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  • B Woodman

    Ungrateful SOB pendeho. Wade and the sheriff COULD have let the snake bite him. After all, HE was intruding on the snake’s home territory.
    And the sheriff’s right. No ride for Mr Pendeho. He walks until he gets cleaned up.

    Maybe Wade can take Mr Federale Pendeho’s shoes, so he can walk stockingfoot across the desert. In the time that it takes to walk to the ranch, it might give Mr Pendeho a new perspective on attitude, and neighborliness.

    • What’s the pendejo got that a decently fastidious snake could want to bite?

      Snakes are particular that way, ain’t they?

  • Wayne M

    Chris, it never ceases to impress me how you manage to weave daily headlines into the story arc. Green tip ammo, indeed.

    • JSStryker

      I note that the ATF has temporarily backed off on the green tip ammo due to an outcry from congress and others.

      Great arc Chris!

      • Temporarily….

        • Wes

          Correctimundo. They’ll be back; already did it to 5.45×39 last year. Moral: No excuses, whatever your platform is, get sufficient food for it now before whatever becomes the latest drama.

          Nice touch Chris with Holsteins in the background. Got milk?

    • rooftop voter

      You know, growing up on the farm taught us certain things, such as pigs are so smart they are dumb.

      Walk up to the pen they crowd up to you thinking you have food.

      Smack ’em on the nose and they scurry away, only to return in a few, not learning their lesson. This can actually be quite entertaining, until you tire of the game. They, not playing a game, but acting on their nature, will not stop.

      They only way to correct their behavior is a permanent slap.

      And yea, the Government, ATF included are pigs.

      • west_rhino

        well, that’s why Pavlov used dogs, not pigs or cats…

      • Drumwaster

        “If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side.” — Orson Scott Card

      • observer

        Pigs have their uses. Ask Henry Bowman in the book UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

  • interventor

    Definitely have to find a cattle watering tank or pond to refresh the ATF before he rides in the sheriff’s car. Guess he could ride as a passenger in the ATF vehicle — still handcuffed, of course.

    • JT

      Put down a tarp and let him squish on the way in to the station.

      • interventor

        Perhaps a nice pink jump suit.

  • Rick

    Woodman, a rattlesnake won’t bite an ATF’er. (Professional courtesy.)

    • Crotalus

      Well, THAT was insulting–to the snakes! 🙂

  • David Gonzalez

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to learn that The Host has perused a recent column by Backwoods Home Magazine’s gun guru Mas Ayoob, said column dealing with the dispatching of diamondbacks and other desert denizen—some of which, although rattlers, don’t give the traditional warning to announce their poisonous presence (David said, alliteratively). : )

  • Morris

    The poor old snake was going to die either way – either shot or poisoning from biting the ATF guy…

  • Gee, does Rattlesnake taste like Chicken?

    • OpenTheDoor

      It tastes a little like chicken when hot, don’t let it get cold, it will never replace cold fried chicken in the pic a nic basket Boo Boo.

    • Charles

      Imagine a chicken with bones like a catfish and you’ll be pretty close.

    • interventor

      Prefer it with bit of seafood cocktail sauce.

    • west_rhino

      depends on whatcha use to make the chili or if you make sauce piquant (and use enough gator)

      ‘course old school notes that chicken tastes like rattlesnake

  • Bill G

    That’s a change the fed wasn’t hoping for.

  • Rattlesnake is quite good and does taste much like chicken. Birds and reptiles are related way back in time. When cleaned and cooked properly, rattlesnake meat can be easily separated from the bone.

  • MasterDiver

    Can we get Wade’s chili recipe?

  • Doug Dean

    The subtle Monty Python reference was amusing

    • GromitDog

      Monty Python?? …I guess I missed that one.

    • Unca Walt

      Me too.

      • west_rhino

        then go and change your armor…


        • Doug Dean

          When they regroup after their stunning defeat (at first) at the paws of the killer rabbit, Robin (Idle) remarks that he soiled his armor. When they have formulated the steps they will take, the first is for Robin to change his armor.

  • Paladin

    Anybody notice Greece’s Defense minister threatened the EU (GER) on Sunday that they would open the gates, and let Anyone from the Middle East into the EU. Not a good idea to threaten Germany… even though their army is unionized.

  • KenH

    Lissen up, bitchboy;
    cease talking
    Or I’ll strip you and stake you for the ants and buzzards….

  • RegT

    I’m with Bill’s comment on the last ‘toon, about letting the snake bite him. Then it’s no one’s fault but the thug’s. Chris’s way makes for a better story, but in a real setting, let the fool suffer. Maybe encourage the snake to bite him once or twice more.

    Isn’t it telling that so many LEO thugs these days shave their heads? The “skinhead, neo-Nazi” look becomes them. The days of the “peace officer” are gone, as pretty much every agency these days hires only those willing to abuse and/or kill the citizens they are supposed to protect. It was obvious back in ’95 when I got out, and it’s gotten worse since then.

    • Skinhead look lets the BodyArmor® balaclava slide on easier.

  • Marshall H.

    Is that a Month Python reference I see?
    (“Sir Robin, go change your armor”)

    • Chris Muir


  • Was the rattlesnake rushing the sheriff or did it just make a sudden “furtive movement”?

  • David

    Dear God I wish every county in the nation had a cop like this guy.

    • He’s elected , that’s why. We need to ban EVERY cop who does not serve under an elected Sheriff. They start voting bad sheriff’s out of office. It’s the only cure.

  • cb

    Stay way upwind Sheriff, waving that hat ain’t gonna help.

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    “Gamey Seasonings” makes chicken taste like, well, anything. In this case, Rattlesnake. Could add a little ‘Penguin’ to that chili too. (Thanks Will)

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