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  • Pamela

    Where’s Bob?
    What are the most current remedies for dealing with Zombies?
    Messy and in the Other category…

    • Shield Wall

      I’ll admit to an embarrassingly large collection of zombie movies on DVD. Never really thought of them as training videos….but I recommend either version of “Dawn of The Dead” viewed through the lens of current events.

      • Shooter 2.5

        I recommend the book “World War Z”. It also covers the incompetence of the governments.

    • steveb919

      I understand that reference.

    • Bill G

      Thanks; I’d forgotten that one.

    • Roland Deshain

      Never more true than today’s zombies!

  • Too Tall

    Whatever Sam is almost wearing needs to be part of the forthcoming DBD clothing line.

    • Pamela

      But not in the size that the Hungry Heifer in town would try to get into.

      Some of the rabid critters let in recently might have the sewing skills with tent material.

    • You mean her crow-hunting outfit with the kill-mark pattern?

      Yes, I can see that fitting right in to Sam’s Ranch Couture line…

  • Bill G

    Nice jab.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Yup. Democrats! There seem to be so many of them. It’s not really true. They just impose so it feels that way.
    The crowds pushing reminded me of earlier discussion on crowds pushing onto jets out of Afghanistan. My oldest sister was reminded by TV of her last flight out of Saigon three days before it fell. The Pan Am Station Chief was one of the people ensuring that only people with seats were on the plane to keep within weight and balance requirements. They let every seat be used, including jump seats and toilet seats for passengers. No one on the floor. It was horrible the well dressed cultured people the Pan Am people had to push off the plane.
    She also was reminded of the pilot of another flight much earlier where she was called to the cockpit and the pilot told her to look at what she saw as beautiful flower shaped jewel like spirals flowing up between the trees in the jungle beside the jet. She had no idea what napalm was. The landing was being protected as much as it could be. She was the purser first flight attendant and he then asked he to go be seated and to make sure that everyone else stay seated during landing and to not get up after landing. There was considerable “turbulence” during the landing, and to not exit the plane or stand in the doorway. She stayed with the crew on the plane that had dead headed in to pick up troops to move them as was he assignment at that time. After about 27 minutes later when there had been no further instructions, as Purser and First Flight Attendant. she went down the stairs and walked towards the front of the jet. She saw numerous holes in the fuselage. The Engineer was there and and explained that they had been shot at, and didn’t she feel the plane being hit. She said that she felt turbulence. The Engineer told her that was the shells hitting the jet. The Engineer said that fortunately nothing vital had been hit, so they were going to be able to take off again, and take the troops. She had been told to stay out of the doorway as another purser, a friend of hers, had been shot and killed by a sniper when she stood on the platform after landing. As I have said, she has spent much time in every war zone since Vietnam.
    Our government and the buyers of influence in them do not know how to run a war that benefits the US people’ interests.

    Bob Hope nailed that one.

  • WayneM

    Sadly, the “Hope & Change” turned out to be “More of the Same”

  • Halley

    Been wondering if this (responding to the pee-pee fake dossier claims in 2017) wasn’t the moment the CCP/DNC Alliance decided which weapon they could effectively use against Trump….?

    • JTC

      Was he not being ironic at that point, mocking the constant media barrage ie tiny hands etc.?

  • JTC

    Thing is, even hordes of zombies are easy enough to dispatch if you are prepped up. Getting to those giving the orders as the doctor referenced in the Bob Hope clip, is way more difficult and way more critical.

    • JTC

      “…Milley ‘felt no absolute certainty that the military could control or trust Trump and believed it was his job as the senior military officer to think the unthinkable and take any and all necessary precautions.’“

      Damn that pos and his operatives, Haspel et al, believed they were in control. And maybe they were, which would neatly explained why as some here have questioned, martial law was never considered by PDJT even though Flynn favored it.

      • JTC

        He did make sure to double check everything with his superior officers at ChiCom however…

  • Pamela

    Maybe We the People need to start saying “SLAVERS” where any Dem et all shows their face. Decorate their sidewalks in chalk etc

    • JTC

      Guilty until proven innocent.

      Everything I know and have seen about this self-appointed, self-anointed poser tells me so.

      I’ll apologize later if I’m wrong.

      • Kafiroon

        With deep state and all the other BS spewers this country has been plagued with since at least Wilson, not to mention the state dept. who is for Any state but the USA, I tend toward “Kill them all and let God sort them out. We certainly cannot sort out the traitors from the good. I don’t figure to help that much with an old shotgun from my rocker.

        • Indeed. See cb’s link and comment below.

          You just hold your ground on that rocker dude.
          All any of us have to do.

  • cb

    Agree 100%. Was just thinking of the lesson portrayed on an old ‘unofficial’ unit patch:

    • More warning than lesson…

      Actually the only official unit of the deep state; all bs all the time.


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