Day By Day


  • JSStryker

    A T-1000? Oh dear!

    • eon

      Well, they are going to need a nanny soon.

      If she looks like Kristanna Loken…



      • Merle

        now that just might cause trouble on the home front!!!

  • The Schwartz be with us?

  • Henry

    OMG… Portago sent them a Stargate? 🙂

    • Pamela

      Does it come with the dial home device,,,

      • eon

        It took SGC three years to MacGyver one from scratch according to then- Capt. Carter.

        Javier probably just made it an app.



    • Fox2!

      But it’s been engaged more than 37 minutes.

  • John T. Block

    Ok, Chris… What the actual fuck are you cooking up?

    • Punta Gorda

      Betcha it’s that polyalloy Shtick. You know, the one that can change bust size to fit the occasion…

      • Fronk!


      • John

        I never bought the polyalloy explanation.
        A much more plausible approach is nanobots.
        At least in theory they could be so small that they could act much like a liquid and do the T-1000 Shtick too.

  • WayneM

    I should have seen this coming… but then no-one expected the Spanish Inquisition…

    • gruundehn

      I was just watching that episode last night! Ha Ha, and yet again Ha.

      • WayneM

        Well done, Cardinal Fang.

        Did you watch the episode, Cardinal Biggles? Cardinal Biggles??

  • JTC

    Well if it’s exposed and she’s touching it, can’t be the LH2 I speculated about.

  • Nano-bionic Terminator? Damn! And I have to agree with the Kristanna Loken thought…

    • TomZ

      What about taking the shape of the one that touches, and therefore activates it?


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