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  • Fake data? Good, no harm no foul.

    Still a good lesson to be learned; don’t endanger what’s important for the sake of a yuk, or even out of envy. Love can conquer most, if not all. Let’s hope it works on Skye.

    Oh, and that jumper of Sam’s…is it backless worn backwards, or really frontless? Irregardless, I like it.

  • KenH

    And THAT, Red, is what you are doing wrong
    She needs a right cross followed by an uppercut
    With Brass Knuckles
    And then a suggestion if she ever even smells of doing this again, You Will Kill Her. Right on the fencepost. No fuss no muss

  • Heh. Buzzer. One thing makes sense, esp. With Skye’s liberal bent. Envy. She Envy’s Sam for what she’s got, that Skye could never hold on to if she ever got it.

  • LifeofTheMind

    You could spank Skye but I think that she would like that.

    • Ohh! Ohh! Pick me! I’ll do it!

  • Kevin M

    Tazer the tart.

  • Sendarius

    “Tazer the tart.”

    When I first read that it parsed as “Tazer the taint.”

    I thought, “That’s a bit harsh. Justifiable, but harsh.”

  • That’s what I would have chosen. Tazer, not buzzer. Hug her, tell her you love her, than zap the shit out of her and warn her.

  • And WTF is this “Tinder”? Guess I’ll have to search it.

  • Pete231

    Hand buzzer ? She should wire it up to some 220/3 phase. Now, that’s the gift that keeps giving……….

  • Grape

    “Show her she’s loved.” Indeed if Red has no intention of applying the stimulation to Skye’s hand, but to a more sensative and intimate digit. That she will remember – a rewarding experience. They are after all sisters and sisters do nice things for each other. Not stopping when she has peaked would be punishment.

    Question is the buzzer the old wind up kind or is it the new battery powered version? Hope the latter as that would be the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Bill G

      My immediate thought was to question where the buzzer would be applied.

  • Alex J

    So, that’s a buzzer beater…

    Chris – keep up the great work, Dude!

  • OpenTheDoor

    Had a dog once, absolutely loved that dog, best squirrel dog I have ever seen.
    Wouldn’t stop chasing and killing my free range chickens.
    Put a shock collar on him, amazing how it turned his incorrigible attitude around.
    Maybe Sam needs to go shopping online. We all need to get one for our incorrigible Prog friends and family.
    Ridicule works, thanks Chris, just not as fast, or as effectively.
    Bad Skye, bad Skye, zapppp.

  • B Woodman

    Yep, time to apply the “tough love”. Love ’em, but be continuous and relentless, awake or asleep, just so they’ll remember that tough love.

  • Chris Muir

    A HEADS-UP ON PC IN AMERICA FOR DBD READERS…First, it was Facebook that censors DBD content, but leaves others untouched. . So I put up NSFW on FB now. Then Google Adsense censored nudity and speech…for DBD. So, I ended Google ads on DBD.Now, I find vendors won’t print DBD work if there is nudity involved. Porn sites,The networks, the newspapers, other webcomics, film,HBO, tv, no problem, but DBD, with its tame cheesecake? Nope.
    Next, I daresay, the DBD site will be targeted. I am still trying to locate a vendor who will work with me, but I may have to send patrons their art with big black crosses over everything.(At least y’all got your downloads).
    Censorship is real, and coming in very quietly.You can say what you want, print what you like…except, apparently, you really can’t. I wanted DBD readers to know what’s coming down the pike.

    • Grunt GI

      WTF? I gotta put up with BS from the left who are fine with naked Kardashians and Miley Cyrus plastered all over the internet and supposed mainstream magazines, but they censor Sam’s magnificence?

      DANG, I hope you can continue to post your fine study of the female form on this website (it has been a long dry spell, just sayin’)…

      As I read the other day, it’s amazing how the free love, free sex, “if it feels good, do it” hippies from the ’60s are now the Puritanical Prudes of the 21st century.

      Fark ’em…keep doing what you do…I would think downloads are better than printed anyway…saves you printing and shipping costs.

    • John Greer

      PC strikes again.
      Free speech for everybody except the political opposition.
      So much for “Rights”.

    • Chris, we all know that it’s the “speech” part that’s being targeted…they don’t like the thousands of words that your pictures speak, the context in which it is spoken, or for that matter those to whom you are speaking.

      Fuck them. (Whoops that might be censored speech right there.)

  • capn

    IF it becomes necessary I can be convinced to go get my printer/scanner/copier replaced if it means I am sticking it to the PC Kops.
    I don’t really have a regular use for one so haven’t replaced it when it cratered.

    Now I need to find one that still “speaks” Win XP.
    Anyone have an oldie but goodie they would like to sell, trade, barter?

  • Pamela

    So they allow #???? on cable and other forms of media, but target DBD.
    Well gee willikers Chris, looks like the hildebeast took exception to reality and its portrayal of her future.
    So there are Freedom of Speech violations, and for some DBD is a religious experience, so you’ve got Freedom of Religion violations and possible Freedom of Association violations.

    Got a bunch of namby pamby panty wastes that can’t take the truth, but will allow porn to be taught in schools.

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