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  • eon

    The difference is, of course, that Tabasco had a fun weekend.


    clear ether


  • Grunt GI

    I think whisky or vodka will be more in order.

    Love the pajama party motif though.

  • Spin Drift

    I’m wearing waders.

    War Damn Screaming Eagle

    • GWB

      Just waders? o.O

      • Spin Drift

        A hat, I think a hat would be good, oh and a sun screen, maybe SPF 100 as the flash burn from the Lord Almighty lighting bolt for ever time hilLIARy opens her mouth.

        The truth will set you free

        • MasterDiver

          Got my drysuit and Mk V hardat, got the air compressor warmed up, plenty of HeliOx mix. With the TV muted whenever SHE is talking, and the captions on, I think I can keep the depth of offal at a level where I should only need 3 days of stage decompression.

          Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    I’m trying to decide whether I will watch the debates or not. Can I put aside my distaste for the Hildebeast long enough to watch this trainwreck unfold?

    • rickn8or

      You want to miss a chance of seeing H->illary! stroke out/do a face plant/melt down on live TV?

      • Grunt GI

        It’s like watching NASCAR…seeing if anyone crashes…that’s exactly why I’m going to watch…

        1) I wanna watch Trump smash some snarky liberal announcer trying to help Hillary like “Too Much” Candy Crowley did Obama.

        2) Watch Hillary when she sees all of Bill’s victims in the front row.

        3) Watch Hillary melt down because she thinks she’s too good to be debating Trump.

        4) Watch Hillary try to spin her liberal tax and spend bullshit and/or defend Obamacare, the Middle East meltdown, the jobless recovery, Benghazi, etc.

        The possibilities of epic TV are endless…ahhhh, I will have my Bushmill’s handy, to be sure.

  • KenH

    Da Widdle Skank is asshurt

    Wait until tomorrow night , bitch, then you’ll REALLY have something to scream about.

    I have special Death-Booze set aside…

    • Unca Walt

      You’ve got the wrong female in mind. That’s Jan.

  • Kafiroon

    Wow! She picked up on the standard life existence of us peons under her libtard “elites”. Must be her brain actually works before she wakes up.

  • As much as I’d like to watch the debate tomorrow….well, I have something a lot more important going on. I have bariatric surgery tomorrow afternoon!

    • Heal well!

    • Swansonic

      Good luck with that.

      I wouldn’t watch the debated live or tape delayed for a week or two – throwing up when Shrillary cackles onstage won’t be good for the healing process, even if the volume is smaller……

      • Swansonic

        the debate…..

        drat my fumble fingers!

    • John Greer

      I suspect that, unlike us, you will be the better for your time spent.

  • B Woodman

    I would say that Tabasco is NOT your average voter. He’s the one did the screwing (hehehe, LOVED yesterday’s strip), and he moves out of his own bull shit. Sorry, Jan, that analogy don’t hunt.
    But I DO like the pajamas and coffee.
    And I WILL both record AND watch Monday’s “debate”. This could be Epic.
    But I MAY have to watch it in another room in the house, separate from my wife. She tends to get semi-squishy about politics (she doesn’t like Trump and wants to write in a third party vote) , I tend to get excited about Trump.

    • JTC

      BW, my girl is no Trumpette either (likes his outline, not so much the presentation, and…”he scares me”).

      So do what I’ll do; she full-on HATES the beast, so when I tell her there’s a better than 50/50 chance that she’ll 1) have a major breakdown, 2) stroke out, or 3) bite the big one right then and there? Yeah, she’ll watch with me.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Trump scares all of the bad people too.
        All of the right people that we expect and want to hate Trump and be scared of Trump, do.
        That is such a great part about him running and, God please, winning. The direction of the ship of state will change. The evil doers may look like after Tabasco cleared them out. We can be a nation again, and not a globalist tool.
        Enjoy. i have to go to a TV. There are Republican Trump debate TV watches in Lakeland and Frostproof. I will choose the closer. The nearer bars might have the TV on the debates also. Rather not. i also never set up that app at where it will also be on android or Apple phones.
        Trump will crush her politely with facts, truth, analysis, feelings, and wisdom. Plus be a gentleman while crushing her. Being a gentleman requires he help her, if he can, if she starts passing out. maybe jump and try to get his hand between her head and the floor. The man can handle a mental or physical brawl. Trump also can handle being polite when required.
        I really think that Hillary is in bad shape, unless she is dogging it to pull a fast one on him and us. No. She couldn’t fake her condition that much over the last few months.

        • JTC


          Gyere, és osztozik a értékes pillanat egy fickó harcos Sebring!

          • Pamela

            Come and share the precious moment a fellow warrior Sebring!
            Is this the correct translation?

          • NotYetInACamp

            I’m near Indian Lake.
            An idea.
            The second one, or this. I like to sow ideas among new people.
            I considered Lakeland, but that one would have politicians at it. I have avoided this county’s politicians, so far. There are two more debates. I will be out and halfway to your locale.
            Or this one. It is likely better than the place I saw in Frostproof that it is at. Sebring is not far. This whole debate has me uneasy about what could happen. It is better for Trump to dismantle her verbally, than for Hillary to self destruct herself and collapse.
            I have avoided buying an omni-directional or long distance antennae for the TV. It has been nice not having their indoctrination being obviously and subliminally foisted upon me for a while.
            Leave general instructions and what is needed for contact should you so choose. Could your wife handle two Trump supporters in discussion? I’ll be out and about part of the day.
            If that is the correct translation, I’m convinced

          • JTC

            Yup, NYIAC is Magyar (Hungarian).

            Seems like an interesting fellow to spend a few hours around, and if he comes to Frostproof he’s 15-20 minutes from me…the precious moment will be the debate (I hope) and warrior is figurative (for now).

            You’re invited too, but coast to coast might be problematic. Plus, I don’t think Google Translate knows the CFD language (as if language matters for that one). Wifey will be here, so dress down. A little.

          • Kafiroon

            Ya’ll could consider something like a address drop to, (just a thought), Chris, who could send a letter to all of us mid-Fl. types for a quiet get together if the beast shuts down the internet.

          • JTC

            Didn’t see yours until I posted mine, NYIAC. You are most welcome, and wifey would probably be happy to greet you and then retire to the bedroom with her Chihuahuas to escape the politics.

            You know where Highlands Hammock State Park is at the end of Hammock Rd three miles off 27…my neighborhood is Golf Hammock, last neighborhood on the right before the park. If you come give me a time and I’ll meet you at the entrance. 🙂

          • NotYetInACamp

            OK. I will be there. Time to be determined.
            I see it on googlemaps.
            Tentatively 7:30 PM at the entrance. I am out doing things for several hours.

            Unfortunately mom did not succeed in teaching us Magyar. The narcissistic Irish heritage dad was insulting about hunkies as I look back at it. He was a minority of one among his friends if he ever dared criticized our mother.

          • JTC

            Excellent, looking forward to it.

            Confirm the time when you can, and I’ll be at the entrance, either my black F150 or wifey’s little red Benz which might be easier for a geezer to see in the twilight. 😉

            Any others close enough, welcome to join us. BYOB though, I don’t drink much. Wouldn’t want to drive afterwards anyway. Confirm here, and I’ll be there.

          • Pamela

            Ah you guys get to have all the fun.
            I’m on the left coast and will be throwing cat toys at the screen during the debate. My Storm will be safely locked away.

            Here’s something to think about if she gets too persnickety

            Will you walk with me through fire and flame
            burn as my tongue dances across your skin
            will we love one another to cinder ash
            rising at dawn to burn again
            do you see what I feel
            when we are together
            lust fire fuels my being
            I hunger for you
            feed me

            Y’all have fun 😉

          • JTC

            Watching that beast and thinking of those words?

            Talk about your cognitive dissonance! Still,

            When fiery flames are done and done
            The embers linger on and on
            Until rekindled one on one
            And burn again from dawn ’til dawn

          • NotYetInACamp

            AKKK. Not THAT much fun. Good for you. I gotta find another girl like that…..

            I’ll be heading out. 7:30 should do it for me. It should give me enough time to putz around, throw asome cuttings at the pigs, and get there.

            No cats for me since the last one. She was irreplaceable. She found me.

          • JTC

            I’ll be waiting. Drive safe, a little rough out there right now.

            As to the above, that’s if memory serves. 😉

          • Pamela

            Well still have fun. It’s 97, cloudy, with a hot wind.

            Wait, the debate doesn’t hasn’t started yet.

            My cats show up as rescues and stay for years. 16, 8 and 5.

            Watch your six Gentlemen

  • It would be so much fun to see Hitlery stroke out. Yeah.

    • And that’s why I set it to record. I want to watch her head explode.

  • Polly Cy

    If the candidates get to make opening remarks Monday night, I hope Trump will use a moment of his time to offer a brief tribute to The King. RIP Arnie. If politicians had your values and work ethic, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    I, too, loved Sunday’s strip, even though I come from a place where beef is the bitee, not the biter. Nicely done, Tabasco.

    • JTC

      Let’s hope that issue will be raised by the Trump group to make clear that there will be no debate without assurance of no cheaters in the ear.

  • Inkstain

    This just made my day.

  • Here’s how you watch the debates without getting too nauseated.

    Pop some popcorn, season it your way. (No microwave stuff. Get a popper or use a saucepan, oil and a lid.)

    Have chilled beverages on hand.

    Turn the TV on, or the online thingy. (No TV in my throne room!)

    Turn the sound down and say rude things that go with the way she wiggles her lips. (Hat tip to George Harrison, ‘A Hard Day’s Night.)

  • jackdeth72

    And why wouldn’t Tabasco be happy?

    He eats. He studs. Often. And he chases down. Waffle Stomps and scares the crap out of lesser mortal BLM idiots…. Sounds like a perfect life to me!

  • LKNapoleon

    Gotta love Tabasco! He gets to do what we wish we could get away with!

  • Bill G

    Having the Hildabeast stroke out tonight is not a good idea, in my opinion.
    It would give the democrat party a legitimate reason to replace her, and they’d go crazy in a “You Can’t Vote For Her Now, But Vote For _____ FOR Her” campaign.
    And yes, “screwed again and standing in bullshit” is exactly where the left likes it’s peasants.
    For those in doubt, observe the conditions in liberal controlled cities.

    • Agreed. She needs to be dragged all the way through it to the bitter end.

      And I do hope it is damned BITTER.

    • JTC

      “…a legitimate reason to replace her…”

      With what, the First Fucker? Or a Bobo extension? I’ll take either in place of that crazy evil bitchbeast.

  • Olddog

    Can’t watch. Hillary’s voice gets on every nerve ending I still have. Others will watch so I don’t have to.

    • Olddog

      And it’s too soon to start drinking again.

  • Unca Walt

    Olddog: There It Is.

    I cannot handle listening to that voice.

    If I were Trump, I’d walk over to shake hands with Hillary and while holding her hand… ostentatiously look in both her ears.

    If she reacts: “Just checking to see if it is going to be you I’m debating.”

    • JTC

      “Just checking…”

      Excellent. And DT is just the one who would do that.

    • Kafiroon

      You would touch that? Eeewoo! What she has may be contagious.

      • JTC

        Kafiroon, a meet-up (strategy session?) would be great. Hopefully to include CM hisownself, and I think maybe Unca Walt too, as I recall he’s around my old WPB/Loxahatchee stomping grounds. And any others at this place would likely be folks we would all welcome too. Anybody puts it together, I’m there!

        • Kafiroon

          I really think that is a good idea. I would make this one, but have a few last minute chores as I have to fly to GB Wis. Have fun, but no breaking the TV unless it is an old one!

      • John Greer

        Now, now, Courage is something we need to see displayed in a President.

  • JIMV

    You might not believe it BUT, today’s dialogue ‘Ready for the Trump/Clinton debate I see’ followed by ‘Sorry I need more coffee’ was exactly how my wife and I began the day….word for word!

  • Swansonic

    Just heard that Zero will ‘have the debate on in the background while he conducts business as usual.’

    Now we know what happened to Rodney Dangerfield’s golf bag from the movie Caddyshack….

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