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  • WayneM

    Was there ever a time when truth made for a good political platform?

  • Spin Drift

    Cankles complete platform, “I have a vagina vote for me.” Please note that it worked for Barry twice.

    Vive La France
    Molon Labia

    • Chris Muir

      OK, I almost blew coffee on that!

      • Gideon Reed

        Aeschylus’s first casualty.

    • RegT

      It’s possible she did at one time (when she was sharing it with Alinsky), but I have my doubts she still possesses one at this late date. Total hysterectomy and sewn shut after having Chelsea (if she didn’t farm that out).

      With Huma, it isn’t about the sex – it’s True Love.

      (I think I’m making myself sick.)

      • Pamela

        Zofran for the nausea and Wild Turkey/151 Shooters for the memory wipe.

      • Bill G

        I’ve always figured that when the Hildabeast got back from her honeymoon and her friends asked her “Do you think you’re pregnant?” her response would have been “I hope so. I sure don’t want to have to do that again!”

    • Al T.

      “Molon Labia”

      That directed at BO or HC?

      • “Molon Labia”

        It’s just another snatch ‘n grab.

        • Uunca Walt

          Gawd! The level of back-and-forth here is esoteric AND eclectic.

          Literary asides from “nothing is as chickensh!t as a Second Lieutenant” (whose authority is recent is always stern) to Muir Street Latin*** for “snatch and grab”.

          Mongo impressed.

          ***Now THAT is eclecticism for ya. 🙂

  • Ryk E Lee

    Are the caption balloons wonky? Or is it just me?

    • DDS

      It’s just you… There are 3 panels; Anatoly is standing to the left of The Donald. In the middle panel, he is speaking from outside the frame to the left. In the last panel, The Donald replies from outside the frame to the right and Anatoly responds (though I doubt he gets the last word…LOL!).

  • xdcpd085

    Wonder if Naomi is hearing this little conversation? If so, Toly just might experience the power of the vagina vote first hand. Pissing off Col. Naomi might be suicidal…..

  • Brian H

    When in question or in doubt,
    Run in circles, scream and shout.
    Give them hell and fire a gun;
    Hoist the signal up: Well Done.

  • Somehow, I hope The Donald is keeping up with the strip. You, Chris Muir, are coming up with some of the most spot on shit EVAH!

  • Bill G

    Heinlein had Lazarus Long say that ‘In a mature society Civil Servant equates to Civil Master’.
    We’re a long ways down that road.
    At least the New Media is taking us a bit back up the road from the place where Truth is only what the LSM says it is.

    • SteveInCO

      The exact quote is

      In a mature society, “civil servant” is semantically equivalent to “civil master.

      (p244 of my paperback of Time Enough For Love.)

      But you definitely had the sense of it.

  • GWB

    Did they bring him more than one cookie, or is Donald a particularly slow eater of Oreos?

  • NotYetInACamp

    I ran across this quote:

    “Titles are shadows, crowns are empty things; the good of subjects is the end of kings.

    The world has returned towards a rule by kings and declared centralized specialists who are unelected and who rule by fiat to whom the good of subjects is not their main concern.

    Public servants is a phrase that I have heard uttered few times as of recent, and, never with real meaning of what it should be.
    All public servants are now masters. Public officials have been sent out to harass the masses (See the Declaration of Independence). These officials have been deemed to have the superior knowledge. Progressive ideology requires centralization of power, and few strong citizens, so as to control vast populations by a few central decisions. that is why they worked so hard to centralize decisions, and to require specialized permits and “education’ to make many of those decisions, so that the decisions follow their ideology (political commissars acting) and are very difficult to fight.

    The master / servant comparison can be made in that context.
    Properly presented, it can be campaigned on.

    Yet we return to the concept of “speaking in Hungarian” which is speaking with complete hard hitting candor. That is difficult to do all of the time. The at least 14 language groups of the united nations of the Austrian Hungarian Empire had that candor at it’s core. Equality of opportunity worked there. (So it was destroyed).
    “Speaking in Hungarian” has put Mr. Mrump in the lead so far in the Republican race. More have begun “speaking in Hungarian” as they see things, and they have moved up the list of favored candidates. Those who spoke in establishment have fallen, some out. Walker, Jeb, Marco, Christie, Lindsay, etc, have all suffered rejection by American voters because they did not speak as an American President must speak. Not always in Hungarian, but often enough. Those in power, if speaking in American, are servants of the Americans, while speaking with candor that we need. Without candor as part of society we must accept that the Earth is the center of the Universe around which all revolves, and that a nine year old has been determined by the profit to be old enough for sex with an old man. People do function, in a sort, in those societies. In my opinion they do not function well.
    Those who serve the state must be servants.
    Yet we need leaders who will be proper servants making hard decisions that must be made. I believe that Mr. Trump is capable of that.
    A continuation of the established political decisions shall be the end of us. We have been forced that far along the path of destruction by the specialized rulers so far.

  • Al T.

    Ironic as hell that implementing the whole master/servant role reversal thing hinges on attempted disarming of the master class, yet that attempt in itself has the effect of further taking up arms by the masters they would disarm, whereas a servant class that knows and stays in its place always results in a huge reduction in the building up of the master class arsenal.

  • Gideon Reed

    Just reflecting, about how there are are a whole bunch of pretty smart people hanging around here. Totally and inversely opposite of those souless moles that float or pile up in DC.
    I’m delighted to associate with you.

    • Uunca Walt


    • Pete in NC

      Yep. George Washington once wrote something to the effect that one should associate with your betters, and keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Which is why I don’t comment too often here! 😉

  • Pamela

    Server is a set of chains away from slave.

  • capn

    I don’t agree with ‘Toly on the server – Master thing. It is my personal opinion that a goodly percentage of women have been mind washed into accepting the propaganda if spoken by a woman or Feminist approved man-puppet.
    I dare him to try that line on his “Mate”.

    “get out the vote”
    It is the one thing we can do that doesn’t require bloodshed.
    Unfortunately I fear that it is too late for the ballot box and that we rapidly approach the bullet box situation. Got Ammo?
    As a veteran I don’t want to see it happen here in our country BUT if it must happen (and I don’t see how to avoid it if we seriously want our freedoms returned to us) if it must happen let it happen Now while I can be of assistance to my Republic so that my grand children can live in peace.

    On a different subject …
    The goodie package arrived in the mail and I am very pleased.
    Thanks Chris (thumbs up)

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