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  • Pamela

    Mr. Muir

    Good Sir, you have outdone yourself in telling of the Parable of the Brittle Plastic Gods.

    Soon to crack, splinter and be ground to dust.

  • Barbara Skolaut

    A masterpiece, Chris!

  • Spin Drift

    Cankles is having her fall of desperation. Can you smell the awesomeness. Bill can but it maybe that her depends are full. She sure has shoveled enough of it our way.

    War Damn Screaming Eagle

  • formwiz

    It must be wonderful when life just hands you the material.

  • KenH

    Because, you are a shrill screaming Beastcunt, who is pure fucking evil, with a Hitlerian grap for power that exceeds the original guy.

    DIE, in agony, BITCH

  • Ozymandias

    As always with her, it’s someone else’s fault.

    • PaulS

      “Her”? All of Dem!

  • B Woodman

    Chris must be a disciple of Will Rogers, “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”
    Well played, sir, well played.

    • Interventor

      Except, that Will admired Mussolini.

      • B Woodman

        I could almost understand that, given the times, the early preconceptions, the slowness of communications, and the media “gatekeeping” (some things NEVER change).

        That said, he was STILL a great observer of both government and the human condition, as well as a great humorist and comedian.

      • Bill G

        And Joe Kennedy Sr. admired Hitler, as did many others on the left before it was learned that he was killing people besides Jews.
        And of course, before he attacked Russia, where Stalin called himself a Communist.

  • Kafiroon

    Ol’ Slick isn’t the only one that hopes and believes that.

  • eon

    They were hoping to keep her out of Raving Psycho Mode until after the Coronation.

    They overestimated her tolerance for reality.

    clear ether


  • Interventor

    With Bill’s ticker, forever will be a few months.

    • syvyn11

      And then Bill will enter the Gates of Hell. And be joined with Hillary for the rest of eternity.

      • Hmmm…time for another Download City episode!

  • JTC

    Wow, the zero as one of The Deplorables, Pepe Frog?

    It’s a leap (heh) but I like it.

    She loses it and looses it on everybody around her to blame for her stroke-out, how long ’til it’s just her and her hummer Huma?

    The enemy of my enemy is…well not my friend, but less of an enemy.

    • Hankr

      The enemy of my enemy can make a useful ally, perhaps only temporary but an ally none the less

      • eon

        The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more, no less.

        -Schlock Mercenary, The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Efficient Mercenaries, Maxim # 29.

        clear ether


        • JTC

          Heh. Not for naught they call ’em schlocky I guess, an extended restatement of murphy and fubar for entertainment purposes.

          #9 does seem particularly apropos when dealing with enemies of enemies who are temporary allies though.

          • eon

            Eric Flint quoted one I heard a long time ago in his Belisarius novels. It may even be just that old (Byzantine Empire);

            Every battle plan gets f**ked up when the enemy arrives on the battlefield. That’s why he’s called “the enemy”.




          The Enemy of My Enemy Dies Next.

  • Poppa_T

    First debate on 26 Sept. 16… No stools, no breaks for coughing, I think I might just miss my Saints whop up on the Dirty Birds and enjoy 90 minuets of pure unadulterated fun.

    • CB

      I wonder what concoction of drugs they’ll use to keep her going.. Surely ther will be side affects.

      • Bill G

        And will the cameras be set to not show the cables running to her, to keep her charged up?

      • Hankr

        Side effects? Like screaming “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead” at the moderators? I plan to watch.

    • B Woodman

      Yep. This one will be fun to record for analysis and posterity.

  • I can’t watch it. I’ll wait for the Cliff’s Notes version. Too painful to sit through it. My brain might get hemorrhoids. Three days, huh?

  • The only problem with Hillary Clinton’s eyes is that she can still open them.

  • jackdeth72

    I want to see her head explode as in David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’.

    • Wood

      I’d rather play her some Slim Whitman and have her head pop, as in [i]Mars Attacks[/i]

  • NotYetInACamp

    Donald Trump must continue to be our President.

    Then he will win, and be our President.

    The drama of Hillary and the satanists and globalists will then start to be in the past.

    Back up on election theft and voter fraud must still occur.
    I can’t believe that his people did not know about that GOP consent decree concerning actions the GOP consented to not take to ensure true and correct elections. But that is what it sounded like. I can’t even remember exactly what was in it now.
    Be the President and not crush an old lady. She will crush herself under the burden of true questions and her true history.
    Globalist versus American nationalist in a broadcast Presidential debate. When has that happened lately?
    This could be the biggest broadcast so far in world history.

    Trump needs to ask a doctor to tell him how to respond when she collapses. And also have his doctor available to immediately rush up and help her with appropriate aid, and help her doctor if he responds slowly or quickly. Though it should be minimal as he medical reports have never been made known.
    Hillary could completely lose it during the debate.
    Be concerned and Presidential, Mr. Trump. You have been wonderful doing what we need in a President so far.
    Win. But be ready to stop quickly if she strokes out in some way.

    • JTC

      They shoot horses don’t they?

      Surely it’s the same for asses.

      Yes, be humane. Put it, and us, out of misery.

      • Bill G

        Only after the election.
        There is no choice in their stable of potential replacements for Cankles that would be easier for Trump to beat.

      • Pamela

        Yes they do. Just don’t send the remains to the dog food factory.
        Even they have best and safest practices standards.

  • JCTPatriot

    March 7, 2015:
    President Obama only learned of Hillary Clinton’s private email address use for official State Department business after a New York Times report, he told CBS News in an interview.

    “The same time everybody else learned it, through news reports,” the president told Plante.

    September 23, 2016:
    Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal

    President Barack Obama used a pseudonym in email communications with Hillary Clinton and others, according to FBI records made public Friday.

      • JTC

        I know, Chris…too many links. Just so much material and temptation. But I’m done now. I think.

        • Ease up on the links a bit

          • JTC

            Hence the semi-apology CM.

  • How is it I can so easily see that as the true thoughts of Slick Willie?

  • I want to see the stroke happen Monday night. Poof! Live “As seen on TV”!

    • Bill G

      Shooting out the door at fleeing people is a dicey situation. But inasmuch as this was in Georgia she could be safe.
      Massachusetts, New York, and many other places she’d be locked up right now.

      • GWB

        Technically she was returning fire, as they were still wildly shooting at her.

    • JW

      Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Sam Asian – Japanese heritage. There’s no doubt she’s a competent shootist.


        Half Japanese, half Irish

        • John Greer

          As is Skye IIRC.

  • Bill G

    Ayuh. She strokes out and Slick can take the Lolita Express to his concept of Fantasy Island and take up residence.

  • TheOriginalMexicanBob

    Once the Hildebeast strokes out, Bill will be free to pal up with Huma’s former Weiner and they can start tag-teaming the young ‘uns. It will be Bubba and Carlos Danger Airlines.

  • Didn’t she actually say “Why aren’t I ahead by 50 points?” Not only is she a radical revolutionary “Alinskyite” … she must be ignorant as a bad of rocks about grammar… “Why are I not ahead…?” subject and verb don’t agree.. “I are not too smart, either… are I..” Wonder who she’s mocking this time… OR, could she really be that dumb? Did I miss an earlier comment express the same thought?

  • dunno’ what yer lookin’ for… sorry I bothered ya.

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