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  • Merle

    Blinky & Chucky – now there’s a pair to draw to…… 🙂

    • TomZ

      Better to discard them.

      • Interventor

        No!No! No! Those two ensure many more conservatives voting.

    • Bill G

      Draw and quarter?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “working whites”. Both classist and racist.

  • JTC

    Two awesome, topical strips every. single. day.?

    Dude, you’re a machine.

    • Grunt GI

      WOOHOOO, and we thank you!

      Redvolution nearly every day!

  • WayneM

    Sadly, the wacky leftist mindset seems to have infected almost all western nations.

    The antics of Justin “Little Potato” Trudeau speak for themselves.

    Ontario is Canada’s most populous and previously economically strong province. Our version of California’s Gov Jerry Brown is a lesbian named Kathleen Wynne. After years of deficit spending, escalating taxes and nonstop union=loving, businesses are shuttering their factories and people are being forced to choose between heating or eating. Wynne’s response? Raise taxes to try to buy more votes by offering free shit.

    Luckily there is an election this year and unless the conservative party manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again (this would be the fourth time), Wynne and her ilk will be tossed from office finally…

    Hopefully, the same thing will happen to Trudeau in 2019 during the next federal election as well.

    • Henry

      If your conservative party is anything like ours, putting them into office won’t be a victory, just the same perdition at a slightly slower pace.

      • WayneM

        Henry, the reason the Liberal Party of Ontario retained power of the past 15 years is the Progressive Conservative Party (seriously… the name says it all) kept appointing leaders who pretended to be conservative long enough to get their hands on the reins, then suddenly discovered they were liberal-lite.

        Given a choice between liberal and liberal-lite, the electorate went with the devil they knew, so to speak.

        That being said, Kathleen Wynne is extremely unpopular in the polls as she keeps pushing the progressive agenda in the public’s face, day in and out. She’s trying to win by securing the “Free Shit” vote and inspiring those young enough to have a vote but no life experience.

        Wynne went so far as to campaign (even though the election hasn’t technically started yet) at a college where she told the students that they absolutely needed to vote… otherwise older white voters would win.

    • Fronk!

      I have a cousin in Toronto who’s active in conservative politics. He has voiced the exact same sentiments as yourself, practically verbatim…

  • Pete231

    Were the producers thinking of these two cretins when they came up with the idea for the “Gong Show” ?

    • Fronk!

      I’m pretty sure these two cretins were inspired by the “Gong Show”.

  • Ozymandius

    I keep saying “nobody could be that stupid” , and they keep taking it as a challenge..

    • Fronk!

      Good handle!

    • Pamela

      Ozy ~ It’s the DRUGS. The DRUGS is what done and gone rotted out their brains. Though the amount of surgeries and regular Tox sessions have contributed a scosche. I wonder if we can use the Wayback Machine to when Shakes first entered Congress and do a comparison of facial changes, mannerisms, speech patterns and clarity of thought.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        If you’re going to use the Wayback Machine, might as well put it to good use and prevent upChuck and Pelousi from getting elected.

  • Bill G

    Two of a kind. And these jokers are going wild.

  • Tagg

    I can never understand what kind of people keep sending these kind of people back to the house and senate. You have to ask your self, “WTF?”

    • Mike Mulligan

      …and you be just as correct as Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…Day by Day….

    • Roland Deschain

      The same uninformed that keeps re-electing McLame, Lindsey Grahamnesty, etc. They are duped into voting the same way through slick marketing and political bullying.

  • Delilah T.

    Is that ‘we’ in the royal sense, or do those two have a mouse apiece in their pockets?

    I keep looking for the wind-up keys….

  • Fronk!

    Today’s strip is an instant classic. Thank you for everything that you do Chris!

  • GruntGI

    So I heard a radio jock today say Trump should indeed send every last one of those border crossing invader barbarians to California…sounds like a damn good idea to me. Let ol’ Moonbeam keep bankrupting his state with illegals…

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a revolt not happen between California and the US but between regular Californians (if there are any left) and the one-party dictatorship in Sacramento?

    I am seeing some rumblings that there just might be a revival of the so-called Republican party at the state level…maybe those people have had enough of the lunacy…

    Fun to watch.

    • John

      Things in California are not going to change that easily. They’ve indoctrinated whole generations with their Regressive Left Lunacy.
      I’m afraid the People’s Democratic Republic of California is going to have to turn full Banana Republic before they come to their senses.
      I doubt that even occupation and reconstruction would do much good.

    • lurking

      Ya don’t get it. California plans on passing off the illegals as population in tge census to make up for the sane who got fed up and left. They need them to pad their numbers or they loose congress critters and fed money.

  • lurking

    As for the Redvolution link, it’s saved my butt a couple of times when my phone decides to dump all my shortcuts from the display. Usually I can find DBD in the history and I can navigate to the other strip.

    Guess I’ll have to adapt.

  • Jon

    “Ain’t we gonna bury ‘em, Josie?”

    “Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”

  • Every time I see those libtards, I get this feeling in my gut that it shouldn’t be illegal to kill such. Vermin, no license no limit.

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