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  • Let them in, let them film? And, oh, BTW, Officer Quan ain’t herself. But you know that.

  • Kafiroon

    Well, what do expect?
    First we get slapped on the butt, and them a boobeh is shoved in our mouth.
    Of course we are fixated.

    • Old Codger

      I have a hypothesis that the reason American men are so fixated on breasts is that we are weaned too soon. I believe that rather than transitioning us to solid food as early as possible, we should be allowed to nurse for as long as we like. Now that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be given solid food and encouraged to wean our selves, it merely means that we shouldn’t be forcibly weaned. Obviously there will be some who will require forcible weaning but I believe that the majority will wean themselves. Plus, think of all the fun husbands will have batting cleanup.

      • WayneM

        Old Codger, there might be something to your theory. I always figured it was more the legacy of the Puritans. We Canadians aren’t quite as uptight but we’re not as “topless beach” as the Euros.

    • John

      And I understand it’s not just us guys either. 🙂

  • JTC

    Hey if I’m the “sponsor” of this episode I’m pretty proud of that…maybe that’s me on the other end of that cellie, just lookin’ for a look at those marvelous orbs,

    Or is there another one of me out there?

    • It’s yours,Jim,so you alone know what’s coming up.

      • JTC

        Yeah I know what’s “up” right now all right…

        But I don’t want to just *see* there, I want to *be* there… 😉

  • kadaka

    “What are you seeing on the fibre cam? Is it safe to penetrate?”

    • Badumbump, tsssssss.

      • kadaka


  • Let them in, let them get about halfway to the house from the gate, then let the SHTF! No warrant, no announcement, their ass.

  • Pamela

    Fecundity in 3-D Motion.

    • JTC

      Good one P;

      Talk about “broad coverage”…

    • GWB

      Chris should do a Word of the Week ‘toon, inspired by Pamela.
      (I know *I* am inspired by Pamela!)

  • Calvin

    As they say, “the plot thickens.”

  • John M.

    That’s why men have trouble making eye contact… Boobs don’t have eyes!

      • Punta Gorda


        Good one 😀

      • GWB


      • CuriousB

        Where did you find that? – Too funny!

  • AlexJ

    Any publicity is Good Publicity, as long as they spell your name correctly.

    And the payoff is…

  • that is not what Henry Bowman would do…

    he’d likely approve though.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “News at eleven!”
    Except they wouldn’t be able to show this video without heavy pixelation.

  • PaulS

    The latest uncoverage on fake news, now that’s worth watching! 🙂

  • Spin Drift

    “It’s a trap” said some Star Wars General Dude. What I don’t get is why are they after Sam and Zed? Are they charged or indicted for anything? I guess the most Patriotic go in the cattle cars first. Also who’s feeding the baby? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this, for the FBI that is.

    • Christopher Cole

      Actually Spin Drift, Princess Leia said it first in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and Admiral repeated the line in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

      • The 300

        Luke said it first as they were approaching the Death Star for the first time.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Why are the Feebs after Zed and Sam?
      Because they hosted President Trump at the DD Ranch.
      Because they’re conservatives, preppers, and friends (friendly) with President Trump.
      And ANYONE who is friends (friendly) with President Trump has OBVIOUSLY colluded with the Russkies (insert /sarc here), and needs to be investigated (early am no knock entry, arrested, humiliated, bankrupted, etc) by that Mordor-on-the-Potomac PARAGON of virtue and honesty, Robert Muler (gag) (/sarc/) (deliberate misspelling)

      • Spin Drift

        Guilt by association is a very slippery slope. I should go out and buy ski’s with the crew I run with. They make the bar scene in “A New Hope” seem like a cotillion and Han shot first.

        “Get me a warm milk in a dirty glass”

      • interventor

        May Mueller’s theme song be the Mule Skinner Blues.
        “Well I’m a lady mule skinner
        From down old Tennessee way
        Hey hey, I come from Tennessee
        I can make any mule listen
        Or I won’t accept your pay
        Hey hey, I won’t take your pay.”

      • Punta Gorda


  • Delilah T.

    Is there an unpleasant surprise in the offing for the Feebles?

    Just askin’ for a research paper (not!). 🙂

    • Pamela

      Will Delousing Stations be required

    • kadaka

      You’re making me worry Sam could get shot for “menacingly holding” a breast pump. ‘Her finger was on the trigger!’

    • CuriousB

      This, if true , is incredibly scary. It makes you worry about your neighbors. If anybody busted into my home shooting my dogs, I would likely return fire, no matter who it was.

  • Pete231

    Time to arm the claymores loaded with fire ants and unleash the pitbulls on crack…..

    • Pamela

      Maybe turn loose some peccaries with a bad case of maryjane munchies. I think they are partial to toes.

      • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

        Oh, you ARE mean! I like your style. Peccaries………..

    • Capn Frank

      Playing golf in Alabama, I once had the ranger on the first tee tell me “WachowDemFarnts”. It took me a while to translate that.

      • Punta Gorda

        Betcha never forget it though.

  • rickn8or

    Look, if the young lady has gone to the trouble to grow them and arrange them in an attractive display, I feel a certain obligation to stare at them.

    I mean, it’s the only polite thnig to do…

  • Crotalus

    Rattlesnakes! Don’t forget the rattlesnakes!

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