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    Typical prog; using/abusing/stealing what others have earned for cheap, selfish, maybe even evil purposes. But this crosses the line between a virtual/fantasy world and the real meatspace one where people are responsible for, pay for, and sometimes die for their actions.

    She’s family? Yes, but the family that matters, that you live for and protect and provide for, that this evil, jealous twit is putting at real risk, requires removing her from their midst.

    • Dude; lighten up ok? It was a practical joke. Sheesh.

      • Actually “dude”, if you regularly perused this site, you would know that all of DBD can be taken at its face value; fine art and hilarious humor.

        But on another level, perhaps not grokked by all, it is a metaphor for the good and the bad of our society, our politics, our loyalties, and our future.

        My comment on this installment is in reference to the latter, but it is quite enjoyable as the former so by all means continue to enjoy it that way.

  • interventor

    Time to farm Skye out to a semi-perv, into chains, but not whips. It’s always nice to know a woman is still where you left her.

    • KenH

      “the bitch puts the lotion on its skin , or it gets the hose…..”

  • Grunt GI

    Ok. As a prank that was pretty good…Zed has the right sense of humor. I think everyone is really hard on Skye. Gotta have a foil in this strip to keep things funny, now that Jan is converting from the dark side.

    Oh, and the old phrase payback is a motherf**ker will probably not come close to what Sam might do.

    That will be the real fun to watch. Catfight anyone?

    • interventor


    • KenH

      She’s not funny
      And the only reason the beastbitch scum is ALIVE is because of Zed
      I guess gratitude is lost in prog scum behavior too huh?


      • That’s pretty damn harsh. Why be a hater?

        Ugly is as ugly does.

    • Naaahhh. Sam is more subtle. I expect an equivalent account for skye soon. Maybe she’s advertised as a conservative Palin fan? 🙂

  • Pamela

    Nah, get her a job at a vet/groomers/local democratic election office.
    She can express all the anal glands.

    • Delilah T

      EEeeww! Been there. Squeezed butts.

      The looks I got from male cats and the cheetah stud dances they performed afterwards!

      Male animals are SO easy.

  • kadaka

    The recommended payback would be signing up Skye for Grindr.

    Hey sweetness, if you want to add in a guy to help you ease into it the first time that’s fine with me, we can get three in the sleeper cab.

    • Swansonic

      That’s probably a ‘been there, done that, burned the t-shirt’ for her…

  • One is surprised that a certain female still lives.

  • Fox2!

    Skye may find herself on 1955 lock-down – no electronics not found in 1955.

    • MasterDiver

      With scratched records, a blunt stylus, and a weak vacuum tube!(and of course only an AM tuner)/

    • interventor

      Radio set to conservative talk station, only.

  • Unca Walt

    The things you can get away with if yer beyootiful…

    • kadaka

      Hillary gets away with a lot. Got glasses?

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    That’s a location app? That ranch must be on a whole lot of ‘maps’ because of this.

    • Pamela

      Considering some of the creatures Skye is fornicating with of late, why don’t Sam and Damon create an app that leads said creatures away.

  • rooftop voter

    A pretty good prank……….. Seems like it might be good for Zed to reciprocate……….

    Skyes name would be good on the Terrorist watch list, the no fly list, any one of a dozen lists that might just open her eyes to the abuses of Government……..

  • Big Jim

    “Skyes name would be good on the Terrorist watch list, the no fly list, any one of a dozen lists that might just open her eyes to the abuses of Government……”

    With Zed’s connections that could make life very “educational” for little Skye..

  • bill

    Isn’t Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi looking for a new squeeze? Seems like Skye could easily be airlifted in.

    • interventor

      In hell, isn’t he?

  • Delilah T

    What did you do to Zed’s hair?

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