Day By Day


  • John D. Egbert

    CM for the win! I got nuthin’ to top that!

    • nonncom

      Ouch…..take that, PC left….

  • JTC

    BRCC shirt, love it!

    • JTC


      And you say nothing good ever happens in SLC. When the libturds bus in the protestors the fun begins!

    • Pamela

      good coffee.

      • Good? Brilliant!

    • Gus Bailey

      Hear hear!

  • Too Tall

    Chris does a mike drop.

  • Kafiroon

    When you can’t beat your fellow boys;
    Then you feel like a girl.
    For the win!

  • Pamela

    Since they aren’t good enough to compete against the guys and win, they need to steal the future from the girls.

  • WayneM

    You know the old saying about the tail wagging the dog? When it comes to ACTUAL transgendered individual, it’s not so much the tail wagging the dog, it’s the last three hairs on the dog’s tail…

    The others who aren’t truly transgendered are simply assholes taking advantage of the current environment and using society’s compassion like a blunt instrument to beat anyone who dares challenge their nonsense.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The balled girls win nothing

    (of value).

    • Bill G

      But the soi disant elites who push the concept have gotten several steps closer to thoroughly screwing up our culture.

  • Peregrine John

    Dang. Shot straight to the… uh…

  • Randy

    Sam’s shirt is Awesome! Just saying 😉

  • PaulS

    Enjoying some BRCC product while reading, No catchy name, just a Flag constructed from various evil appearing weapons on this bag. 😉

  • Fronk!

    When somebody writes the non-fiction book: “The Decline and Fall of the United States of America,” today’s strip cartoon should be on the cover.

  • Norm

    BRCC was at the National Rifle matches at Camp Perry this summer. Thousands of black rifles being shot at distances up to 1200 yards, many mass shooting at paper target but nobody hurt. Anyway, these guys had the biggest, blackest, ugliest, nastiest looking military vehicle I’ve ever seen. I cruised their website for a picture of it, but no joy. Quite impressive. I think the armored tires were around five feet in diameter and had at least twenty lug bolts in the wheels. It was a real monster with just a small, white BRCC logo on the side.

    • JTC

      From your description I’m guessing you don’t mean this one…this is their “coffee truck”, pretty badass but it seems comparatively tame to what you saw?

      We have a few pretty good info miners here that might be able to find it, kadaka comes to mind…where you at k-man? 🙂

      • kadaka

        LMTV: Light Medium Tactical Vehicle, as opposed to a Medium Medium.

        Looks like it, 19,000lb+ curb weight, outfitted here with street-legal 46″ dump truck tires and looks like enough room to put on some a foot bigger for special events.

        Local news just ran ABC News piece, GlobalClimateWarmingChange hitting Alaska hard. Fire season used to end promptly on Aug 1 but now it can run late. Spawning is disrupted because they’re getting river temperatures they weren’t expecting until 2069. Not those in 2065, or 2067, but all the way out at 2069. Damn, that Climate Science™ is exact!

        • JTC

          So same one I linked; like I said very cool, just seemed Norm was describing something a little more massive.

          Those climate alarmists should put down their circle-jerk “science” papers and pick up a history book.

      • Pamela

        What do they have under the hood and what can it do in the quarter mile? *drool*

        • JTC

          It addresses that in the YouTube vid…as I recall the quarter and the top-end are the same…57 mph. But with all that coffee you’d be buzzing at high speed all the time.

  • JTC

    Ball Boi:

    “But I FEEL like a woman, I IDENTIFY as a woman…I am the SAME as a woman!”

    Tell it to your mama.

      • Sam

        We don’t really want an answer to that question, do we?

  • Some states do allow homeschoolers to participate in high school sports, as long as you pay the activity fee. My son ran XC, nordic ski, and T&F. 12 letters and 3 all-conference.


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