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  • interventor

    Raised Christian, she’ll not require deprogramming. Just illumination.

    • Too Tall

      But if Sam is cooking Mia will require a HAZMAT suit as well as protection from blast and frag.

    • “Mama” saved or stole her from the rubble; where her Mother was then we don’t yet know…

      What was step-mom’s belief and to what degree she imbued it we don’t know either, or to what degree Mia could learn from non-muzzies there, though we do think she married a frog so that bodes well.

      Nature or nurture, a conundrum as old as time.

      It will be fun to see the artiste flesh her out in more ways than one…

  • No turkeys involved, just bacon. But I see what Sam did, there….

  • Too Tall

    Mad props to JTC for his ability to describe how Mia would look from her nail polish.

    Why it is almost as if he gave Chris a picture of Mia for this storyline….

    • Just anticipatory, based on the proclivities of the propietor, and the clues he relishes, like those cherry-red nails… 😉

  • Bill M

    My kinda gal, blonde and likes bacon.

    • steveb919

      Everything is good with bacon.

      • John D. Egbert

        Everything is BETTER with bacon. FIFY . . .

    • steveb919

      Everything is good with bacon on it.

      • steveb919

        Sorry about the two posts.

      • Steve Peterson

        Mmmm BACON!!!!!

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      If she likes shooting and fast cars, she’ll be almost as perfect as Sam.

    • DCE

      Mine, too. My Katy is a keeper.

  • Buck

    night gaunt – there’s a psychopath’s name name right out of an old comic book .

      • NG’s may look menacing, but they can be *poofed* with the touch of a button, apparently.

        Much like all leftists/terrorists. Different buttons, but still.

  • Buck

    Okay – Chris is quicker on the trigger than I am . . .

  • Kafiroon

    I would back out of that kitchen fairly fast.
    She is saying “Bacon”, but that is a pot sitting there.
    Is there water in it? Is it hot? No Boiled Bacon!

  • Mike-SMO

    Picked from the rubble by a Palestinian? Musta been one of the mythical A-Rab Christians. This is going to be a good story….. with bacon.

    • Too Tall

      Lebanese Maronite Christian such as Danny Thomas?

      • Mike-SMO


        Just a thing. ‘Aesthetics”. “Personality”. A rag, blond mop on a balloon head on a stick figure really doesn’t do the plot justice.

        Just a whine from the “peanut gallery”

        • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

          Probably first time letting her hair down, likely suffering from malnutrition. Just wait til her sisters get ahold of her and she’s well fed, it won’t take long. 😉

  • cz93x62

    Frying bacon in a deep pot prevents a lot of spatter onto a stove top. Yes, I’ve done it. Adapt, improvise, overcome. Hungry girls want BLT’s, and they don’t want to wait on a dishwasher that cleans at the speed of a glacier–BACON NOW, DAD! Yes, I spoiled them rotten.

    Sam has taken point on this mission. Mom/Naomi needs to enter at some point soon.

    • Wood

      Horrors! Cast iron is the proper vessel for cooking bacon. I spose one could use a Dutch oven. But cast iron is never in the dishwasher and therefore always ready to make bacon!!

      • Browncoat57

        Dishwasher? Hell, cast iron never sees soap. Period!

        • steveb919

          As one who uses cast iron pans and pots your totally correct. Just use a wash cloth and water to wipe them out. Dry completely, all done.

          • Johnny West

            And speaking of drying, hot water, a scrubbie and rinse, straight on to a gas burner on high for just enough heat to evaporate the water, a light coating of olive oil, into a preheated 200° oven for 20 min. then shut that oven off and let that gorgeous piece of iron cool ’til, well, cool! Perfecto!

    • epador

      I just made a tasty beef stew in an Instapot that started by “sautee “ of bacon. My own recipe No Splatter. Tasty Stew, and MRS very happy with dinner… …uh, see you all later.

  • Bill G

    Ayuh; sounds like she’s ready to pig out.

  • JimV

    They are both way overdressed

  • NotYetInACamp

    Do you want more bacon? A sound much more beautiful than the call to prayer the earlier pretender so loves and calls the most beautiful sounds he has ever heard.
    Bacon cooking odors are what I prefer wafting through the neighborhood air. Some cultures just are incompatible. Hiding ones beliefs is a too common reality through history. Just look at so many cowed to the Democrat deep state ideology that makes them quiet minions of ideas and people they consider evil. Try to just go outside in parts of Australia or New Zealand or some other places (California).

  • Oldarmourer

    The daughter of a Sabra is still a Jew, maybe the last one in Afghanistan
    Nice touch with the bacon, Sam, some xtians keep kosher too
    And on Erev Yom Kippur too…
    Oh well, at least she’ll have something to atone for 😉

  • Always a hunk or three of bacon in the big veggie pot at casa ms. jtc…

    Green beans, butter beans, squash, turnip greens, collards etc. etc….always better when simmered with bacon seasoning, then the dogs get it.

    • Halley

      Same here! (though no dogs, just an aquarium ; )

      • JTC

        Wow, carnivorous fishies, I like it!

      • Too Tall

        Halley, you raising piranhas or sharks?


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