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  • WayneM

    There’s room here for a line about the prophet margin… lol

  • Scoutergreg

    Что у трезвого на уме, то у пьяного на языке,(“What a sober man has in his mind, the drunk one has on his tongue”) although ‘Toly is probably sober

    • Bill G

      In vino, veritas is an old Latin phrase. Checking myself on it I found that Wiki has a page of similar phrases which starts with that Russian one.

  • Al T.

    Some say he bypassed the electorate too.

    Wonder what would happen if a Republican did that?

    Oh wait, Bush ’08…He didn’t really but all the king’s hors and all the king’s men said he did.

    Imagine if the Donald wins…”Trump games system”, “Trump buys presidency”, “Trump trumps democracy”, etc. etc.

    • Bill G

      And if at some point in the process he decides to go away it will give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘trumped out’.

  • Al T.

    Bush ’00 dammit.

    • Jeb is not what we want, okay?

  • Spin Drift

    I thought Reggie Love was the middle man?

    Vive La France

  • Kafiroon

    No matter how our states say they will not accept these “refugees”, I figure the wannabe king will do it anyway.

    I need a new tool. A faster one.

    • GWB

      By “faster” do you mean “fully automatic”, perchance?

    • eon

      This AM an “immigration attorney” was on the local radio (from state capital, Columbus) saying basically “You have no power to stop us putting refugees wherever we want- but don’t worry, they’re all women and children and very well ‘vetted’.”

      The roughly 80,000 men from Syria between the ages of 18 and 30 who landed in NO last week apparently are women and children in disguise.

      Query; what sort of “refugee crisis” does NOT operate on the principle of “women and children first”?

      Answer 1; One from a culture in which only men are considered of value. Tribalist cultures, especially primitivist, violent ones, operate on this principle. Women and children exist solely for the benefits of the adult males. otherwise, they are considered without value. In a “lifeboat rules” situation, they are “left behind”, or discarded, as their “betters” save themselves.

      Answer 2; In such cultures, invading armies don’t generally bring the mama-san and the kids along. Generally, they’re looking for conquest, land, loot, and yes, women. “Rape, pillage, then burn” is the formula. (Yelling “YAAAHH, ALLLAAAHH!!” is SOP. “WAHAHAHAHAAAA, YOOGLLE!!” or similar word salad is optional.)

      BTW, 80,000 “young, fit men” works out to about four full-strength infantry divisions. Now landed at a major seaport with extensive transport hub capability.

      If you want to cause chaos and destruction in an enemy’s rear area, this combination is definable as a masterstroke.

      Putting it in the enemy’s homeland is definable as a strategy generals of the past could only have dreamed of accomplishing.

      It’s being done to us by our own Commander-in-Chief.

      Leading one to ask who’s side he’s really on. As if that hasn’t been purely a rhetorical question from the beginning.

      clear ether


      • Leading one to ask who’s side he’s really on. As if that hasn’t been purely a rhetorical question from the beginning.
        Hasn’t been a doubt in my military mind since 07.

        • Jean

          Was that 1907? 😉

  • interventor

    Reports of automatic gunfire and explosions in the St. Denis banlieue suburb of Paris. One of the 990 no-go zones in France.

    • Gideon Reed

      Sounds very much like a major theme of Season #1 of “Engrenage”.

      • Gideon Reed

        Wait! Terrorists Lives Matter?
        SecState John Kerry-Officer Krupke: “It’s the micro aggressions that done
        dood it” “Deep Down inside him he no good.”

  • interventor

    St. Denis is the one you see with his head under his arm.

  • cb

    Waiting for the Libs to set up their “Adopt a Refujihadi” website.

  • Iconoclast

    Interesting that the fruitcake governor of NH, maggie HASSAN, married to an ‘educator’ involved in CAIR, is the only dim governor to join the GOP on this. Then again, perhaps she is also the only dim governor seeking to replace a decent, albeit much too moderate in my view, sitting GOP Senator – Kelly Ayotte. Mags knows her baggage just got a lot heavier; between her husband’s co-religionists and the dynamic dingleberry duo of Cankles & ØbamØtollah, she’d be toast before she started, especially if there’s a fire-breathing Crusader at the top of the ticket inspiring Americans to recognize that jizzlam *IS* the enemy. Period.

    • “Moderate”. What horseshit is that? The *theory* behind the R party is conservatism. The actuality is seemingly far less. The Donald *speaks* things which appeal to the right. Let us pray he is real. I will be voting for him in the primary, fingers crossed. If he isn’t what he seems after all, I have a pretty full armory.

    • allen

      Hassan is running for Ayotte’s seat. she knows that her saying that she doesn’t want the refugees has zero bearing on if they come to NH or not.

  • Ed Woods

    “Liberals” should be lining up to sponsor and house a “refugee” at their own expense, shouldn’t they? Isn’t it their obligation as diversity loving, humanitarian Americans?

    • Unfortunately, “progressive” charity begins and ends with the government taking from us and doling it out to others. There’s no personal responsibility anywhere in their program – except for the responsibility to demand that government take more and “share” more. Demanding is all they know.

      • Otto Didact

        Years ago I had a lengthy forum discussion with several Europeans regarding charity. To a man they believed that tax supported “charity (i.e. government giving money to institutions which might be supported in the U.S. by voluntary donations) is in every way equivalent to voluntary donations/contributions such as we make here. The discussion was regarding the HUGE disparity between individual charitable donations in the U.S. vs Europe. The Europeans figure there is no difference between the government funding various charities with tax money extorted from citizens and individuals choosing to VOLUNTARILY donate their money to charities. They are statists and collectivists to the core of their DNA.

  • Bill G

    Obola has cut out the middleman, also known as the Rule of Law, also known as the Constitution.

  • TheOldMan

    If the feds want to bring in “Syrian refugees”, then they must place them in “sanctuary” cities. SF is an excellent beginning and the Castro district an excellent landing spot.

    • Perfect! Love it! That was why those there created them, right?

    • Kafiroon

      Hey Old man! That is a comment winner!
      Then “fun” would be had by all.

    • Gideon Reed

      Want to get Obama to stop the influx into the USA of potential ISIS terrorists
      in the guise of refugees?
      Just tell him that those being transported here will be on the S.S. St.Louis and that the persons being relocated are middle aged Jews. The door will slam shut. Rapidment. Must be Netanyahu’s fault anyway.

      • Gideon Reed

        It is not my place to educate nor to instruct anyone in personal expressions of opinion or trends and themes of comment.
        Howeve,r I personally wish to disassociate and remove mysef from the above remarks which I find to be offensive and not overly American in nature.
        If anyone wishes me to permanently leave this place of gathering, I will do so without delay but with great displeasure and greater unhappiness.

        • Spin Drift

          Exactly, it’s not your place to educate or instruct in personal expressions. That’s called PC censorship. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          Molon Labe

          • Chris Muir

            GR’s right, in this case.That fellow’s banned.Some blacks ARE truly ‘niggers’.Some white people ARE ‘white trash’.Who gives a rip.But here, we let the actions of such people speak for themselves.

  • Pamela

    So I take it that we can’t Lojack them, or use physical/chemical castration to preemptively stop the rapes and sodomy that follows in their arrival.
    No breeding with the females, reduces what can hold them here.

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