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  • Sappa

    Lol! Damn.

  • [Snork!!!] Okay.

  • Pamela

    It’s because she’s got the menstrual cramps real bad.
    Makes her a bit mean, nasty, homicidal and cranky.

    Time for a second glass of wine.
    And I need to get laid.

    Oh Honey…

    • Meantime, Vlad Putin has suspended the deal with the US to destroy weapons-grade plutonium. Can’t say as I blame him.

      What is it called when you know you’re having a bad dream, but you can’t wake up, and the giant alien cockroaches are on the other side of the door?


      • Pamela

        Is it our plutonium from the Harry Reid deal he’s holding back?

        My Mom could whup any nightmare’s butt.

      • B Woodman

        Just exactly how do you destroy Plutonium, weapon grade or otherwise? With a half life of a bajillion years. . . .. Enquiring minds, and all that.

        • You burn it in a nuclear reactor designed for that specific purpose.

          What are we coming to when a Russki KGB guy is a better leader than someone elected here? (Glad I can say I didn’t vote for the fool.)

          • NotYetInACamp

            Correct. Different reactors will produce difference nuclear materials, or destroy them, as the reaction occure.
            The nuclear reactors that Hillary and Bill sold to North Korea were the type that produced weapons grade by products that could be harvested and put in nuclear weapons. So many people stated that the non weapons grade reactors should be sold to North Korea. but nooooo. They insisted on selling the less efficient weapons grade producing reactors. Nuclear reactors, their fuel, and design produce different results from all of that fission going on in there.
            I see something wrong with this entire enemy take over of the positions of power in the nation.

            And of that Russian /KGB guy, he is saving Christians and trying to induce Russians to lovingly produce more Russians, while Hillary has partaken of the sacrifice and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christians as a direct result of her decisions, support, and actions.

        • GWB

          Or you can put it in a single location and mush it together until it reaches critical mass. Of course, we usually call that a “bomb”.

        • RooftopVoter

          How do you destroy Plutonium?

          You let Hillary sell it to the Muzzies……… There, we destroyed it.

          Putin is just costing the Hildebeast money.

          • RooftopVoter

            Sorry, somebody had to say it.

      • Bill M

        I believe it’s called “any Democrat Administration.”

    • eclark1849

      Oh please, don’t let Trump tweet anything about menstrual cramps. We might as well pack it in with the way the media is going after him.

      • Pamela

        Good Lord. No one remembers Raising Arizona and the Trapped in the Woman’s body Convict?

      • noncom

        Too late…..trump’s big mouth coupled with his giant fk’n ego and the lefty media has already packed it in….get ready for the reign of queen hillery and her jester….they shoulda’ deleted his twitter account a long time ago….but then again, they’d never be able to shut him up anyway….I guess it was too much of a foreign concept to wait until after the election to unload….then he coulda’ said anything he wanted….oh well….I’m old enough that when hillery wins, it will mark the last time I participate in the process, and thus the last time I will have a right to bitch…it will prove to me what a total fk’n waste of time voting has become….the low info mofos win out….the election process looks more like an episode of Jerry Springer than a serious process to elect a leader….but I digress, electing a leader ended when the process produced odildo the mad….

  • JTC

    Just tell me paragraph one and the others are not about the same woman.

    • Pamela

      Bingo! Give the man a shot of whatever he’s having on me.

      • JTC

        Whew. A dude learns that a dudette’s visit from her little friend and a couple four glasses of wine can result in mixed personal prounouns and other mixed up and scary stuff; not to be trifled with. In which case Honey would be hiding.

        Glad we got that straight.

        • Pamela

          My Honey already took care of things.
          After 37 years, he can read my …well that’s better left unsaid

          • JTC

            Good on him…and good for you!

            Sometimes, after 45 years, reading is about all you can do. ๐Ÿ™


          • Pamela

            Laying on hands works miracles
            And speaking in tongues

  • KenH

    It appears that Janny is just as much of a retard as she always was…

    • Bill G

      However, she is at least willing to look at what Damon brings to her attention.
      Unlike classic liberals such as Skye who just do the “I Can’t Hear You” dance.

    • Pamela

      Where are the Exterminators for Trolling Critters?

  • NotYetInACamp

    (cough) Speaking of calm before the storm…
    JTC, CM, others near here. (Ahem)
    I’m in a triple wide manufactured home. (I aint no trailer trash ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    JTC lives in a real house owned by three cats and two dogs.
    Those preps might be checked on. Low lying barrier islands may need to be temporarily abandoned if certain wind blown tidal surges present themselves.
    Just thought on nature and its killing properties. Hillary kills on her own.
    Someone commented that people like her and Soros do it so they don’t think about the reality that we all die to this world. All of that evil is because they can do it and it makes them feel alive. Maybe with a touch of feeling eternal. What a horrid thought. Possibly true.

    • Kafiroon

      Great. Leave “The Frozen Tundra” and fly back for a hurricane.
      This thing will kill less people than Hillary.

    • JTC

      Well shit. Got fam up and down east coast from jax to wpb…looks like my preps might involve being (hopefully) safe harbor for them 100 mi. inland.

      As NYIAC says, y’all be ready. Them damn himocanes can get badass real quick and the prognosticators don’t know shit of where they might go.

      I’d still take ten of ’em to one murderous hillzabeast; if a storm takes me it’s God’s will, if “she” does it’s the devil’s doin’s.

      • B Woodman

        Even with the devil against you, G-d protects His own until He calls you home. And if He wants you home, He just uses Shaitan and his minions to carry out His will. So either way, hell, Hildabeast, or Nature, you’re protected.

        • JTC

          True. But it’s the principle.

          Kinda like going broke pissing it all away on wine, women and song as opposed to getting rolled by a low-life thug.

          Well, not exactly like that, but you get my drift.

          • NotYetInACamp

            I spent my money on wine, women, song, good drink, and other pleasures. The rest I wasted. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hurr. Matthew is pumping a shipload of wet stuff into the atmosphere. Look at the Doppler radar maps. Some of it is heading west, Montana (& Canada) all the way down the mountain ridge line to New Mexico. Winter storm warnings are in effect now. Predictions up to ++ 7 inches snow in some places. Good for the water table.

      • B Woodman

        Any of it coming Utah way? We could always use more moisture. I want enough water until I see a little old man in a big boat with a bunch of animals go floating by. And I’ll wave “HI!” and be happy.

        • Try windyty dot com. They show everything, including 6 days out potential precips.

          Also, Weather Underground is not TOO bad. Gonna be an interesting season… but they need the wet stuff in the West.

          • Swansonic

            Cool sites. TY

          • Unca Walt

            Thank you, Delilah. That windyty site is great.

            Looks like Himself is in serious trubble. I am right on the target crosshairs here in West Palm…

        • It appears that the hurricane is starting to push Gulf moisture north to the Rockies and the Dakotas, and there’s snow on the mountains! Early winter weather warnings abound!

          Utah should be getting some of that, too.

  • Pamela

    Chris, JT and NYIAC and all the ships at sea

    Gentlemen and Ladies

    Please be careful, and you all will be in my prayers tonight until this is done. Lord look after them.

    • JTC

      Thank you ma’am…never too many prayers.

      Might I add that considering your 20, you -and Honey- are in mine.

      • Pamela

        I thank ye Kindly Good Sir.
        We don’t need any shake and bake happening in this neck of the woods.

    • Swansonic

      In ours as well – got family a bit north of the mouse…..

      Safe harbors, all….

    • NotYetInACamp

      TY. Same wishes back to all.

  • We shall see how this goes.

  • eon

    Progressives always revert to Judge Dredd Futzie Mode to reassure themselves that they really are in power;

    “I want to Establish Worrld Peeeeace, Free All the Umpty Candiees, and KILL EVERYBODY!!!!!”

    (said in a weird, Daffy Duck falsetto)

    This is why progressive regimes’ are always the ones responsible for the worst genocides.

    I don’t believe Hillary will calm down, even if she wins. More likely she’ll start nuking anybody and anything that has engaged her ire- and that’s a very long list.

    clear ether


    • JTC

      Starting with 2A types and other deplorables of course.

      But she ain’t the only one with nukes.

      I’ll even borrow one from Pootie if I have to.

    • JTC

      Backlash across Euro too.

      It’s closing in on them.

      Awesome, but dangerous. So be it.

      • eon

        True. There is nothing more dangerous than a cornered “progressive”. They tend to want to go out in a Nietzschean Gotterdammerung “blaze of glory”, taking as many innocents with them as they can.

        See Paris Commune, Munich 1919, Hitler, People’s Temple, Jim Jones, etc.

        For that matter, look at Venezuela right now.

        clear ether


    • NotYetInACamp

      Hungary just had 92% to 98% of the voters casting ballots reject the EU demand that they settle the refugees/ rapeugees/ Muslims/ asylum seekers/Muslim jihad invaders come to conquer/ foreigners the Eu demanded they settle. The Vote was Sunday. 6% of the people voting defaced their ballot as a protest. One and one half percent casting ballots supported the EU plan. 44% of the eligible voters cast ballots.
      A big UP YOURS to the European Union from Hungary and the Magyar.

      • It’s happening in Germany, as well. Of the nearly 900K ME ‘refugees’, more than half (493000++) are getting public welfare. The German people are growing increasingly angry with the drain on their own resources, never mind the increased crime rates.

        Merkel admitted this year that she made a mistake. Is it something in the water that makes people so blind to what they were really facing?

  • Polly Cy

    Has everyone seen the featured pic of Hillary on Drudge? My God, if ever a woman looked deranged…

    • Pamela

      Good evening Polly Cy

      I’d say based on the picture, she’s maxed out on the medicinal cocktail they have been dosing her with. Should they go any higher, her brain is fried.
      Any alterations, and she is fried. Any Julian A released audio and/or video tapes (sound included) of her at any point in time from Arkansas on, she’s fried worse than the final batch of fries from a Saturday night in a gay dive bar. Wonder if something with VF’s actual final moments and a dying declaration of “I can’t sleep with you anymore!”. She is fried.

      Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord God, and he always collects his due.

  • Calvin

    Like Linda advised Monica, the only protection is 100% exposure. Assange needs to quit the cat and mouse and just dump everything he has. The damage is done and he is no longer a threat….but paybacks can be a Hillary.

  • NotYetInACamp should have the Assange release tonight in real time. 10 GMT I think.
    As to yesterday’s discussion of the Naval problems. The problems reach across the Navy all the way back to scrubbing its culture and its original organizational structure now of 91 enlisted ratings tiles that go back to the Continental Navy. Bad times created by Progressives doing the same as Islam does to all past history that is not Islam.

    • eon

      The ironic thing about this particular sheep screw is that Harvey Milk is a “hero” only in that (a) he was gay and (b) he happened to be standing next to SF’s mayor, George Moscone, when the ex-Safety Service Director, Dan White, killed Moscone (with his city-issued .38 S&W) because Jim Jones had left instructions for the deaths of all his “enemies” in event of his own demise.

      Or at least that’s what White claimed before his attorneys came up with the infamous “Twinkie defense”.

      This of course brought Dianne Feinstein to prominence, and launched her on her anti-2A crusade. Because blaming a pair of demented crazoid leftists with messianic delusions would be too simple.

      Not to mention risk people noticing the resemblance between them and Feinstein.

      The thing is, I personally would have had no problem with them naming the ship after Moscone, as he was a Navy man before he went into politics.

      But that just wasn’t P.C. enough, I guess.

      clear ether


      • markm

        Can you cite a source for the claim that White used a city-issue gun? The PD should have taken back the issued gun when White quit to go into politics, but he probably also had a personal handgun, now would an ex-cop who resigned in good standing have any problem getting a handgun under any gun control regime ever proposed in the USA.

        I can’t just take your word for it because one of your other “facts” is wrong. White had to reload and go looking for Milk after shooting Moscone. Milk and White had many disagreements before and White believed Milk had persuaded Moscone to keep White off the Board of Supervisors. It looks like White came there intending to kill these two men if he couldn’t get back on the Board, and it being a “gun-free” zone, there was nothing to stop him from completing his “mission”.

        • JTC

          Well everything is different in Cali from the real world, but in most places in FL like my semi-rural county, LEO’s who make it to full retirement get their service piece as a parting gift.

          Not that it would have mattered as I guess White could have just used an Assault Hammer to accomplish his mission.

        • Careful,MarkM.This smacks of concern trolling.

  • Ed Woods

    I might have let the “drone him” crack slide as frustration talking, but she just kept yammering about it.

  • Bill G

    But fortunately the DMC is on the important issue; what Donny Boy said about a one-time beauty queen.
    Now let’s all go outside and heave, for distance.

  • This came up on the news this morning, from Reuters.

    Duterte says bluntly HowbadamI can go to Hell, because the little twinkie filling won’t sell missiles to the Philippine government. So Mr. Duterte is making deals with Russia and China. How refreshing is it to run into a president who loves his country and wants to keep it safe from harm!?!

    1 – Vlad Putin (hubba hubba)
    2 – Duterte
    3 – Xi Jinping
    4 – Fill in the blank:

    The death cult of ISIS wants Armageddon at Dabiq. They should be careful what they wish for.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Obama’s half sister documented his trip to his ‘family’ in Africa.
    A Journey in Black and White
    by Auma Obama

  • So far, it looks like the judiciary is really the ONLY game in town as far as our democracy is concerned. Congress has been AWOL since 2009, and as far as the Executive Branch goes – well, we know how that is working out.

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