Day By Day


  • Graves

    Actually, I think a red, polka-dotted bikini would be quite useful on Sam.

  • WayneM

    Of all of the houses to invade, the Double D would be pretty much the worst. I almost feel pity for the fools who might do so… almost…

  • Kafiroon

    Lock and load.
    IF, they do not do so all the time anyway.

  • JTC

    Heh. D is zoned out on pokin’ dots…

    But, looks like 2015 could go out with a bang.

    I won’t miss it much, glad to see it go. But I won’t say ’16 has to be better; I fear that depending on what happens in November, it could go out with many bangs, maybe even a boom.

  • Joseph Meyer

    Is this a Pam Geller reference?

  • Joseph Meyer

    Oops duh.

  • Spin Drift

    The Pamela needs to have a visit to the DD to advise on mooselimb tendencies. Also what if radical mooselimbs were treated like feral swine in Texas. All seasons, no limit, bounties paid for tails. Ah the irony, it burns.

    Spin Drift
    Cowboy Up
    Lock and Load

  • JTC

    “bounties paid for tails”

    Ugh. I’m in for the hunt, but you can harvest the tails and have my bounties.

    • interventor

      In WWII, US resistance in the Philippines paid two silver dimes and one bullet for a pair of Japanese ears. Later, the War Department demanded proof of payment. Received two jugs of ears. Never asked for proof again.

  • Grape

    Follow the bouncing dot(s)…..careful is can get slippery.

  • B Woodman

    Why is Damon taking so long to look at Ms Geller? I’d think Jan would be getting more than a wee bit jealous and upset at Damon.

  • Bill G

    Coyote with a poor sense of what’s safe, narcotraficante, jihadists or just maybe an undercover friend of Zed or Naomi?
    Whatever, it’s time for Damon to check on the drone’s view. He’s not useless but he is easily distracted.

  • Pamela

    Yo Damon! Eyes forward. You can find out where Geller got her bikini for Jan later. There are Evil Doers about.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Distraction can be inappropriate for any side in a conflict. It opens up a weakness that may be exploited. Bill. Wiener. J Edgar’s files. Boner’s file. Robert’s file. Bimbo eruption suppression. JFK when shown a photo of him on the beach with a buxom blonde topless responds with ‘She is spectacular,’ tosses the photo on the desk and walks away.
    On a large scale distraction level, what do the playoffs look like? Are your gladiators still in them?

    Time to focus on the proper job at hand.

    He needs to call his wife.

    • David Gonzalez

      Speaking of J. Edgar, don’t forget the response of MLK, Jr. when Director Hoover replayed for him a tape of Marty . . . er, “entertaining” AWNHW (A Woman Not His Wife) in a Memphis motel room. Hoover reminded him that, although Coretta likely was well aware of his penchant for tom-catting around, his congregation and his black-power socio-political followers would have a serious case of red-ass over the fact that his paramour was one of the “enemy” (she was of the Caucasian persuasion). The Rev queried, in a humble voice, “What are your terms, sir?”. “Simple”, says J. Edgar, “Quit pussy-footing with Gus Hall and CPUSA!”. MLK sighed and uttered “done”.

  • PaulS

    Why are Zed and Wade on the same horse?
    I’ll hope it’s because our artist is busy with illustrating some conspicuous feminine nekkidness for the new year celebration.

    • Unca Walt

      JAY-zus. These guys are eagle-eyed.

      Mebbe they’s twin horsies decked out like folks usually deck out twins in similar garb?

    • JTC

      Ha! Good catch PaulS…Chris, are you doing a Damon too, locked in on them poke-the-dots? 😉

    • Chris Muir

      good catch! fixed.

      • JTC


        So just call Wade’s horse Ol’ Paint. 🙂

  • This is going to be a party!

    • Pamela

      Break out the Casa Noble Anejo, kick back and watch

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