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  • steveb919


  • Pamela

    Ah… Who wants a belly rub…

    • Steve Peterson


    • Halley


  • PaulS

    Who’s a good girl! That’s right, you are! 😉

  • MasterDiver

    I’ll take a backrub!

    Zar Belk!

  • WayneM

    Hmmm…. bringing the whole gang together whilst the weather is still warm enough for a dip in the swimming hole…. although Jo could warm the water up if needed.

  • I upgraded the ‘About’.

    • JTC

      Got all the critters in there, masterful job, love the art!

      Got that beautiful flying SUV right too, perfect sweep and silhouette…I want one of them thangs, 18yo granddaughter has her private, just started sophomore year atSoutheastern University commercial aeronautical curriculum at nearby Lakeland Linder…she’ll be biz jet rated in two years and maybe by then I can save up the $30M!!! for a custom fitted one out of my SS and part-time gold/guns gig…right.

      Well maybe she’ll take me for a ride in one sometime…

      • JTC

        Sorry, only $10M not 30. So I’m sure I can scratch that up by then.

      • NotYetInACamp

        You can do it!

        • JTC

          With a little help from my friends?

          Maybe start me one of them go-fund-me things, watch those friends scurry…

          • NotYetInACamp


    • JavaMan

      Forgot Tabasco! 😉

      • JTC

        Could make a case that some of the ranch vehicles are real characters too…

        • NotYetInACamp

          Nice truck
          Nice cars …

    • Grunt GI

      Woohooo. Love the new “about” page.

      Very comprehensive.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The images have a good and fun emotive content.
        Yet another artistic style that works.
        I like them.

    • Too Tall

      Much improved!

  • kennyo

    Chris, just read your interview on The Remodern Review. Hope this grows the community. God speed and keep hope alive. Thank you!

    • Grunt GI

      Also read the interview.
      Glad to see your awesome adult art was acknowledged

  • JTC

    SCOTUS nom on the fast track, even the alleged R Romney wants a vote. absolutely no reason not to and every reason to hit warp speed on this.

    Yes I think we and DT will win again but who knows what kind of shit is going to hit the fan then, and the court will be critical. And if we don’t at least the new 51/2 to 41/2 split will provide some restraint on the socialist machine for a generation.


  • JTC

    Let me throw some props at Fla gov DeSantis who took an official hardass stance on rioting and defunding LE…”we will defund you!”. Backed up at the pressie yesterday with Flarduh’s favorite cornpone sheriff; Grady Judd might love the cameras (and the cameras love him!) and he might put on the twang a little heavy when he says things to the spooks like “we will kill you graveyard dead”, but when he goes on to say “and I tell my people in my county to be armed and prepared to kill you just as graveyard dead too…well then he’s got me and I’m glad he’s in the county right next to mine (where my old friend and customer Paul is now sheriff and while he might be the quiet type he carries and encourages the same big “stick” that Grady does.

    We’ve got some solid backing around here going forward, our state Supreme Court too after DeSantis was able to pack it, the Cuban chick has a solid shot as DT’s scotus choice, she would be excellent and checks off a lot of boxes

    Just saw the transcript of an interview of that which was damn. near. our gov a few years ago Contemplating three kinds of “treatment” and I shudder, unfucking real.

    • NotYetInACamp

      JTC. What you said shows the importance of voting, and helping or taking all like minded people you can to go vote.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Myth? Myth?”
    “Yeth? Yeth?”
    (couldn’t resist)

  • Great Job on the about page Chris!!!

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