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  • Fox2!

    Well, well, well.

    • Jim Smith

      Yes…well, well, well!

    • Jim Smith

      Yes…well, well, well!

  • JTC

    “using anything to escape…might be of my blood…”

    Plenty of weasel room there, will still be interesting either way.

    Weasel out of this one though; Presumably newborn baby is in hospital what gets blowed up but mama’s not there, or she’s there and don’t get blowed up which baby presumably does and either way she just goes about her bidness for 23 years?

    Not bloody likely!

  • Too Tall

    Luck is the residue of thorough preparation.

    Michael Yon and Emily Miller broke the story of the seven busloads of American University students THIS weekend and social media and the press did their damndest to bury it.

    Chris incorporates the story in DBD on the fly. There may be a few writers who are his equal at that, but none better. While encapsulating over two decades of the savage history of Islamic terrorism.

    More significantly and sadly,Mia Owens-Levy may become the most beautiful and lasting tribute the world has to those young women.

    You make us proud Chris, and supporting DBD probably does more to balance karma and advance civilization than any of us realize.

  • Too Tall

    Zed is impressive, but he married FAR above himself.

  • epador

    DNA samples are always appropriate to offer to you wife…. … may be doing that soon at me.cum.

  • DogByte6RER

    Sure, Mark Milley is a real US general … just like Milli Vanilli was a real 80’s band.

    Let’s just call him General Milley Vanilley …

    BTW … Sam ought to wear a sexy nurse outfit when she “extracts” that DNA sample.

    • eon

      Look at a photo of any of the U.S. flag ranks now, and they all look like Thoroughly Post-Modern Milley. Each one has a placard of ribbons on their left breast that rivals Idi Amin’s.

      I’m wondering what they’re for, as most are apparently Pentagon princes who have never ventured outside of the five-sided fortress since graduating from their respective academies. (Yes, every single one is a ring knocker.)

      They are real-life versions of Col. Freeman Olds from A Deeper Blue by John Ringo.

      I’m now wondering if they have medals for Punctuality, Political Correctness, and Wokeness.

      And if these “generals” are being allowed to award such to themselves.

      clear ether


      • DogByte6RER

        All that fruit salad on those flag officers’ chests … they’re “participation awards.”

        Participation in what … your guess is as good as mine.

        These clowns all look like extras from a ballroom scene of the Rocky Horror Show …

  • JTC

    I have confidence in your ferret-family prowess my friend!

    “I don’t blame this young woman for using anything to escape…”

    Like a false claim of American extraction?

    Much like the busloads there it seems.

    And like Zed, who could blame them?

    But I sure don’t like being jerked around.

    As to TT’s reference to the real-time prescience of this little scribble of make-believe, this one is dang near spooky.

    How does The Muir do that?

  • James/G

    You all are far too optimistic.

    Remember, Zed has spanked Sam and Skye both for failure to accept the consequences of their actions.

    The DNA sample she extracts may be red, and not from his arm…

  • cz93x62

    Dealing with the wrath of a Castilian lass is plenty enough entertainment for yours truly. I would want NO PART of managing the wrath of a red-haired lady of Sam’s skill set.

    Lots of room for faux documentation and attribution this far in. We shall see what develops. I put a serial killer on CA’s Death Row in 1999 on DNA evidence, and helped lodge a couple others in that same ZIP Code with finds on a search warrant. Physical evidence handled securely is almost unassailable.

    • Pamela

      There are some Rules that should never be broken. Pissing off a Real Red Head is one of them. DNA is fun stuff, enlightening and down right dangerous sometimes. I found out that my people got around. Every place but Asia and there is 3% they have no clue about. Other thing is no cancer genes.

      Proper chain of custody is essential for any endeavor.

  • Halley

    After a 4-year near-total absence, we notice that the return of Islamic terrorism coincides with the installation of the illegitimate Junta in DC. …….

    • Bill M

      You noticed that too (along with everybody else here but not the MSM strangely).

      • JJ

        The MSM is paid not to notice!

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Zed married an engineer.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Off topic, but I’m sure of interest to DbDers. Conservative/Libertarians lost a great writer today. L. Neil Smith passed August 27th.

    Charitable giving is a great way to help carry on Lester “L. Neil” Smith, III’s legacy by inspiring positive change.

    In lieu of flowers, Cathy Smith and Rylla Smith suggested giving to Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Here’s why:

    “Please consider donating to Tunnel to Towers, which provides mortgage-free smart housing to disabled American veterans and Gold Star families. Alternatively, please consider supporting the editor of or contributors to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise”;

    If you’re interested in making a memorial gift in Lester “L. Neil” Smith, III’s name, you can do so here:

    Zar Belk!

  • interventor

    Congratulations, Democrats! Beijing Joe’s maladministration is the worst peace time cluster flute ever inflicted upon the nation. Every department head, military leaders, and the VP are paragons of politicized incompetence. Our allies, from NATO, to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Israel doubt America’s word. Only open collusion with our enemies could do worse. I thought Angela Merkel’s unilateral disarmament of Germany was the work of a stasi agent. Joe’s done much worse. If, there were justice on the Earth, every Democrat politician would lose in 2022 and 2024.

    • John

      Law Dependent Enhancement (LDE) is the West’s answer to the Culture of Corruption that destroys _every_ command economy.
      We were taken by surprise when the Soviet Union collapsed, expecting it would take a knock-down drag-out war to stop them. Instead, all it took was the ever-advancing chronic disease of corruption feeding on the “all powerful” State to do them in.
      LDE is our own version, and we can see it in its most advanced state in any big city dominated by the Democratic Party that pushes it for its own political profit.
      So far, the only solution to LDE has been outright revolution and starting from a clean legislative slate. What has delayed its deleterious effects so far is a wise electorate, but how can we have a wise electorate when the voters can’t even name those they supposedly vote for?

    • Kafiroon

      Finally got a chance to read that. Thank You.
      I’m too old for this shit, what a ridiculous fing idea.
      When do we start?

  • Richard

    Did all of you see that meme of Ike having his “fruit Salad” compared to Milley? One won a world war, the other just go back from an “Anti-White Seminar”.

    • eon

      Somebody once asked Ike what the three ribbons were for. He said one was for the first war, one was for the second one, and the third (Purple Heart) was for him not ducking fast enough once in the first one.

      Ike had a sense of humor. Truman had a sense if humor.

      Do you think Milley, Biden, or indeed any “post-modern progressive” has a sense of humor?

      clear ether


      • Pamela

        My Dad’s sense of humor ran to giving a little talk for the Sailors prior to Liberty. You come back with any sort of VD or other assorted critters and you will pay a fine in the amount of one weeks pay.

    • eon

      And they’ll seize the food and money and use them to support their own gunmen. And demand more.

      Somalia all over again.

      This lot never seems to learn, no matter how many times reality tries to get through to them.

      clear ether


  • James Gemind

    Off the ‘New Baby'(Babe?)topic, but so outrageous that it has to be shared. Fran Pelosi refused to allow the names of the thirteen fallen Servicemen be read on the House Floor, or for any Afghanistan Legislation be introduced;

    “The Democrats want to sweep this under the rug and move on.

    Don’t let them.

    Here are their names:


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