1506 NIX NIX and SCRAM GRAVY AIN”T WAVY? My favorite was always “Hatlo’s Inferno” (especially his punishment for launderers who put heavy starch in their customers’ shirt-collars!).

  • I can personally guar-on-tee ya that when you get hit by a steer, you stay hit, particularly after the CAT scans. We got a lot of black cowboys and ranchers up here. They are all good ‘ol boys. I haven’t seen any of them do that BLM crap. Good panel, Chris!

    • Interventor

      Tobacco isn’t a steer. He’s a bull.

      • Yeah. Just think how much worse it would be if you are rolled by a bull!

  • Steve_1066

    As the saying goes; “Careful what you ask for …”
    Would that this were real life!

  • JTC

    I got bull, but no bulls.

    Guess my sign will hafta be:


    With an appropriate silhouette pic in the middle.

  • Lee Caffey

    Another great one, Chris, Troy would have loved it!

    • Chris Muir


  • syvyn11

    The lesson here is “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS” and “you mess with the bull, you get the horns”.

  • LifeofTheMind

    Correct me but I thought that Tabasco was no steer. He has all his parts.

    • WayneM

      Travis said he was taking Tabasco to stud. All parts intact… unlike those BLM punks.

      I’ve re-read today’s cartoon three times now and each time, I chuckle when I read the punchline.

  • herdgadfly

    I didn’t know that Odessa, Tx was a “Sundown” town. Back in the 1960s, I lived near Vidor, Tx – just up the road from Beaumont, which had a large sign at the edge of town declaring “Nigger, don’t let the sun set on your black ass in Vidor.” Michael Corcoran posts about Vidor here.

    • B Woodman

      “Sundown” only to out-of-town BLM.

      Or as the other warning says, “anyone found here after sundown, will be found here the next morning.”

    • Interventor

      Didn’t the feds send down a few black federal deputy marshals there.

    • RegT

      I had family in Spurger, also just up the road (north, instead of east) a piece from Beaumont, and they told the same story.

    • Browncoat

      Had the same sign in Moss Bluff, LA. Just east on the other side of the Sabine and north of Lake Charles. It was mounted on a dead cypress tree, just off Hwy. 171 headed north towards Ft. Polk/Leesville. I saw it from 1971 when we moved there to 1975 when I graduated. Same year I went to work in a liquor store where 80% of the clientele were black and got to be good friends with some. One in particular. I needed a ride home and against his better instincts, he brought me to Moss Bluff after midnight. I did the same thing for him, months later, taking him home to the ‘projects’, which were much more… active… around midnight. It was an eye-opening year for both of us.

    • JTC

      Similar signs all over heartland FLA back in the 60’s, along with ones banning the various ‘cans. Didn’t think much of it, it’s how it was growing up in the rural South and there was justification at that time that those who were “outraged at those Southern racists” in places like Chicago and Detroit are living now. Many of the worst were run out on a rail headed due north. Good riddance.

      But my how things do change. If you live and do business most anywhere in the South now, especially I guess in my former biz, a sizable percentage of your patrons are black and Hispanic. Once it becomes clear to the ones who are undesirable that bad behavior will not be tolerated they stop coming around and you are left with some of the most solid and loyal customers anywhere. Of course that goes for the white customer base too, plenty of white niggers among them that get turned away, that term refers to lifestyle and behavior now, not color. The good ones are just black folks and white folks, which is exactly the point about BLM. It has little to do with any of them giving a shit about blacks, it has everything to do with the opportunity to act up, get attention, and maybe get something for nothing. And pay close attention to the next rally you see on teevee. Media do try to focus on the black folks, but there is actually a very large percentage of whites who are there for exactly the same reasons, plus of course a smattering of apologists for their race and non-existent white privilege.

      There’s plenty of racism around these days, just not the kind being protested, as mentioned it’s all about politics and power and control…and money, as always. And the white ones are the worst ones as they are used wittingly or unwittingly against their own.

      • David Gonzalez

        Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s (just after my ‘Nam service) I was patrolling the streets in Tampa and the surrounding Hillsborough County. I never noticed such signage—and I was pretty observant (after winning the burglar pot three times in a row, the other deputies told me that I was no longer allowed to participate in subsequent contests!). Perhaps I just didn’t get far enough out in the boonies to encounter such animosity?

        • JTC

          By the early 70’s they weren’t around as much, but yes the rural region about 20 miles in from both coasts and from the Everglades north to where the I-4 corridor is now, was and largely still is, what remains of the real South of the state. I grew up along the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee; Clewiston to the south up to Okeechobee City to the north where the signs and the sentiment was pretty rampant, and as I said justifiably so for the most part; that is animosity as a self-defense mechanism.

          Eventually as the booming agriculture industry became more corporate agribiz and otherwise declined like the dairy industry on the north side of the Big O being drummed out by eco-crap (but still a major cattle ranching region), those towns were abandoned by white folks who could afford to leave (think Wellington, just 20 miles east of the lake where what once was wetlands is now a huge upscale mini-city), and Belle Glade and Pahokee are sad forlorn dirty violent slums nearly 100% OTW, that most would never equate to or believe are part of glittering Palm Beach County.

          I don’t know so much about the Tampa area; my daughter lives and teaches in Oldsmar, a very nice area just to the north, but Tampa itself is on my list of places like Miami that I try to avoid when at all possible, so gritty and congested. And let me say too that if you were on SO patrol in that city (or just about any other city) in the period of violent racial unrest, riots, and war protests of ’67-’72 and you didn’t see and deal with any of it? Brother, either you patrolled some very sheltered neighborhoods or you were not paying attention; one of the most violent centers of racial unrest of that era was right there in Tampa in the summer of ’67.

          I am glad that period is in the rearview, and absolutely times and relationships had changed and improved exponentially…until the new “dark” age of racism, classism, and hatred raised its ugly fucking head again, about January 2009.

  • Henry

    For those of us who do live in ranch country, when you put “steers” and “BLM” in the same sentence, our minds go entirely to the wrong place…

    • markm

      I see where you’re going with this, but making “steers” out of them wouldn’t stop their bull droppings.

      • Henry

        No, actually, I was referring to the Bureau of Land Management, which “owns” all the grazing land out here, and inflicts itself on our lives daily.

        • Big Al

          Gee, I thought that was “Bureau of Livestock and Mining”? 🙂

  • Kafiroon

    This would be worth hauling a few bulls around just to video the results at the “protests”.

  • eon

    Could also be rendered as “Jacker, Cracked”.

    Note to city guys with crowbars and senses of entitlement; when you smell farm stuff and hear a “whuff”, don’t open the friggin’ door.

    clear ether


    • B Woodman

      eon, sshhhh, don’t spoil the fun of watching the blm bastards being chased by a ton of angry horny bull.

  • B Woodman


  • Pamela

    I take it that Tabasco got laid. Several times.
    Probably aren’t any virgins left in that lot of BLM crazies.
    Hope he didn’t get any STDs during his playful romp.
    Are there bull sized condoms available in case lots?

    • RegT

      No, Pam, but you could slip a veterinary plastic arm sleeve (used for vaginal exams, etc. on cows and horses) on one. Be about the right size, even if it did have five “reservoir tips”. Guess ol’ Tabasco could use one five times before he had to change.

      • Pamela


        I’ve seen a bull cover a cow. The sleeve would be too big.

      • There is a ‘sleeve’ used to catch bull semen for giving cows in oestrus artificial insemination. It is very specific, and allows a breeder operation to inseminate a wide number of cows without having the keep the bull sniffing them.

  • Pete231

    Fuck with the Bull, you get the Horn……..

  • Oh, gosh, I was born in Denton, not too far from Lubbock. Spent some time in my very early years in Odessa and Brownwood.

    Almost fell of my chair laughing over this one. I’m sure Tabasco gave them a ‘Welcome!’ they won’t soon forget! Nicely done!

    Still laughing!

  • jackdeth72

    To which the BLM jackwads would respond upon seeing Tabasco:

    “Great Googlie Mooglie!” And “Feets Don’t Fail Me Now!”

    As they lead ‘The Running of the Bulls at Odessa’!

    • GWB

      As they lead ‘The Running of the Bulls at Odessa’!

      FIFY 😉
      Wish you could get Soros in front of Tabasco. That might solve a lot of problems in the world.

  • Jeremy

    I was born and raised in Odessa. Something happen out there that my folks haven’t told me about?

    Either way, thanks for putting my old home town in the strip.

    • Wicked Duke

      I’m with Jeremy – born & raised in Odessa.
      Not a single one of my friends still living there has said anything WRT any BLM nonsense… What did I miss?

      • Chris Muir

        This is reality mixed with fiction,you didn’t miss anything.It just happens that Odessa is the closest big town kinda close to the DDQ.

        • Jeremy

          Had a feeling after a quick search but wanted to double check. Thanks Chris.

          I always figured the DDQ was down in the big bend area.

      • Bill

        Yes would’ve been better if this was in Austin where they really are black lives matter people. Odessa is a great place with great people of all colors. I take it is Chris ment it just day convenient locale near the ranch to stage the event.

  • NotYetInACamp

    That’s a good laugh. Thanks tabasco and Chris.

    Big Red and his progeny studs from a family friend’s ranch would have done the same.

    Tabasco went all American on dem when he gibs dem some of what he gots.

    So much for dere early xmas shopping. Nothing is ever the free they wanted.
    Dey gots to pay da bull.

    I love being a Florida Cracker as well as a Magyar.

    • RegT

      Some of them might have gotten a free high colonic, thanks to Tabasco.

  • NotYetInACamp

    70% of the BLM arrestes were imported out of staters.
    FINALLY. Outside agitators has real strong meaning.
    Though there have been outside agitators at least since the time Obama’s dad was agitating in Chicago and then was sent to Hawaii by the Communist Party USA to agitate the dockworkers at the strategic Hawaiian ports. Good Old Frank Marshall Davis. Professional Communist Union Agitator and pornographer.

  • Brodder

    Should be easy enough to tracks rented buses taking these folks from hotspot to hotspot and ID who’s paying for it. Remember that old action committee of Obama’s that got in trouble for helping underage (fake) prostitutes? Bet they got folded into the new action committees that are affecting peaceful protests everywhere.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I saw a listing of the many name changes after the justified ACORN destruction.
      The roaches all ran under new hiding places. A big roach, George Soros, stayed waddling where he always has been, which is feeding the roaches.
      George Soros was a Nazi collaborator during WW2 while he was age 14 to 17. In an example of a good deed being punished, George Soros was taken in and hidden from the Nazis by a Roman Catholic family in Budapest with the Hungarian government supplying him with all the false documentation that George Soros was a son in that catholic family. Soros was supplied with his “papers.” This kept George Soros from being taken by the Nazis and being sent to a concentration camp. George Soros then got a job with the Nazis ferreting out Jews and giving them orders to report to the train station to be transported to a camp. George Soros made a profit turning in Jews to be sent to the camps. George Soros was born a Jew. George Soros in an interview in the 1990’s, said that working for the Nazis in Budapest during World War Two was the most exciting time in his life.

      That is a major example of all of the evil that has flowed from a good deed.

  • Yeah, Tabasco got him some. Film at 11.

  • Kevin M

    F(*&^%g YIKES! That could be a Pink Floyd album cover.



  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Hey, Brodder, they know already. $ 33+ million to BLM, courtesy of Mr. George Soros,
    Fuck-tard and former Nazi…. Good one, Chris. Laughed my arse off….

    • eon

      Judging by his attitude toward the U.S., UK, and especially Israel, I question the “former”.

      I’d really like to know how we missed this sonofabitch at Nuremberg. They hanged Vidkun Quisling and Artur Seyss-Inquart, and shot Pierre Laval, for not much more than he did. And then hanged Alfred Rosenberg, Julius Streicher, and Wilhelm Keitel for quite a bit less.

      Soros should have gotten his neck stretched right alongside the rest of those bastards. Or ‘dobe-walled right next to Laval.

      clear ether


      • His turn is coming. Remember Karmic law. Everything you do goes out into the Universe and comes back to you 9 times over.

        A very, very smart person told me, very long ago, that you can do whatever you want to in life, as long as you’re willing to accept the consequences. Do you think Soros accepts responsibility or the consequences for any of the horrific things he’s done? Because I do not think so.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The Ford Foundation recently announced that anothe 100,000,000 dollars was being supplied to black Lives matter. That was before this recent upwhelling of paid violent attackers took the field.
      The Ford Foundation has nothing to do with Ford these days. The Ford Foundation, like universities, is another example of leftists taking over formerly beneficial organizations.

  • B C Aeich

    Caps are as they should be on the road sign. Only one here noticed “blm”.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Like blm, I just thought that it was appropriate to be in small case.


    “Gib Us Some”
    OK, I’ve got a full clip, I’ll share.
    Whare do you want them?

  • Unca Walt

    Dats raciss.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Yup. Those blm and their attacks sure are racist, or raciss.

  • JW

    Tabasco don’t know pc. He does know – git off my lawn!

  • JTC

    Here’s the type of racism being actively cultivated right here right now:

    That’s so they can say, homegrown terrorists, not immigrants. And they’ll be right, we are growing them right here at home among us, witness the recent lone wolf attacks…they know that will be very difficult to defend in the macro, so y’all be prepared to do what you have to do in the micro.

    Especially you Chris, you bravely put yourself out there, but do keep the flanks covered, and/or let others (raises hand) help if needed.

    • Pamela

      Someone who is “homegrown” would be protecting the country, not blowing it up, tearing it down and murdering others whether they be family, neighbors or citizens. A person can live here for years and still not belong by choice.

      Chris-Sweetie watch your six. Same for everyone else here.
      I do not like losing people.

  • grayjohn

    Go Taliban on my ass, I go IDF on your ass bitch. God bless Tobasco!

    • B Woodman

      “We ain’t begun to play cowboys and muzzies yet.”

  • B Woodman

    Sarah Slayer asked and posted on FB, should BLMs that block roads and highways be arrested? Yes, silly question, I know. My response, “Only the survivors from being either run over or shot. And survivors pay for their own hospital care, no picking the taxpayer’s pockets.”

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