Day By Day


  • NotYetInACamp

    Is that the frog talking? Or the young man?

    That young man may be having some grown up interests and curiosity for the finer things.

    • JTC

      I first read that as “progs”.

      I mean if anything could use some reprogramming…

      • cfm56dash7

        You could try reprogramming the frogs, but they just get ‘pithed.’

  • John M.

    SO many questions so little time – did he make the frogs self-aware and able to speak, or is Javier using them as semi-sentient drones that he can use for surreptitious investigations… I notice that both frogs are “scoping out” Naomi while ignoring Jan, and a Kid wouldn’t look at his mother THAT way, would he?

    • Jak

      How in the hell did you see that first frog? All I saw was t………

      • I had to go back to look for it myself.

        • John M.

          I confess, so did I…

  • WayneM

    I’m trying to not go full-on Alex Jones… pull apart my t-shirt while ranting about how they’re putting chemicals in the water… lol

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    ROFLOL!! Michigan Jay Frog.
    “Hello my baby, hello my honey
    Hello my rag time gal
    Send me a kiss by wire,
    Baby my heart’s on fire

    Errrrp errrrp errrrp errrrp”

    • Randy

      One of the BEST Looney Tunes Ever!

    • Pamela

      As if either of the ladies would ever be caught in rags.

  • Kafiroon

    “The Finer things” in life.
    Asymmetric or not, always worth study and appreciation.

  • Ray Van Dune

    The prince inside that frog is dreaming of being a titular ruler of all that he surveys.

    • Too Tall

      Post of the day.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

      “ruler of all that he surveys”
      So said Yertl the Turtle. (h/t Dr Seuss)

  • Ahhhh, yes…..boys and their high-resolution optics carrying toys…. Summertime, when a young nerds hormones turn to lust..

  • Pamela

    Damon you need to be having a rather serious talk with your Son.

  • kadaka

    With CRISPR gene editing and rapid gene sequencing making it so easy, and our newest scientists trained with the ethics and morality that arise from mandatory service to the collective for the greater good, I wonder how many “improvements” will be released into the wild because the stodgy old people who already failed the planet would never allow these great ideas to disrupt their corrupt grip on power.

    “And with just these changes the E. Coli make all the vitamin C a person needs.”


    “Yep, all my friends I gave the capsules to have felt a lot better since. My cousin at Chipotle will be a big help with dispersal.”

    • eon

      Don’t be surprised if the next war is fought with super-viruses tailored to attack specific ethnic groups that progressives and Islamists don’t like.

      “Designer virii” could very well replace chemical weapons as the “poor man’s A-bomb” of the 21st Century.

      Of course, if their gene-sequencing isn’t perfect, or they let their “assumptions” about ethnicities override what DNA analysis actually tells them, this could backfire rather badly.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        What goes around comes around?

        But yeah, the trend in “bombs” is toward microscopic…unless, you know, Rocket Boy and/or the ayatollahs succeed in old-school oblivion first.

        Which they will of course if the leftists get their way for equal-opportunity maniacal destruction…no war at all per se, just the new Big Bang theory.

  • Halley

    Someone once said “The first rule of 150+ IQ is: Never tell anyone about 150+ IQ.” Sound advice, not that I would know.

    • JTC

      Used to love to fuck with the ones that would wear their little Mensa pins on their lapel…a good indicator that they are among the ones who failed to learn the lesson that “intellect” is irrelevant to logic, reason, and maturity. A few leading questions and comments would always leave them red-faced and sputtering.

      Mean? Kind of, but so much fun.

      • John

        The existence of Mensa is proof positive that intelligence and wisdom are too often mutually exclusive.

    • Andy

      You don’t have to tell anyone, they’ll figure it out on their own in due time. You tend to miss out on management positions for their fear of being displaced… Nothing to keep a person from running their own small business while working in the corporate world for the benefits, however. Also gets you in line for retirement.

    • Pamela

      Many years ago I was informed that my son was not all that bright and would require a “special” school. He was not meeting any of the “milestones”. After the meeting, while waiting for testing paperwork, my not so bright son came walking out with some of his friends. I was listening to their conversation and discovered that he was speaking Vietnamese to one and Spanish to the other. The school shrink and his teacher were extremely apologetic.

  • Precision270

    The actual truth is never tell the person who has a +150 IQ that they have it. At least not until they have mastered self restraint and are past the teen age years.

    Someone failed me on both parts of that. But I turned out ok, or something. A few beatings in each direction seemed to level the playing field.

    • MasterDiver

      The lesson of the Krell!

      • Saaruuk

        The Monsters of the Id.

        Excellent ref. 😀

    • Andy

      Not so funny story, but some may find it amusing.
      My mom, on her deathbed, passed on some advice as an attempt to help me out. She started off with, “Andy, there’s a small dividing line between being a genius (at this point I expected to hear her say, “and a madman…”, nope…) and an asshole.
      Not much surprises me at this age but I have to admit that took me back a step or two. So… out of respect for my mom, I’ve tried to tone it down a notch or three. Like Gallagher (the comedian) used to say, “When ya see stupid, ya HAVE to point it out!” Not such a big hit in meetings…

  • Pete231

    Ribbet !!

  • CuriousB

    Not to be off topic, but it appears that Chris is under a mandatory evacuation. All of Brevard County was just notified. So I guess we have to be patient if we have a couple of dark days on the toon.

  • Halley

    Wondering if Naomi has ever adorned the high eye-queue beaches of Tel Aviv? She’d certainly fit right in…

  • kadaka

    National Hurricane Center periodically-updating “Hurricane Dorian Public Advisory” with many other useful links is here. And going by the models the hard right turn is happening but Florida is far from safe. Those certain indicators of impeding GlobalClimateWarmingChange doom and devastation are expected with many telegenic images of flooding and standing water to be on the broadcast TV news for days to come, the ones known as king tides.

  • Too Tall

    WRT Dorian, I urge all our friends in Florida to be careful, please.

    I can’t afford for my wife to attend 27 Baby Showers in June because you lost power.

  • Florida Man

    Don’t worry, Too Tall. What with the rise of Smartphones and iPads, most of ’em will be too busy taking selfies in front of the hurricane winds (and later, hurricane damage) to engage in the finer things in life.

    Hurricanes do tend to bring out a lot of frogs, however. I will never look at those amphibians the same way again.

    • kadaka

      “taking selfies in front of the hurricane winds”

      Yep, news crews and civilians will be rushing out when the sky gets dark waiting until right before it hits, hoping for that trophy shot for their albums they can share for years: The picture of Dorian, gray.

      • WayneM

        I saw what you did there… lol

    • kadaka

      “Your current account…does not have access…”

      You should probably stop posting links to what is apparently the editable page you see when logged in. You can install a different separate browser that doesn’t share logins and cookies to be sure you have the “public” URL, like Firefox if you’re a Chrome user, to stay logged in on the main browser while getting the correct address on the other.

      • JTC

        Yep, like I said below I’ll blame it on the Old Fart Syndrome…maybe I need one of those Mensa geeks to help me out. 🙂

  • kadaka

    Thoughts and prayers requested.

    Gunman reportedly at large in hijacked mail truck in West Texas; Multiple gunshot victims reported; Update: One suspect shot and killed

    7:12PM EDT Update: One suspect, now dead, two vehicles used. At least 3 officers shot. At least 21 civilians shot, 5 dead.

    6:22PM: “Beto O’Rourke, who’s going to buy back everyone’s AR-15 when he’s president, is already campaigning:”

    And at 4:44PM before the shooting started, Cory Booker promised on Day One of his presidency he would use Executive Action to crack down on gun manufacturers and gun sale loopholes.

    Scammers are being marketed as saviors until they believe their own press releases. I just want to help people. Please pray for the families.


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