Day By Day


  • Henry

    Concierge service! What would the Angels do without Charlie? Or Bruce Wayne without Alfred?

  • Too Tall

    Skye might be crazy, but she is not stupid.

    On the other hand, the Don is crazy like a fox: “I don’t usually short stacks but when I do, I really Zuck!”

    There is more method to his madness than keeping Kimiko happy by providing corporate welfare to her youngest daughter.

  • Too Tall

    Apropos of Everything: How did ‘Toly explain his missing shirt to Naomi?

    “I left it in Sam’s closet….”

    “When I last saw it Kiko was wearing it….”

    “I gave it to a damsel in distress….”

    Not a lot of good answers available.

  • Mike-SMO

    What is the old guy’s plan for his “dim” daughter? There is always a price “for the ticket”. Even if it is “Daddy Dearest”. And there is still “Tin Girl” with an “update”.

  • eon

    I’m waiting for the other media types to meet Skye. With lines like

    “Welcome home, Sister. So, you have escaped from the bitter clingers?”

    “You actually spent time in Darkest AmeriKKKa? You’re so brave!”

    And of course the “friendly call” from BATFETFBIEPAetc.;

    “We just want what’s best for everybody. Now, how about giving us the dope on those rednecks in exchange for an exclusive? Your boss never has to know.”

    The media/government mantra is;

    “We’re all on the same side, here. It’s those ‘unenlightened’ types who are the threat.”

    And that’s the problem with both lots.

    clear ether


  • Halley

    On certain women, white hair can be as sexy as red…

    • DW

      Yes and I’ve been married to one for 15 years!

  • John

    I’m waiting for Skye to get the Andy Ngo treatment.
    Someone is bound to recognize her, decide she’s a traitor, and give her the “Africanized Bee” routine.

    • JTC

      Traitor among traitors…

      Always follow the money;

      They do what they do for themselves and their employers and their oligarch sponsors (redundant), certainly for the thugs and the downtrodden, selling out America, Americans, and God.

      What about you Skye? When it comes to the riches, you’ve got yours. So your “payoff” must be something else. If you are a double-double agent, what will be your contribution, or in your case your retribution, and will it attain absolution?

      • JTC

        “…certainly *not* for thugs…”

      • Kafiroon

        The Chinese, mainly govt., has a derogatory name for those who do not support their own country and worse, are easily bought/bribed.
        You know they admit using that term for our govt. as they have NO respect for any of them.

  • DogByte6RER

    Indeed … those are the lame stream media’s bone fides.

    How often would ABCBSNBCNYTWP report on American “war crimes” from the safety and comfort of the Green Zone?!?

  • Pamela

    Pull a Ripley on them or send in The Grandmothers with wooden spoons and switches thy had to cut themselves.

    • JTC

      I have seen old Big Mama (grandmother) black women reduce their wannabe badass thug offspring to a whining mass with a fly swatter…they controlled and molded young jitterbugs into real productive men…

      God Bless their souls, where did they go? Why, they were replaced and/or bought out by gov, which knows best how to mold young men into the thugs they need to do what they need done.

      That world, that path to black Americans joining with so-called supremacists to be and build a real and equal America as opposed to fomenting the racial war for “equity’ through violence and hatred and division.

      The path that is best for America has no connection to what is best for the left.

      Your money gives them power and power gives them money.

      Always follow the money.
      Nothing. Else. Matters.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Hypocrisy and self interest. She takes their veil.