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  • JTC

    What? Do as commie say not as commie do…

    Next you’ll expect him to pay his campaign wogs $15 hr.!

  • Too Tall

    There may be no better “Information Operations” warrior than President Trump.

    In asymmetric Warfare, his tweets may be the ultimate in precision guided munitions of mass destruction.

    The President lives rent free in the heads of this nation’s enemies, and then with 144 characters or less, goads them into doing his bidding.

    • Pamela

      Why would he want to live in places that have survived way past their safe to use by date and need to be bulldozed and hauled off to the dump.

  • cz93x62

    Too Tall–

    Absolutely true. I am DEFINITELY stealing that line “The President lives rent-free in the heads of this Nation’s enemies”. That is priceless.

    • JAK

      Aye, Mate! That is too freakin’ good,

  • NotYetInACamp

    The President lives in reality and plays in the enemies heads. President Trump is so alive in their heads.
    Try that Alinsky BS on our President and they get roughed up.

    If only he had more control of the government. He seems to be bringing the VP along there. VP Pence needs to expand his AO. That Pence has promise of shaking the shackle of the mind that government exposure can bring.
    Now if he had sent the Secret Service and the head of that prison section to that NY jail? There is a great behemoth that still is in change of so much.

    I wonder how much rent Bernie will charge the”migrants” should he comply and rent?

    • Barbara Skolaut

      Rent?? Bernie should GIVE a place to live to all those wonderful “migrants” (properly known as ILLEGAL ALIENS by normal people). Put up or shut up, Bern – particularly the SHUT UP part. 😀

      • NotYetInACamp

        Well put.

        But let me tell you how I really feel (see it). Invaders. many are invaders and part of asymmetric armies. Whether each individual invader / military colonist / illegally present foreign national / illegal immigrant / some ‘legal immigrant ‘with papers” / know they are, or not,, is irrelevant. They are here as part of a planned and executed war against the United States of America and against Western Civilization.
        The war plans are widely published, or discovered, or publicly stated by some, for periods from recently, to for generations, or millenniums.
        But maybe its just me? But I don’t think so.
        Yeah. The Bern should SHUT UP! 🙂

  • Mike-SMO

    Yeah. He don’t do bad for a Brooklyn Boy.

    All us Joisey Guys know that “Queens” is just the up-scale end of Brooklyn for tthose without the moxie to actually move to Long Island with the “upper crust”.

    ‘Sides we both had to learn semi-Standard English to be allowed beyond the Delaware or even into Rhode Island.

    • Henry

      Rhode Island? “For all intensive purposes, here’s an idear: make me a sangwich that doesn’t smell like sewerage” Rhode Island?

      Sorry, grew up there. I was 13 years old before I learned that “fot” had an R in it.

  • Halley

    Here’s hoping Skye pursues her quest for the White House as the first Totally Nekkid candidate… we think even Pence would approve.

    • Punta Gorda

      I think tassels would even work as formal attire for her. 😀

  • kadaka

    General musing, internet sez a bull can live to between 10 and 14 years and Tabasco has been talked about for quite a while now. Is he really just an “average” bull or do they bank his deposits for after he’s gone?

    • PaulS

      Banking Bull is what we’re all about here at DBD.
      Or shooting the Bull, but not Tabasco, a’course! 🙂

    • NotYetInACamp

      Big Red lived on the ranch where I started out. Then there was a whole line of “Reds” over the decades. He was a prize stud bull after all. A bit of creative license and lenience is allowed as there might just have to be a herd of Tabascos around and about that hill. And that might just be a whole lot of bull. (Had to.)

    • JTC

      Coming back to my home from lunch yesterday I drove Chris through the countryside to see where a hobby rancher keeps his two Longhorns…in their prime at about five years old.

      So he knows where to get backups/reinforcements when needed. How to get them from FL to TX? His magic pen of course!

      BTW, did y’all know 70% if DBD readership is from the Lone Star State and that is the reason our heroes are home-based there? Me neither. The things you learn charting with the Man himself.

  • Norm

    It’s like the democrats are all cats, and DJT uses Twitter like a laser pointer.

    No insult to cats intended.

    • Barbara Skolaut

      “No insult to cats intended”

      I should hope NOT. 😉

  • CaptDMO

    Well…I’m not sure the last waterfront place, obtained after his wife’s golden parachute “bonus”, for exceptional service to “Higher education administration” came in, could be considered a mansion.
    More of a compound.

  • JTC

    “How does one ‘bring it’ sir?

    Such a gentleman. That’ll never do in this war, Pence.

    Start by learning this: It is the absolute 180 of ‘take it’.

    And pay close attention for the next 5+ years; you are far from ready right now.

    • WayneM

      I almost feel sorry for Pence as he really does appear to be the perfect foil for Trump… an ethical and charming gentleman…

      • John

        And, as many have pointed out, an ideal foil of those who want to get rid of Trump.
        It’s only further confirmation of the short shortsightedness of the Left that their _real_ nightmare is waiting behind the President.

        • JTC

          @John, if you mean Pence then that would be more their dream than nightmare, at least at this stage of his training and development. High hopes though for ’24.

  • Spin Drift

    An old bull and a young one were standing on a hill surveying the herd of cows below them. The young one tells the old one that they should race down there and screw the first cow they see. The old bull looks at the the young one and says “let’s walk done there slow and screw them all.”

    PDJT is an old bull.

  • Spin Drift

    Hey Haxo, Chris and his Posse are some the most erudite individuals I’ve had the good fortune to have a conversation through these pages. Suck eggs shill.


    PS: the long game is to get the sanctuary cities to implode under the load of all the illegals. Look at SF, LA, etc. Also the ones that go through the inlet process are duly processed, card cataloged, data analyzed and ready for round up once they have done their hollowing out in the targeted cities.

  • JTC

    “I don’t know who’s more stupid…”

    I do. 🙂

    • kadaka

      Did Hoax Krag Man break something? Site’s didn’t let me post a new comment right after they posted, and keeps going to that ‘wp comment posting’ URL and doing nothing. Purged cache and site cookies, still not working. The site does that very rarely, but for some reason has been known to allow a reply which then allows new comments again. Weird.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The police did get the ‘only if no reasonable alternatives exist’ definition cut from it.
      Losing rights slower.

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