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  • Henry

    More like close encounters of the bean kind!

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “And the beancounters shall inherit the earth”.
    Just enough to be buried in. No more. No less.

    • Ed Brault

      “I’ll grant them six feet of earth when the time comes”–Col. Sapt of Ruritania

      Zar Belk!

  • Kafiroon

    They way our govt. spends money, I do not think they have any bean counters, unless it is for something that would actually help us citizens. Then it’s “That costs too much. Cancel it.”

    • Bill G

      A sad truth.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    BTW, just what IS the autonomous range of any of those Boston Robotics devices before recharge/refuel/whatever?

    • JSStryker

      Maybe they use some of the beans to power themselves?

      • JTC

        Hey if beanpower can blow a hole in a submarine, should be able to power the dawgs to get the beans to the Marines. Parlez vous?

  • kadaka

    How are we going to save the planet from GlobalClimateWarmingChange in 11 1/2 years if they’re encouraging soldiers to release methane in foxholes?

  • Tagg

    Yeah you cant talk beans without a fart coming up for discussion. Here comes the flatulence jokes.

  • Man’s best friend.

  • Punta Gorda

    How did they get a valid mode for the transponder.

  • Pamela

    What happens when you rub their bellies?

    • JSStryker

      You try it, I’ll stand over here at a safe distance! 😀

  • JimK

    He may not get the bean counter vote but he’ll surely get the GI votes.

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman


  • GWB

    Now, THAT is supporting our troops! 🙂

  • interventor

    Can it bring coffee, too?

    • eon

      With a built-in warmer, I’d say no problem. Definite improvement over the old Mermite can.



  • kadaka

    I’ve been listening to network TV News spin the tariffs on China as a financial ‘semi-crisis’ impacting Americans on just about everything.

    I’m very concerned this reveals how dependent we are on Chinese imports for so many categories of things, including foodstuffs, which gives China a huge militarily strategic advantage.

    The one hypothetical retaliation mentioned was ‘And what if China told their people to stop buying iPhones?’ If they can do that, selectively target with total bans, then they can selectively decimate our economy. The networks’ unspoken implication that we should hurry up and placate China before it gets worse, is not the compelling argument they think it is.

    • DCE

      If they told them to not buy iPhones then wouldn’t that put a huge dent in Foxconn’s earnings and cause them to lay off thousands of Chinese workers?

      • kadaka

        Foxconn is a Taiwanese company so beating them up would be a pleasant bonus. China is ramping up their “social credit system” so there will be no complaints from amongst the proles.

    • Doggo

      We are the world’s greatest exporter of food. Nobody else comes close. In fact, the farmers are the market segment who is getting hurt the worst by this tarif tit-for-tat. Unfortunately, China is the world’s number 1 source of mouths to feed.

      • kadaka

        One import from China mentioned was baby milk formula. We’re trusting one of the top sources of counterfeit and mis-formulated medicines and supplements and even foods, to feed our babies.

        Now what’s it going to take to commercially allow what’s already done less formally, and let screened and tested women sell their milk to a responsible distributing agency? You can sell blood and sperm, why not feed the (non-sensitive) babies with real human milk instead of Chinese formula? Made In America By Americans!

    • Don’t grant a foreign power more power than it has. At best the Chi-Comms can temporarily inconvenience us as a nation. We ourselves on the other hand can destroy everything America ever supposedly stood for.

      Anyway the American govt. has been building this up for many decades, hoping to build up China and others as a way to get at us, to ruin our sense of independence and our confidence, to get us into such a state as to beg for compromise, to make us even weaker, and thus have us cheering for that very process of compromise which has been eating away at us like a cancer.

      It’s all about that globalism, that ecumenical movement, with all roads leading to Rome.

      The enemy has known all along that a noble, principled, confident people, holding to God’s law, can never be overthrown, so it’s always about promoting compromise, “open-mindedness” etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum, until all the world believes you’re a total Nazi unless you embrace compromise (of Christian/libertarian principles specifically) as the ultimate state of enlightened being.

      • JTC

        I doubt anyone here would disagree with any of that.

        But those roads to Rome are all paved with money and bad intentions, and Rome itself is the pot of tainted gold and power.

        Always follow the money Lyle. That’s not compromise, that’s how you stop them from getting to the gold and power before we do.

  • JTC

    What was it Cramer from Mad Money said? “They need us a lot more than we need them.”

    That is the foundation for any deal on any scale, and of course the artist of them knows that better than anybody…except maybe the chinks.

    Doesn’t mean there won’t be pain and a price to pay…and Trump has already announced temporary support for our most critical industries like farming. One difference is their paroles will complain about it a lot less than ours…out of fear of their gov. Thank God we haven’t reached that point, yet.

    Support your President now, or answer to theirs later.

    • JTC

      I usually hate auto-correct…I wrote proles but the ‘puter’s changing it to paroles is pretty funny and not completely inaccurate. 🙂

      • Chris Muir

        I really liked the Gollum one.

    • John

      Our former “vice” President was, and apparently still is, in the vanguard of giving away our intellectual property for the privilege of shipping our jobs overseas and paying a few bucks less at WalMart. While the MSM was busy manufacturing a case against the POTUS as a Russian Puppet out of whole cloth, Joe Biden has proven himself to be an honorary member of the Chinese Communist Party.

  • Kafiroon

    With Javier’s hacking skill, I imagine the Dawgs were set to scan for codes and mimic.
    The “people” now claiming they are “running” for office are calling me (maybe among 50% of the country) some very nasty names that are generally worse than deplorable.
    The presstitutes are happy to “report” these “code” words to identify what we are supposed to be. There are so many that I cannot keep up with them all.

    • Pamela

      Add the African swine virus killing all their pigs….

      • interventor

        Exactly, M’dear! He said, in a swinish manner!

        • interventor

          Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

  • interventor

    Its China that will feel the most pain.
    US imports from China 2018 — $539,500,000
    US exports to China 2018 — $120,300,000
    USA GDP 2018 — $20,494,000,000
    US imports from China 2.6 percent of US GDP
    US exports to China 0.6 percent of US GDP
    Percentage China’s exports to USA in 2018 – 18 percent of China’s GDP.

  • THIS is the US of A. We will win. We always have, we always do, we always will. It may be one of those “oh shit” moments for you, but just hang on. We WILL win.


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