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  • Wayne M

    Heh… I wonder what Skye would say if she knew what Zed and the girls were recycling…

  • David E

    But I like reloading 9mm…now have them do some casting… 😀

    • B Woodman

      Only with masks and proper ventilation

  • John M

    I mighta known…

  • B Woodman

    Hahahahahahaa. I’ll bet Zed uses recycled lead tire balance weights for his hard cast boolits. GREAT way to recycle and keep lead out of the environment (temporarily).

    And Skye would absolutely hit the roof. Now THERE’S a sight I would pay good money to see. Drag up the chair, bring out the popcorn, pop open the brewski, light the cigar, sit back, and watch the fireworks.

    Maybe. . . . . just. . . . maybe. . . Skye would get so mad, she’d leave. Now THERE’S a happy thought.

    • JT

      If Skye left knowing what Zed was doing, she’d bring in the authorities. By her lights, teaching kids handle guns is massive child endangerment if not abuse.

      I’m waiting for when grandma and the babies show up. Politics is one thing, but Skye’s attitude (or lack of one) towards her children is appalling. I can’t think of any mom (regardless of politics) I know who could bear to be parted from her babies for even a few hours, yet Skye leaves her kids behind for days or weeks without a care.

      Grandma almost-certainly will have a few choice words about that.

      • Chris Muir


  • finebammer

    “Good reload, Mari. Do five more.”

    wonderful life lesson. the reward for a job well done is to be thrown right back in the fire.

    • Bill G

      “No good deed is left unpunished.”

    • Daniel in Brookline

      No, the reward for a job well done is to become expert at it, by doing the job well repeatedly. Zed understands.

    • Petercat

      “The reward for a job well done is a harder job next time”
      Ivan Vorpatril, “A Civil Campaign”.

  • Natty Bumppo

    “Aww, Dad. 9mm’s boring.”

    That is music to the ears of this father of two daughters!

    • Wayne M

      I hear that, Natty Bumppo… Only one daughter but she’s as loud as two!

  • Captain Ned

    Balance weights? Check. About 500 pounds in Dad’s garage, cast in Mom’s best cupcake pan (she was not happy about that appropriation). A full “cupcake” is about 2 pounds. Spent way too much time over a hibachi grill (and Mom’s old hose-based hair dryer) helping with that project.

    Mari needs to understand that straight-wall pistol loads are easy. I sure got bored churning out .45 ACP for Dad and that was on a single-stage press and old-fashioned batch processing, 50 at a time for each step.

    • Raconteur

      I’ve had the basic “rock crusher” for many years. A friend of a friend passed and asked him to take care of some his stuff. “Hey can you use and entire “rock crusher” setup? I think it’s reloading stuff. New in the box. ” My grandson is now into shooting. Nice entry present huh?

      • Norm

        Is that anything like the “Rock Chucker” that RCBS sells?

  • Dienekes

    Get the kid a Dillon.

    • Solaratov

      Better to start them out on the slow, one-at-a-time single stage press. It teaches them to take care with what they’re doing.

    • Phil Cooper

      Start them on a Lee single-stage. Cheap, accurate, and teaches them to focus on one step at a time.

    • Drew458

      Dienkes is right – Zed’s multi-stage press is the wrong color. It ought to be blue like mine. And, please, let it be the only progressive thing in his life!

      Hey Chris, you think Dillon needs a new cover model for the Blue Press?

  • Calvin

    Another zig instead of a zag.

  • “Aww, Dad. 9mm’s boring.”

    No, honey. 9mm is .45 ACP on “stun.”

  • J Sterling Price

    I agree with Mari. If she’d started with .38 Special, she’d have had crimp to consider, and thus case length, and thus the normal distribution of case length. Lotsa fun.

  • Outstanding educational material! Work them up to bottlenecks and all the details involved.

  • Kevin M

    You have no idea how much reloading I did for my Dad. 12 gauge. (1971 Vermont Trapshooting champion handicapped division). Hercules Red Dot shotgun. Wow. Did I ever get into trouble with that shit. I ordered a Mark 2 pineapple grenade from The Shotgun News and blew it open in my Mom’s garden. I had to sleep in the woods for a week before the cops stopped asking questions about the French Canadian couple next door.

    I actually liked them, too.l

  • Pete Z.

    Invest in rare metals…. Buy brass and lead !

    • B Woodman

      And copper.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Oh, yesssssss. Goodun!

  • HAHAHAHAH! 9mm IS boring!

  • Bill G

    Excellent practical knowledge. Unlike anything Skye would approve of.

    • Unca Walt

      Good point. Skye is fields ahead of other “womyn”.

    • B Woodman

      Skye, at one time, may have gotten a CCW, and bought (or more likely, been given) a pistol.
      BUT, given her actions up to now, there is no sign that she still has either one. Or that she WANTS either one.
      Soooo. . . count that time as a momentary aberration, a need of the moment, NOT a commitment to personal freedoms.
      Skye is still Skye, a womyn’s womyn, a Libtard’s Libtard, a committed socialist and “progressive” (regressive). As useful as teats on a boarhog. She is a shining example of what NOT to do.

  • Pamela

    9 mm is boring…

    Boring is hand cleaning and polishing the brass.

    • John Egbert

      Also hand priming . . .

  • Hey Zed, you need a babysitter? I’ve got a couple hundred rounds of .338 Lapua Magnum I could use help on lol

  • derfel cadarn

    This is the kind of recycling I can live with

  • Hungry Joe

    “Pezonovonti….a real .90 caliber.”

  • Petercat

    What the Greenies don’t seem to understand is that we hunters/shooters were into the good stuff- recycling, nature management and preservation, the whole green bag- long before it became a PC “cause”.
    The big difference is that when we addressed a problem, we cared about logic and results.
    When they address a problem, they care about feelings and intentions.

    • Captain Ned

      Show me a seasoned hunter/shooter that doesn’t police their brass.

  • Bill

    Seems like with a place that big and lots of moving varmints, 50 BMG to feed the Barrett would be time well spent. Next lesson can be sighting in and calculations for shots over a mile. Great math lesson……

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