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  • Wayne R.

    Way to go, Chris.

  • B Woodman

    “Wasn’t them emails gummint property?”
    Not really. The Gubbmint is supposed to doing The PEOPLE’S business. Therefore, the emails are the people’s property. Remember “transparency”? About as transparent as granite.

    Meantime, good shootin’ Chris. Always on target.

    • KenH

      The Feds own NOTHING
      The USAF doesnt own a SINGLE plane
      The USN doesnt own a SINGLE ship
      The USA doesnt…. you get the picture.
      About time they goddamned need reminding of that tiny fact

  • kadaka

    Now Wade, you can trust this government to provide you all the freedom you need. Namely the inalienable rights to pay all their mandated taxes and always have your vote counted as Democrat.

    • west_rhino

      Wade’s not dead yet, nor is he in New Orleans or Chicago, where enfranchisement is extended post mortem and that means they vote D for DEAD.

  • Abe

    With all the magnificent mammaries on display, Thank You, Chris Muir, it is somewhat interesting to see the observant Holsteins.

  • kadaka

    Those cows look familiar. Better check if they spray-painted on the ATF vehicle “eat mor chikin”.

  • Calvin


  • OM

    Cows look like Holstiens, not Herefords, or Angus. But then Wade ran a dairy….

    • David

      My cousins ran dairies, and those were some real men. Twice a day, rain or shine, those critters HAD to be milked.

  • RegT

    Government emails on government servers are supposed to be subject to FOIA request. The destruction of that evidence is a crime, withholding that evidence is a crime, and the oxygen that 99% of our government wastes _should_ be a crime.

    Can’t tell if Abe is talking about Holstein mammaries or human mammaries. I’ve pulled a few of both, and I’ll stick with human, thanks 🙂

  • faeroe

    I am wondering about the reference/source for the sheriff. He reminds of Burt Reynolds circa 1973. Bringing in the sheeves…

    • MRADShooter

      The sheriff kind of reminds me of a young Skeeter Skelton.

      Skelton was a sheriff/gun writer back in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

    • Chris Muir

      You dawg! I AM patterning his look after early Burt Reynolds.:)

      • David

        Sweet Chris! That was the Burt of my youth, the macho tough-as-nails no-one-scares-me Burt. Now if he sits around the pond in that Cosmo pose……

      • Except, wasn’t he the Bandit and Jackie Gleason was the Smokey sheriff? 😉

        • bill

          Or floating a river with banjo music in the background…..

          All the feds on Wade’s place bring a whole new meaning to “squeal like a pig”.

      • Buz Ozburn

        LOL…. Yep, Reynolds played a Texas Sheriff in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” movie. Very funny. Loved the scene where the Gov. was dancing & singing about “Doing a little 2 step”. Chuckle

  • Bill G

    Possession? Yeah, most of the government has been possessed by the Demon of Statism.

  • PaulS

    “The Demon of Statism”: Statan

  • And the heat gets just a bit hotter in theahalls of power !!!
    Great one Chris.
    Avid fan !!!

  • Gideon Reed

    When I was a kid I had Milt Caniff and Walt Kelly. Now I have
    Chris Muir. Thanx

  • Wayne M

    I wonder which email database Zed got access to; the ‘official’ one or private ones like Billary used for gummint work?

  • rooftop voter

    I’m thinking Chris could weave a really good sidebar where Zed gets in contact with Anonymous to release the emails………… That could get really interesting.

  • Steve B

    Am I seeing things or does the Sheriff have a two gun rig?

  • texrider

    Holsteins??? really Chris, holsteins on the range in the big bend? At least put in a brahma tiger stripe cross or a hereford but not a holstein.

    • Chris Muir

      yup,I got it wrong…think of ’em as tourist cows.

      • Pamela

        I didn’t know there were snow cows.
        Where are their winnebago motorhomes?

  • What difference, at this point, does Hillary make???

    • Don’t count that b*tch out yet. She’s got more lives than a cat.

  • JTC

    Sheriff Tucker? Dang, I coulda sworn that was a TexMex lawman; you won’t find a leo with a harder line on illegals whether from Juarez or DC. Kinda like the Cubans I worked with at U.S. Sugar in the 70’s; conservative as they come, they hate them some Marielitos and sure as hell want no relations with Castro’s Cuba. Real Americans with a somewhere else heritage, just like I figured about the sheriff.

    But I’m good with Gator McKluskey; he was doing his thing onscreen at the Glades Drive-in while I was doing mine in the backseat of Mom’s Fury III…oh youth, where did you go?

  • Leo AutoDidact

    As there just seem to be a few of the Holsteins, it’s likely they are “House Cows” kept in a fenced pasture near the House for raw Milk for Family use only. The Brown ones are the “Beef Critters” raised for cash who’d range more freely.

    My Parents pastured Holsteins on 25 Acres in Southern PA from weaning to their auctions at about a year or two old, depending on the market.

    NO brains in their, folks! Solid Rock to the back of the Skull. (Apollogies to BOC.)

  • Pamela

    Both Gentlemen carry themselves well.

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