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  • Henry

    Geez, Way too deep for me.
    Just imagining Washington as Florida Man hurts my brain.

  • Kafiroon

    Floriduh Man is a creature of its own and is outstanding in the level of idiocy. Washington is infinitely crazier up to nightmare levels. I think even Cthulhu avoids the place.

  • Mike-SMO

    Mixed strands there. As I recall, old George had a big Christmas party for the Soldiers of Hess in Trenton. The link to Florida Man ain’t all that clear this time of night.

    • Paladin

      Yea, something along the lines of “We will cross a frozen river on Christmas Eve and kill you after you have passed out drunk. Merry Christmas One and All!”

  • steveb919

    The ladies have some really nice outfits on.

  • Mike-SMO

    Agreed. Makes it harder to focus on the text, It was easier back in the day when I had useful peripheral vision.

  • steveb919

    Pfizer has been running commercials for feel good crap about how you should be thankful that you take the shots. Makes me sick to see this crap. They are trying to cover there ass. Their shit is failing and is not a cure all. You take the shots and you still get Covid plus other side effects. WTF?

  • Dread

    And Pfizer’s top two salesmen are. Dr. Anthony Falsie and Slow Joe Xiden, also our two highest paid federal employees. As employers, we taxpayers are idiots.

    • JTC

      Also two of ChiCom’s top guys; our $ are just walking around money for them.

  • I’m ignernt so not really getting the Florida Man connection. But what is true is that more people from The Fla are being squeezed by the feds than any other state. One is a friend of a friend of my daughter’s from Largo near Clearwater who was sentenced to five years in federal prison and now through is lawyer is sorry. I guess so after having your life destroyed, your family threatened, and your balls in a vise I imagine anybody would apologize for anything. T

    here is yuge criminality involved with the 1/6 saga, and most of it is being committed by “our” federal government. Goes a long ways toward explaining a whole lot of other stuff too.

    So yeah, Florida Man, used as an epithet to damn all legal Constitutional behavior as free citizens, is now being embraced as a badge of honor like Deplorable. Hell yeah.

    I. Am. A. Florida. Man!

  • cb

    G. Washington Florida man thing … makes no sense (to me). Same as everything Left doesn’t make sense. So, fight fire with fire = act irrational like them? Instructions please.


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