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  • TomZ

    Throwing her own words against her. I don’t think that democrats consider that fair.

  • Karma?

    • Peregrine John

      Runs over their dogma every time.

  • Bill G

    The words of the Liberal Elite are equivalent to any carved in stone and brought down from a mountaintop for the progressive masses.
    Get the butter!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Quick, subtle, and over Skye’s head. I like it.

    • GWB

      Other way ’round.
      (Advantage of having seen the next day’s comic.)

  • Delilah T

    Check the freezer, Skye, you dipstick.

    • Pamela

      But it on sale. Vacuum seal it. Good to go.

  • Steve

    For those of us who are new here, could you make up a brief family tree?

  • nonncom

    Sage advice….ironic, huh?….

  • WayneM

    Skye is accustomed to government cheese.

  • JTC

    The leftist line is that we’re all out of bread AND butter and it’s all DT’s fault.

    And pay no mind that the President has in the midst of all the created chaos, orchestrated an historic and fair to the USA North American trade agreement to replace the lopsided NAFTA. Well, Wall Street paid mind to it, to the tune of +250 points at opening this morning. But is that the LSM lead story? Of course not.

    Lies of of commission AND lies of omission, it’s what they’re all about. And sadly, it works…anyone doubt that by the end of this week it will be all over for Judge Kavanaugh?

    • Kafiroon

      Yeah. I probably spent too much time in Israel talking to Jews and some Muslums. Although I was from an early age a “bitter” as labeled, Bible clinger. So I think God is giving them enough rope to hang themselves.
      Either way, the normal way of politics is over. The madding crowd of screeching voices demand their way no matter what. It is still to be seen what any opposition takes when normal elective processes try again.

    • John

      One way or the other.
      But I agree with Scott Adams on this one.
      If Kavanaugh doesn’t get the job, the Red Tsunami that follows will completely swamp any Blue Wave.

    • Interventor

      But, there is a record amount of government cheese in storage.

      • MasterDiver

        What Bernie would have us subsist on: “More Guverment Cheese!”

        PS: Chris, Just got my Fundraiser DBD Blues/ Blue Skye Swag:
        Fan-F’kin’ Tasik!

        Zar Belk!

    • NotYetInACamp

      DJT directed his people to do a very good jb on those trrade agreements. Yes he did. Now we will see if Congress will pass them.

      Kavanaugh will be a Justice. At this point the pure screaming meemee Red Guard aspect of this lynch mob has shown itself. It mattered not who was nominated, the Democrats would find that person t be the most evil peson in the Universe, without question. that’s the way the Democrats play.
      Justice Ginsberg said that she wished it was like back when she was nominated and something like 96 0r 98 Senators voted for her, especially considering that she had done some serious ACLU lawyering during her career. The Senate concentrated on her competence and did not ask about her ACLU respresenatations, nor did the Senate muckrake into her past.

      Times, they have changed.

      Why has nobody asked her about her CIA connections. She was handling recruitment, or some such thing like CIA interns at a nearby college. And her father is CIA. And then there is Senator Schumer saying that ‘you don’t want to mess with agencies like the CIA because they have 60 ways from Sunday to screw you over.’

      But a hard artying child of a CIA guy at a Washington area prep school and scene is not to be mentioned.

      How about that yearbook. She made it in 5 straight years. From a year before high scghool when she was in eighth grade on through senior year.

      Then the Fox news guy who was fired for calling them what he considered the.

      What’s a spook to do? (Spook is a Term of Endearment for a CIA person. It is not meant like in Back to the Future, nor as Clint Eastwood used it in Gran Torino.) (Enough PC Cover there.)
      Well the CIA did run Project Gladio in Europe. And they did pay newscasters under Project Mockingbird.
      I suppose that is what they do. They manage perception and take down governments. Why would they not try to take down ours?

      So was the State of New York’s United States Senator Chuck Shumer doing a prediction?

  • interventor

    Got my Skye High swag, as well. NICE!

  • I’ll keep saying it:
    Liberals and Democrats are just awful people.
    And they keep proving this week after week.

  • JTC

    Got a nice package today also, including what I’m sure is the winning ticket…of what I don’t quite remember, but still ya might want to go ahead and pack it up and slap an address label to me on there. 🙂

  • Doggo

    I got my swag also. My kudos to the Kittehs, they are, indeed, highly qualified.

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