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  • Greg B

    Way to leave everyone hanging.
    By the Happy New Year, Mr Muir. Here’s to a great 2016.

    • Greg B

      “By the way”, is how that’s supposed to read.
      Damn little keyboard.

  • Bwuh?

  • eon

    Somehow I think this could get …ugly.

    But then reality so often is.

    Happy New Year, CM, and everyone here at DbD.



  • Oliver Heaviside

    Only three comments? At 7 pm PST? Must be a heckuva New Year’s going on….. 😉

    Best for 2016 to Chris and all the readers….

  • Grunt GI

    Yea, that expression on Naomi’s face makes me think shit’s about to get real.

    Happy New Year to all my DBD fellow travelers.

    • RegT

      And saying, “Oh, shit” makes me think she is less than prepared. Her situational awareness was Condition White. Not even Yellow, let alone Orange or Red.

      I don’t know if Naomi is left-handed or not, but she may have that hand behind her for a reason. At least she was paying attention. Sam is a good woman, but hasn’t had the training Naomi has had, so it may be up to Naomi to “repel boarders”, at least initially.

      • MasterDiver

        Yeah, I noticed her left hand is behind her, too. I’m sure she can handle a weapon with either hand, and has already demonstrated she can conceal a one ANYWHERE. A small .32 Barretta would fit the small of her back very nicely, and do the job. (M may not like it, but Maj. Boothroyd did describe it as a ladies’ weapon.)

          • GWB

            She could pack a .30-06 in a bra holster.

  • H_B

    This is why you home carry…

    • Greg B

      Naomi has already revealed to us what she carries under a slip of a dress.
      I’m sure she has more than adequate firepower tucked away in that outfit.
      Sam too.

      • jackdeth72


        “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

        *Star Wars: Ep. IV*

      • H_B

        Greg B; Okay, but how many readers here have thought of it those terms before? A firearm in a safe is useless when an assailant is across the room. If you home carry as part of your normal regimen, you’re prepared when the unexpected happens.

        • SteveInCO

          I don’t know how many here have. I’m sure it’s a higher percentage than the general population, DBD people tending to be People Of The Gun as well. HOME CARRY, people, or at least have one in reach. Mine is four inches beyond the mouse right now. My priority is to figure out what to do about a home invasion while showering–Murphy’s law being what it is, and also, it’s just barely possible a clever home invader will wait until you’re in there. (I’ve got the stainless steel revolver, best for a humid environment, I just need to figure out how to keep it there.)

          • Malatrope

            Mount a plastic holster on the wall of the shower, near the shower head.

          • SteveInCO

            I’ve seen people stick a watertight fishing tackle box on the wall and put the gun inside. I haven’t done that, because I don’t want to f@#$ up the marble wall–I know exactly how much it cost! (But I just now had an idea, how to do something removable that won’t fall off and make a really loud noise in the middle of the night like my suction-cup-hook-hung back scrubber does sometimes, only much, much louder.)

            Your variation is a new one, though I think I’d want better protection from the humidity even if it IS a stainless revolver. (Plus I put my shower head WAY up there, because I hate crouching to take my shower. I’d have to mount it considerably below the head to make draws non-awkward.)

          • H_B

            Thin-walled ziplock baggie. Put the firearm in with the seal downward so that water doesn’t collect there. Then put the bag in whatever shampoo-holder or whatever is in your shower. You want the cheap, thin-walled kind so that in an absolute emergency you grab the thing and manipulate the trigger through the plastic.

          • SteveInCO

            @HB I pretty much decided I’d use a baggie as part of whatever solution I devise. Of course, I may have shot myself in the foot (so to speak) getting a 6″ barrel. I doubt the gun would fit in a gallon baggie.

          • Cliff H

            Let me take this opportunity to slip in a good word for, which was was some reason unilaterally dissed a few days ago and I was too late to post a rubuttle. TTAG is the most popular pro-gun, pro Second Amendment website in the entire world and is well worth a look so you can decide for yourself if it has merit.

            Full disclosure, I have had eight articles posted on TTAG on all sorts of subjects, including one naming Chris Muir as “Gun Hero of the Day” for his work in supporting the right to keep and bear arms.

          • David Gonzalez

            Steve, I’ve seen both two-gallon and 2 1/2 gal. bags in those dollar-type stores. Either size should encase that hand-howitzer of yours just fine.

        • GWB

          Excellent suggestion on the baggie.

  • interventor

    Happy New Year! Remember, but for DoD, all those Iridium satcom sattelites were scheduled to crash back to earth.

  • WayneM

    Ending 2015 with a cliffhanger…

    Happy New Year to everyone and thank you, Chris!!

  • Ultracon

    Whoever is about to “invade” the DD is going wish like hell they hadn’t! Those two girls are about to unleash a pantload of hurt!

  • Chris Muir

    Happy New Year, y’all!

  • Jon

    Happy New Year, all!

  • Pamela

    Care to place a bet on how fast the interlopers are hogtied and stomped on?

    Happy New Year to all on the East Coast

    • MasterDiver

      More likely stomped out and fed to the hogs.

      • interventor

        Since the invaders are on.Argentine consular territory, what happens at the double D stays there.

  • capn

    I’ll take a Shiner Bock if they aren’t finished in less than two minutes from “commencement of hostilities”. Mossad doesn’t like extended engagements.
    Sam is an engineer she goes straight to the problem for corrective adjustments.

    Less than two minutes.

    Happy New Year All.

    Stay safe

  • jackdeth72


    “Who was that masked man?”

    *Apologies to ‘The Lone Ranger’*

  • NotYetInACamp

    Y’all have a Happy New year.

    And using the name of the drinking saloon down the road ;

    Y’all come back.


    I have read several times that the young lady to the right above has weapons that can be seen when she removes her wrap at the pool. Astonishing. I never saw them and I saw that one. 🙂
    As a small friend once said to me, ‘I am a small woman. I can’t play when it comes to that. I have to use maximum power right away.’

  • HB

    Naiomi will be drawing from the left as she covers Sam and pushes forward, firing until the targets either change shape or catch on fire…or both.

    BTW—there are great deals out there on fine firearms and ammo for the New Years!

  • Neil Frandsen

    Happy New Year, folks.
    The comments are almost as much fun as the tales…

    • Unca Walt

      There It Is.

      We all know Mr. Muir would NEVER allow the disgrace of being unarmed fall upon Naomi. She is waaay too good for that.

      Pajalsta, Naomi… show us again. 🙂

  • Pete231

    Best personal protection home carry unit belonged to Deliah Lavi in “The Silencers”. Matt Helm had his hands full, just sayin’………….


    Happy New Year Chris and fellow DBDers!

  • Bill G

    Naomi could well be looking at a screen, not just right outside a window.
    Whatever, it sounds like a maximum response is called for.
    “Call of the Wild”, eh?

    • Zed was talking to Damon when the satphone went out. Damon would have shifted to observation, rather than continue to drool on the Pamela Gellar screen shot. Prep time.

  • billf

    Happy New Year,all

  • Dread

    Hillary a feminist? Of course she is. All commi-witch would be dictators bent on world domination are feminist.

  • I hope it was screen, not “up close and personal”. I’m truly imagining they have perimeter alarms. And there is gonna be a truckload of hurt unloaded all of a sudden on the invaders.

    • Happy New Year, btw.

  • MasterDiver

    Shoot, shovel, shut up.

    • B Woodman

      Ahhh, yes. Three of the Four Esses.
      Only missing “Suppress(or)”.

  • GWB

    Happy New Year, Chris! And to all the DbDers!

  • Pamela

    Slick Willy didn’t show up at the Ranch with his bimbo dujour did he…

  • SteveInCO

    I do hope they have time to get to something with more (and more powerful) rounds in the magazine…but, failing that, they’re still more prepared than 90+% of people. (DBD readers aren’t typical!)

    At the moment I’m not actually carrying, but just further than the mouse IS a ballistic hurt dispenser. If there’s time to get across the hallway, there are more, in gauges and calibers starting with a 1.

  • JTC

    Some are making resolutions:

    “Lame duck” is a serious misnomer and underestimation in this case. Never, ever underestimate the vengeful harm that can be done by a crazed and injured hyena before its demise.

    The term “gun violence” which I so hate as it implies that an inanimate object is inherently evil and capable of unaided carnage, is repeated in that short article SEVEN times…and not one utterance of the thugs and scum who are actually responsible, aided and abetted by the actions and inactions of Bobo and his ilk.
    He’s wrong about most everything, including this little gem: that congress has done nothing to prevent violence from being inflicted upon innocent Americans, but in spite of its impotence it has at least in this case has done exactly that, by denying any attempt to restrict the tools law-abiding Americans need and are guaranteed to right to, and in trying, he has single-handedly created the largest boom in history of the manufacture and distribution to law-abiding Americans of those tools, which brings us to this…

    He’s talking unilateral executive action here, bypassing the representatives of the will of Americans and flouting the Constitution to eliminate the ability of free people to resist not just the evil intent of his minions but the tyranny of government itself: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    Dude says he wants to tackle unfinished business. He is proposing action that will finish it, and him, but not in the manner he thinks.

    • JTC

      Oh yeah, Happy New Year to all here at DBD.

      What happens related to the above, and most especially what happens as we approach the next new year, will determine whether real happiness and security will remain at the heart of what being American is and means.

    • GWB

      “Lame duck” really only applies when the proper separation of power is observed. When you have a pen and a phone, otoh……

    • B Woodman

      Molan Laave.
      ‘Nuff said.
      Now I need to prepare a little bit.

  • CAPT Mike

    Happy New Year!

  • WSC

    I keep a loaded firearm close by (no kids in the house, locked up if we have any young visitors). My perimiter is hard enough that anyone trying to force entry will make enough noise to allow me to get to a nearby firearm. I have a heavy, locked, expanded metal screen door set in a steel frame in front and heavy, locked sliders in the rear + a locked walled patio.

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