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  • If commies are identified primarily by redistribution, censorship and propaganda then they ain’t window dressing *for* them, they *are* them.

    • nonncom

      You better believe it….keep your powder dry….

  • RayNAiken

    Someone in the government initiated the action against that farmer. What is his name and where does he live?

    • Delilah T

      He’s in Wyoming. Go to wyfb dot org. The whole thing is discussed there.

      • Bill G

        And as of 6:07 AM EDT, 9/1, there’s a piece on Hotair’s main page about this. The author, Jazz Shaw, includes this statement about the evil dam in question:”Also, the “dam” in question was composed of sand, gravel, clay and concrete blocks, which the agency decided met the criteria for “pollutants.” (Aside from the cinder blocks, those materials are also locally known as “the ground.”)”

        • GWB

          That was up yesterday morning, but yes. (That was one of Jazz’s better snark remarks.)

  • B Woodman

    Gooberment overreach. .. time to take a machete and meat cleaver to those overreaching grubby hands, let ’em bring back bloody stumps. No more “civility”. No more “hands across the aisle” (see above).

    • Delilah T

      It’s a test case. The EPA has no authority to do what it’s doing.

      How much more private land is going to be targeted? Think about that for a moment. What does your home sit on?

      • Grape

        ” What does your home sit on?”

        It sits on a slippery slope! What else but.

  • Swansonic

    The EPA has been probably the biggest impediment to business growth in the US. It, I believe, is responsible for more manufacturing leaving the US than the IRS.

    At least half of the federal government should be shut down – the sooner the better….

  • Steve

    What pisses me off is when one branch of the .gov with alleged jurisdiction gives their blessing, then another comes in and tries to muck it up. It’s not that hard you idiots (in government)! If mom says yes, dad doesn’t get to say no. And vice versa.

  • Delilah T

    Well, if that don’t beat all. What was going into the pond? Catfish? WWII Nazi gold? Vlad Putin? C’mon, don’t keep us waiting and wondering.

  • Fox2!

    Well, if that don’t beat all. What was going into the pond? Catfish? WWII Nazi gold? Vlad Putin? C’mon, don’t keep us waiting and wondering.

    Reports I read said “stock pond.” Which are explicitly carved out of EPA jurisdiction.

    • GWB

      That is correct. They weren’t regulating the stock pond, but the crick he dammed to make the stock pond. That is what he was supposedly polluting. Except…

      Except the downstream water was even cleaner than it had been before because the dam allowed the silt to settle out of the water.

      So, the EPA is suing him because he made the water cleaner. *SMH*

    • Delilah T

      Yes, he set it up as a stock pond, but it also drew wildlife and he found 4 and 5 pound trout in it. Those fish will go just about anywhere.

  • robert

    The farmer should have just put some orange slime in his pond and then the government and media would have just ignored it just like the last EPA screw up.

  • Cliff

    The alphabet agencies are a great danger. They make congress irrelevant. They make law out of the purview of the people.

  • Bill G

    Fires and governments. Small ones are useful, large ones are only destructive.

  • I understand that things like environmental issues need some regulatory aspects, or you end up with another Love Canal incident, but I wish Federal Courts would get with the program and rule that contradictory catch 22 situations are a violation of people’s civil rights. There can be no due process if the process is just flat out self conflicting.

    • TheOldMan

      IIRC Love Canal became a problem only after the local school district forced Hooker Chemical to sell the area to them. HC sold it for $1 on the condition that no construction ever took place that would disturb the clay cap over the chemical dump. The school district ignored that condition and proceeded to build houses with basements (I think there was a school as well but I am not sure). Only then did the chemicals create a hazard.

  • Joel

    Just remember, “It’s for the Children!”

  • Pamela

    So who wants his land?

    • B Woodman

      Yes. Quo bono? Who benefits?

    • Delilah T

      Look into the Powder River Basin scandal.

  • John D. Egbert

    It’s getting perilously close to the point where we must begin searching for patriots. We already know where to find the tyrants.

  • interventor

    Sell all the land held by BLM. Sell surplus held by GSA. Limit EPA’s authority. A good start.

  • Iconoclast

    We are perilously close to general insurrection and I have come to believe this is exactly what the puppet masters of the floody bucking progturds truly seek to provoke, in order the facilitate the final destruction of America as we are flooded with external forces to quell the uprising.

    I was an active conservationist / environmentalist long before the EPA was ever established (on our first fishing expedition, Dad started me on picking up as much trash as we could carry on our walks back to the car, a tradition I’ve passed on to my children, grandchildren & other impressionable souls I’ve encountered). Excepting some elements of the Endangered Species Act,I fully support the various environmental laws *AS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN* in the 1970s. However, the agency’s environmental whack jobs ecoNazi pinheads who have perverted this effort into what it is today, along with the Administrative Law judiciary which protects them, truly belong on the ‘extinct species’ list and in their smug hubris, they may well bring “Unintended Consequences” into reality. Not advocating this, yet fear it may be the only option remaining available to patriotic Americans.

    • Indiana Mike

      That’s what the Commies want of course, forceful resistence to tyranny. They assume the Police and Sheriff’s will knuckle under to them. After Obama, Holder and Lynch have essentially told every gangster in America to murder cops, do YOU think the cops will oppress the people for Obama, Holder and Lunch?

    • B Woodman

      Aye, there’s the rub. “As Originally Written”. What follows is called “mission creep”, and it happens in EVERY bureaucracy, since Eve bit the forbidden fruit.
      As Saint Ronaldus said, “No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!”

  • Indiana Mike

    Can the AG of Wyoming issue an arrest warrant for the Govt oppressor whose name is on this suit, or the chief decision maker? Therefore making him a fugitive from Justice. Haul them into Court on Civil Rights violations.

  • This is yet another exhibition of insanity in government, and makes me all the more eager for the whistle to blow.

  • Just read the comments from yesterday about the censorship stuff. For a cartoon? “Softcore” at the maximum, and a cartoon at that? When you can simply click on some of the most hardcore porn on the planet with a click of the mouse, and THAT’S “free speech”? We know what this really is, and it is upsetting to some. Like any Constitutional Patriot.

    • As I said yesterday in different words, what they’re really concerned about here at DBD is not the T&A but the Q&A…

      • capn

        yes indeed pb.
        Armed, free thinking, rights respecting, American patriots are their worst nightmare.

        [quote Indiana Mike … “Can the AG of Wyoming issue an arrest warrant for the Govt oppressor whose name is on this suit, or the chief decision maker? “]
        This idea I like a lot. Turn the wheels of government against them and let them feel the slow grind as we have.
        Meanwhile … I keep my MBR cleaned and well fed just as The Militia Act of 1792 requires of all able bodied residents of this country.
        (The act actually says males 16 to 45 but I am taking a little “license” and opening it up to women and those of us over 45 who claim Male as the identifier.) Not surprisingly most women, once they begin to practise, are better shots than their menfolk.

  • Delilah T

    Have none of you ever heard of ’eminent domain’?

    Obviously, this is about impounding the rancher’s property. The fine level is unreasonable, and has no basis in reality, particularly since the water source is on private – NOT PUBLIC – land.

    From what I read, the EPA has no authority in this matter, and nowhere does any violation of any regulations show up. The rancher has said he thinks this is a test case, aiming at seizing more private property.

    Since the gubbmint couldn’t face down the Bundys (remember that?), and looked quite unpleasantly stupid doing so, and likewise could not keep people out of national parks on an at-will level (remember the traffic cones thrown off the roadway?), this is one last gasp attempt to inflict the heavy hand of the Fool(s) on the Hill on what (t)he(y) think are a bunch of bleating sheep.

    Boy, are they in for an unpleasant surprise.

    • capn

      Exactly right Delilah T.

      “Eminent Domain” (for those who don’t already know) comes directly from the middle ages when all nobility (especially Kings) were divinely created and therefore owned every single inch of the ground within the borders they claimed.
      “The King” owned Everything and any violation of the King’s property was a death sentence on the (usually) poor struggling father/husband trying to feed his brood.
      We threw off King George and yet the political elites decided that the Central Government’s Right of “Eminent Domain” was too sticky sweet to let go. Curiously it is nowhere to be found in either the Declaration or the Constitution.
      But TPTB don’t care about those documents anyway.

      I really don’t want to see blood in the streets but Power has never given up its grip on power without a forceful action to make it happen.
      That said IF it must come to be then Let it happen on my watch so that my grandchildren can grow up in Peace and Liberty.

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