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    • epilitimus

      I also wonder just what the Russians got from the Clintons to call off Assange.

    • GWB

      If it’s from Guccifer it’s in doubt, too – until there’s some sort of corroboration. Stay wary.

      • Pamela

        Interesting spread sheets.

  • Pamela

    Why does Barry look like he’s been snorting blow….

    • KenH

      Because, Boingo DOES

    • Or The Педик is simply blowing….

  • Iconoclast

    The sleaze & BS *don’t* “stop here. Aaron Burr in the fledgling republic, Teapot Dome … all mere child’s play to the vast, egregious, all-encompassing corruption of the insider elitists, both dhimmicraps & GOPe quislings. I would argue there are vast numbers of lamp posts & tree limbs in & about DC which are shamefully under-utilized. The next time WTP march on Washington, perhaps we should correct this deficiency.

    • John D. Egbert

      Read “Under Siege” by Stephen Coonts for a prescient take on your thought.

  • Kafiroon

    Comey has to realize that with them as with the Mafia, there is a steep penalty for not staying bought.

  • JTC

    Banks, barons, and govs Pay to Play.

    But I’m guessing they’ll find Comey’s deal in the “Give to Live” file. It’s a big file. But not as big as the Quiet List (dead men tell no tales).

    More wild conspiracy theory just waiting for its confirmation leak.

  • B Woodman

    O-M-G!! Watching the VP “Debate”. I almost (almost) feel sorry for the “moderator” (chuckle). She’s lost control of this free-for-all. I want to give Kane several Gibbs slaps. And not out of love or respect either.
    The one debate I forgot to start recording, this is one for the books.

    • Don’t worry about it. It will all be online on some network or other, youTubing away,

    • CB

      I was watching it too.

      Kaine reminds me of Jim Baker. The preacher man who said the Devil got into his church’s computer and stole all the money. His wife’s name was Tammy Faye. I used to cringe each time I saw them on TV.

      • Interventor

        Exactly, his unctuous manner reminds me of something many TV preachers.

        • Vince

          I lived in Virginia with him as the governor of Virginia. Nothing new here.

    • John D. Egbert

      Started watching, along with the BW. We lasted almost half an hour before it got to be entirely too much to bear. From listening to Chris Plante this AM, things went downhill from there Anyone surprised? Thought not . . .

  • Used to be you could hold discourse freely without worrying about being tracked, traced and taped. That was before the Days of Rage, the Chicago Seven. the draft card burnings and protests against the war.

    Good times.

    Now, you have even less security. Yahoo is watching you.

    And it’s all for the greater good… whatever that is.

    • John D. Egbert

      That’s why Yahoo is firmly in the “Off Limits” folder, along with Google.

  • Henry

    Dude, some pity, please! It’s not like I can just turn your comic sideways to read it. It’s screwed to my wall!

    • Vince

      Look funny with your head tilted like that!

    • Heh

      • Vince

        You hush for making him do that….

    • Pamela

      I already have a kink in my neck and reading the first pane was a bit painful.

      Though not as painful as the information Guccifer and Julian will be disseminating.

    • GWB

      A link to a version with the first frame vertical would be nice.

      • NotYetInACamp

        download the strip. (save the actual strip only)
        open the file.
        use the arrow to turn the copy.
        read it.
        use arrow to put back like it was
        read rest of comic.
        close window with comic.
        No crick.
        Now you don’t need a paddle as all of you do not have to go there.
        And what a hole to play in the opening header photo.

    • Copy to an image editor like Irfan, rotate it 90 degrees right, read that panel, turn it back and drive on.

      • MasterDiver

        Pick up the laptop and rotate 90 degrees…..No, NO! the OTHER way! (Jeeezz!)

        Zar Belk!

  • Chris Muir, you are THE most poignant creator of those many. Spot. ON.

  • Pamela

    Can we say screwed with a F!

  • Bill

    C”mon. Is this shit for real?

    • Bill G

      Of course not, and fear not. The Revealed Truth will soon be presented to us by the always unbiased DMC, once the DNC decides on the exact form it’s to take.

    • Old Codger

      I looked at some of what Guccifer released, particularly TARP kickbacks. Not only are the congress critters dirty, they’re DIRT CHEAP DIRTY! The congress critters sent TENS OF $BILLIONS to the banksters who responded with a couple of $THOUSAND in kickbacks. Bawney Fwanks got a total of $77,000 for TARP funds totaling almost TWO HUNDRED $BILLION! The total kickbacks from the banksters to congress was less than a thousandth of a percent of what they received!

      • NotYetInACamp

        It has been said that it is not that they sell themselves, but, that they sell themselves so cheaply.
        Further would not be good for me to comment on.

  • Bill G

    Begorrah, bejaysus and begawd, Comey! Did you expect to sell us out this blatantly and emerge unstained?

  • MasterDiver

    With the presstitutes in her hip pocket, Shillary figures she can be clumsy and blatant in her corruption. She is totally contemptuous of the public, and sees us as sheep too stupid to realize that she has bribed, blackmailed, and bought her way to power, and has no inclination to change her MO. She’s a crook, cheat, and liar. Anyone who votes for her has to be so ideologically blind that they cannot see the destruction she will rain down on this country. Time for another Wal-Mart ammo run!

    Zar Belk!

    • WayneM

      The sad part is, for many, she is right… How many willing idiots are sipping the Koolaid and declaring it to be tasty?

    • Old Codger

      Time for another Wal-Mart ammo run!

      They still have ammo at a WMart near you? Ostensibly, the WMarts near here still sell ammo but try to get anything useful. Before the Great Ammo Famine I would see their cabinets chock-a-block full of boxes of ammo. I could get 500 rds of 22 lr for under $20.00 and 50 rds of WinClean .40S&W practice ammo was around $15.00. Not today!

      • John D. Egbert

        Time to start reloading . . .

  • Old Codger

    Now that Dear Leader has given away the internet, reckon how long it’ll be before “radical” sites like DBD get shut down?

  • Donald Campbell

    I have an issue with Chrome and DaybyDay. The little ‘thumbnails’ when you start got all lost when I upgraded, and they slowly came back; however, DaybyDay never seems to appear. For instance, it offered up my utility bill (once a month), and today a once visited site.
    Google/Chrome un-help states you can not edit the current version.
    Yesterday, thinking perhaps it is that I visit the identical URL daily (like the identical URL for, I visited about 20 ‘random’ pages, using different links. Still no DaybyDay.
    Does Google have you on some kind of ‘bad-boy’ list?

    • Don Sander

      I’m having the same problem with Explorer… The “Frequent” selection is still showing a site I accessed twice last week, but not DBD, which I access every day. Huh! So I bookmarked DBD on my favorites bar; problem solved! Packin’ an’ grinnin’…

  • Unca Walt

    I am speechless.

    This cannot be happening to my America.

    • Henry

      The horror dawns when you consider it more likely may have been happening to our America for over a century, by people more skilled at hiding it.

  • Chris Muir

    dbd might be off air until this hurricane goes by. might be, not for sure. -Chris

    • Pamela


      The only thing that matters right now is keeping everyone safe.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Yes. There is a bit of wind out there. A mite bit of wind storm surge may also be in order.
      I do have an empty 16 foot new enclosed trailer should there be any need before or after the storm. I could open a landscaping business except it is still too clean.

      You are the boss of you. Take care of you and yours, and then next is property if there is no life threatening situation.

      Safety is the only thing. People are what matter.
      #peoplematter. I could get called a name for being reasonable.

      • Pamela

        Friend sounds like a pretty good name to me.
        So does Stalwart, Steadfast and Wise.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I visited a Republic Headquarters here to go to a debate watch. There was supposed to be training before.
    I talked with the volunteer and a Hungarian born American come to volunteer.
    Hungarians are great people.
    We agreed on much. 🙂

    Then the debate watch was cancelled as everyone was getting ready for the storm. I had driven to almost the other end of the biggest land size county in Florida. Oh well. Talking was good. I talked to the few people that were there.

  • James/G

    Good strips Chris, but you’re missing the great DHS Voter Fraud Scam.

    DHS and Obama announced that there was discussion about whether or not to place the national elctions under DHS supervision. This was to insure a fair election.

    In the last week there have been reports of widespread voter fraud and election tampering in no less than eleven states, four of them crucial battleground states.

    I know I’m not the only one smelling a set up here…

    • I’ll be getting to meh…one look at his face,well…you know it’s gonna be rigged

      • Jet, not meh

        • NotYetInACamp

          meh … was likely your reaction

    • Pamela

      There is nothing fair in federal oversight.
      Violates States Rights.

    • Kafiroon

      I think they are pushing for martial law. They can’t handle a civil war unless the Armed forces take part on their side.
      But even a cornered rat fights back so they best watch their “pushing”.

  • Jeh gotdamn spellcheck!

  • Pamela

    SOLVE ET COAGULA- Dissolve and Coagulate

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

    There is an unholy alchemy with the Shrillary camp and crews that causes me to think there are darker forces afoot.

    Have they started channeling Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey to insure her supremacy in the election?

    Is the blood of this Nation her sacrificial lamb on the altar of her ego?

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