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  • Merle

    Getting hard to tell satire from reality these days……

    • NotYetInACamp

      There’s a difference?

  • WayneM

    Good satire will make you stop & wonder but reality is always stranger than fiction. Always.

    • JSStryker

      That’s because fiction has to make sense!

  • Pete231

    And, nostalgia is history removed of the burdensome weight of reality…….

  • It would appear, Sam, to be just so.

  • Olddog

    Read a review of it. The reviewer didn’t recommend it. Basically Clinton idealizing himself and making himself a hero. He seemed to treat it as a harmless joke without coming right out and saying “save your money.”

    • OldGoat36

      Patterson is a big time leftist, I am sure some of the Clinton idealizing came from Patterson as well. I’m also sure that the lion’s share of the writing was his as well. While I’ve enjoyed some of Patterson’s books, the liberalism comes through so strongly that I can only take them in small doses. Some I had to put down, which as an avid reader bugs me. On the bright side, I only purchase more mid-road or conservative authors, I use the library to read the leftists books, so I don’t contribute to their bank accounts. 🙂

    • NotYetInACamp

      Slick Willie and wife, not just Arkancide, DEMOCIDE. How many must die to satisfy the leftist urge to control and kill in its furtherance.
      ‘The one’ actually can be quoted as puublicly saying that he was good at killing. Obama acted. Millions died. And it is not satire, parody, or sarcasm, unfortunately. The European hijrah is but one of ‘the one’s’ results. Every person injured or killed there has a personal right of retribution against ‘the one,’ Hillary, Kerry, and many others. So do their families have the right. Wish it was satire.

  • eon

    James Brendan Patterson is an ex-ad exec and “philanthropist” who writes novels mostly in collaboration with others- they supply the ideas, and churn out the sentences. Patterson apparently supplies, well, Patterson;

    My reaction to him is rather like my reaction to Stephen King; I’m still trying to figure out why he’s popular. It must be his talent for self-promotion, because (again like King) his books border on being unreadable.

    I have many King novels and some Pattersons, all of which I picked up at garage sales and etc. I have yet to be able to get past about the first three to four chapters of any of them.

    Like Bill Clinton, Patterson has no particular talent other than self-promotion. Their book, The President is Missing, is mainly about Bill, speaking in the third person, telling everybody how great and misunderstood he is.

    I suppose Patterson will collaborate with The One on a novel next. This one telling us how awful we are for not properly worshiping a Chicago messiah.

    clear ether


    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I enjoyed the early King books and novels. But somewhere around The Shining, I stopped because I got too busy with school, work, family and life. I haven’t picked up any SKing since, new or old.
      I’d still like to read ‘Salem’s Lot, I’ve never read it.

    • Interventor

      King is OK, if one wishes to scare children. Otherwise, extremely overrated. I view movies based on his novels as satire/comedy.

  • Astroprisoner

    About 20 years ago, I started saying “The world is turning into a parody of itself.”

    I am now saying the conversion is complete, we have achieved full parody status.

  • JTC

    It’s satire alright, just wish it was of the fiction variety.

    Would too, that the book title was a literal description, subtitled “and took his insignificant other with him”, never to return. Hate to sully a cool song, but kinda like in this old 90’s song The Way by Fastball:

  • PaulS

    I thought the pillow looked like an emoji yesterday, now I’m pretty sure it is. Rhorsach?

    • Punta Gorda

      Rhorsach would have corrected the problem of the Arkansas Criminal gang long ago.

    • Doggo

      When you pointed it out I went back and looked (I generally never get to the “background” when Sam is in the frame). Anyway, I saw the silhouette of a bikini. Maybe that’s just what I focus on.

  • Gregory Bennett

    “book con”

    Nailed it, Chris!

  • writeby

    “…is everything today satire?”

    No. Some is parodical (see the Hallmark & Lifetime channels–the first draws men & women together in cliched romantic made-for-TV-movies; the second drives the apart in cliched masher-predator made-for-TV-movies)…or caricature (see CNN, MSNBC, etc., in which people play at being journalists)…or just plain burlesque (see any late night talk show, especially _Full Frontal_).

    • Interventor

      Please, burlesque comics were much funnier and black out skits more suggestive/comic.

  • writeby

    “Same *are” …” Duh.

  • TomZ

    “Is it me, or is everything today satire?”


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