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  • JTC

    And all to achieve two things…replace us and disarm us.

    But my native birth and my native tools will not allow it.

    • JTC

      Bet, what goes around comes around, bytches.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      Grey Beaver… of the Islapaho Tribe…..

  • kadaka

    Don’t make her go on the warpath or she’ll be coming for your assault tomahawk, especially if it’s high-capacity.

  • John M.

    When you think about it, the proper term for all of what were called “the Indians” in the Americas is “Aboriginal Americans” not Native Americans… I was born on this continent, so I’m a Native American!

  • interventor

    The Cherokee had blow guns to bring down small game. But, not poisonous. The Navajo had throwing sticks for rabbits. Neither, were plagued by Liarwatha.

  • WayneM

    Will Elizabeth Warren have to pay reparations for all of those Affirmative Action positions she stole from legitimate people of colour with her fake native schtick?

  • ExNuke

    There are at least 60,000,000 lawful gun owners in the US. What could they do if we all “Just say NO”. If we take a page out of Martin Luther Kings’ play book and refuse to bow down and comply. The left is using Civil Disobedience to fight LAWS they think interfere with replacing Americans with imported Dependocrats. That knife cuts both ways. Withdraw the Consent of the Governed and they are neutered (or spayed). Remember the old “What if they gave a war and nobody came” line? What if they passed a law and got a middle finger salute instead of compliance? Or for that matter if we just treated them as if they didn’t matter in the least? Their “power” rests on voluntary compliance, without it they are mice voting that cats have to wear bells.

    • Henry

      If you look at the compliance rates in states where previously legal firearms were outlawed and required to be turned in, you’ll already see that middle finger in heavy play. New Zealsnd, too… as well as Australia where there are now even more guns than before their “confiscation” event.

    • Oorah!!!!!!!!!!

    • interventor

      Federal law enforcement personnel are spread thin throughout the nation. Some states like California might let their LEOs be used. Other states, might apply the sanctuary argument — no state or local LEOs are required to enforce federal law.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Also vote in the primaries to get outliers from the evil that is.

      Mess them up in government with truth tellers (at least in some things. nobody is erfect)

  • Pamela

    I guess the new definition of Racist is anyone who disagrees with a Liberal.

    • F&#* them to absolute death.

      • Fox2!

        Death by snu-snu!

        • NotYetInACamp

          Yes. Snu-snu is preferable to the death Sharia followers have given to captured little girl infidels in the past.

    • John

      I count myself as a Classical Liberal.
      A Liberal is someone who believes in Liberty.
      Leftists and Socialists in general are diametrically opposed to Liberty.
      I can understand the confusion because of past alliances, but make no mistake, anyone who counts him/herself on the Left _and_ a Liberal didn’t got the memo, or is brain dead.

      • John

        Didn’t _get_ the memo.
        How I yearn for an edit function.

  • Mike-SMO

    Warren wants new taxes on guns and ammunition. They can try collecting that tax in South Chicago and Baltimore as a warm-up. Those will be fun events. I’ll bet neither the Chicago nor Baltimore Police will field a team for those games.

    There are some folks in the Department of Justice and the FBI who really deserve that opportunity. Maybe “Barry” will throw out the first dollar. Fun times for all.

  • kadaka

    ‘Finally, a Trump-sized real estate deal’! Report of what Trump has ‘talked about the possibility of the U.S. buying’ could spark a Resistance meltdown

    Trump was wondering about buying Greenland, which would be from Denmark. But why would he want to buy a massive chunk of ice with just a little bit of bare land near the sea?

    Ah, but Trump is a real estate developer who knows how to play the long game. He pulled us from the Paris Agreement and he and fellow Republicans to come will keep us from these UN-backed climate boondoggles. Then as the Greenland ice sheet melts off, there will be wonderful land waiting to be developed into comfortable refuges for the well-off like himself and his family, with centuries of untapped fossil fuel resources now accessible for burning. While other places descend into hellholes trying to absorb the desperate billions fleeing flooding coastal areas.

    Now go tell that to your favorite liberals, and stand back outside the splatter zone. It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.

    • interventor

      It used to be called Greenland, because it was green. Climate changed to cause the cold. Same for Iceland, there retreating ice reveals old Viking homes.

      • JJ cooper

        My understanding was that , in order to inveigle people into coming to barren Greenland, they advertised it as GREEN land.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Ahhhhhhhhhh, it’s just another Seward’s Folly.
      Like Alaska, what would anybody want there?

      There was an interesting Scientific American article recently, or was it in Foreign Affairs, about the status of claims there and how nations have been claiming more. But it’s the internet where so few tell the truth and we all live in our internet ghettos that Justice Thomas told us about.

      One of my dad’s friends is still in Greenland with the B-17 that he was taking into the war zone during WW2 while returning to combat pilot duty there.

  • Bill Willett

    Had the great pleasure and honor to speak with Mr. Chris Muir yesterday morning. He was more than generous when speaking with me….He is to be admired for his story telling and artistry…

    Thanks again, Chris…I sent an email to you last evening.

    DBD forever…..

  • Bill G

    Wonderful image of our Native Liberal Princess, Chris. And yes, with the light of reason shining in, projection can be seen to be the faults of the projectors.

  • PaulS

    Abhorrent original!
    There is no rule of law anymore, not when the law makers violate every standard and law with impunity.
    PHUQ them all!
    Decriminalize murder, it will get sorted! There are a lot more good people than bad, seriously, why do we allow such special consideration for the bad?!
    I really thought we didn’t, by making laws , but apparently I am wrong.
    (See above)

  • Tagg

    The USA has already gone through alcohol prohibition, and is just begining to emerge from pot prohibition. How many Americans have served long prison sentences over untaxed drink or untaxef smoke? I guess the dems don’t want to spend money on a border wall when they’re going to need to double up on the prisons to hold all of the gun tax violators. When crazy starts rolling down hill logic and reason seem ti be the first things to get flattened.

  • Halley

    If “the media” says the cherokee used boomerangs, the cherokee used boomerangs.
    If “the media” says the president is a racist Russian-collusionist, the president is a racist Russian-collusionist. Orwell’s Ministry of Truth could not have done it better.

    The fact that “the media” still has an audience that believes them is the terrifying part. The sickness runs deep.

  • James F Gemind

    Last panel was very good. Excellent work on the crazy eyes… 🙂

    • JTC

      No price is too high to buy back some injun cred and some votes, as long as it’s us paying it.

    • Chiang Rai Jay

      Khun Kadaka – Thanks for filling me in on Zed’s Dad’s passing. It really hit home for me as the ol Rancher was not unlike my own dad, sir. Krop koon krop ! Jay


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