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  • HCG

    As for the debate, TLDW. Read the reviews.
    I’m glad the Fox went after the candidates, but not thrilled with Fox’s behavior. Low blows… questions without context… taking way too much of the limited air-time.
    Hmmm. On the other hand, I guess I’m glad they did it (except for the air-time). The candidates must be able to defend themselves and provide missing context, because the MSM certainly won’t do it for them.

    • Very Disappointed

      What do Republicans expect of Fox News moderation? Cheerleading and support will not make Republican candidates more competitive.

      What Fox News did should serve as a serious wake up call to the candidates. Conservative should be grateful that Fox roughed up their precious little porcelain dolls and were so mean to poor old Mr. Trump.

      The candidates need all the prep for the MSM that they can get. You want a coach that challenges you, not one that does nothing but tells you how great you are.

    • Alan

      Exactly: rehearsal for the general debates. As it should be.

  • Jerry Owens

    Sorry, Chris: I just don’t get who’s doing the jousting?

    • Chris Muir

      The white knight Don Erickson of Redstate.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Ummm. Knights errant.
    Don Quixsandy

    • Bill G

      Knights errant is the plural. Eric is by himself in his knight-errantry.

  • KenH

    I’m sorry, some FOXRAT media douchenozzle is all asshurt because her master plan to be the RINO scumbag attack poodle failed miserably??


    Right up there with hoping Baaaaaaaaaaawwwwyy has fun

    • Calvin

      Maybe it’s my upbringing or Megyn’s looks but disrespecting her is this way is counter productive and plays into the progressive meme about that stupid war on women. If you’re going to go after someone, keep it professional.

    • Oliver Heaviside

      I doubt Ms Kelly is hurt. But Trump has shown what a class-less guy he is.

      • Bad Cyborg

        With the kind of money he has, who NEEDS class? Besides, isn’t socialism supposed to be bringing us the nirvana of a “classless society”?

        ‘Course they’ve already achieved their goal in Kali. Ever watched the Lakers lose a game? Total lack of class. Or sportsmanship. Or …

  • Right from the get-go with a show of hands that was guaranteed to show just one hand, the whole show was a concerted group effort to set up Trump; everyone on the dais, at the Fox table, in the audience, and at home knew that the opening was a trap for Chump, I mean Trump, and he obligingly took the bait.

    Of course it was Kelly with obvious hatred in her heart and “blood in her eyes” that went in for the kill…and not too successfully as it turned out.

    No doubt her Fox patrons and handlers were disappointed as they found it necessary to have their backup lackey Erickson do the disinvite today.

    The sheep in Fox clothing want desperately to continue the milquetoast mainstream GOP status quo, and Trump is a seriously disruptive obstacle to that agenda.

    • Evan3457

      Might? He’s obviously paying off the Clintons in advance to suck all the oxygen out of the room for the candidates not named Jeb Bush; they can’t get attention or money as long as he’s in the race. He’s the obvious stalking horse of the Clintons. How will he decide whether or not to run 3rd party? It has nothing to do with who the Republicans nominate or how. It has everything to do with whether Hilllary has a comfortable lead or not.

      Trump will run if Hillary’s in trouble; he won’t if she’s will ahead. As for whether or not the Clinton’s are clever enough, does the name Ross Perot ring a bell?

    • steveb919

      Amen brother!

    • That’s a fact. The Donald ain’t gonna be a soft target.

  • formwiz

    Erickson is a Libertarian blowhard who is more interested in making sure the Republicans he doesn’t like (and that’s all of them) lose than he is in making sure the Democrats lose.

    The farther we go along, the more I’m inclined to think The Donald may just be for real. Why else would so many different people be trying to destroy him?

    (and don’t tell me he’s some stalking horse for the Hildabeast; neither of them is that clever)

    • Evan3457

      That’s exactly what I’m saying; the only question is what goverment payoff Hillary promised to Trump.

      And how stupid he is for believing she’s going to pay up when the time comes in exactly the way and the total amount he believes she’s agreed to.

      • nonncom

        Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when slick willy was conversing with Trump before Trump jumped in…I wonder what the enticement was…Trump is a friend of the Clintons, no doubt….

        • Doctor Detroit

          The same people who are convinced that Trump is in cahoots with The Clintons seem to gloss over the fact that Jeb has been seen around Bill Clinton several times.

  • Roessel

    And neither egos would settle for second place.

  • Roessel

    I must admit that Erick’s response to the Donald and Megan smacks of the Southern gentility he was raised in. Except he spent his first 10 years or so in the ME.

  • Very Disappointed

    Conservatives are clearly demonstrating that they do not prefer a man (candidate) of clear morality, ethics, courage, good judgement and kindness.

    Instead they prefer a counterfeit, blowhard, crass reality TV star to be President of the United States. Conservatives go out of their way to defend this man while they ignore the candidate who embodies the values they say they stand for.

    Conservatives will put up the reality TV star against the KGB Colonel, simply because he is a blowhard.

    The film “Idiocracy” was supposed to be satire, not a how to manual.

    “President of America, Donald Comacho TRUMP!”

    I thought Idiocracy would come from the Left.

    • formwiz

      Troll as you are, this will go past you, but I have yet to hear any Conservative taking The Donald seriously as a nominee.

      Clearly, your objective is to get people to dump him and plod along like Mitch McConnell, but what people have no problem with is the schooling he’s giving the rest of the party.

      I don’t doubt that scares the Hell out of you since the Democrat nominee at this point will either be Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden.

      The closet Communist or the alcoholic, looney, corrupt Alzheimer’s patient waiting for it all to come out on national TV as he gives his acceptance for the nomination.

      • Very Disappointed

        Formwiz, if nobody is taking him seriously as the nominee, then what is he doing at the “adult’s table” in the “debates”?

        You mean, the “Trumpets”, or whatever Trump’s supporters are called, are not serious about him being the Republican presidential candidate? If so, could they please stop being frivolous? This is serious business.

    • jane

      Yes, and Hillary has such an abundance of morality, ethics, courage, good judgement and kindness? You’re very funny, intentional or not.

  • “Conservatives…do not prefer a man (candidate) of clear morality, ethics, courage, good judgement and kindness. Conservatives…ignore the candidate who embodies the values they say they stand for.”

    No, I looked really, really hard for Ronnie…not even a shadow was there.

    • Very Disappointed

      What do you have against Ben Carson?

      Trump gets the spotlight and the TV lens. Ben Carson is “not ready for prime time”?

      He has the moral fibre, courage and good judgement, and he is truly a political outsider.

      Give me a candidate of moral fibre, courage and good judgement over a seasoned politician, and certainly a crony capitalist.

      Your thoughts?

      Ronald Reagan was the man of time, 30 years ago. Unfortunately he has passed on, literally. We need to recognise and celebrate the attributes that we know make for solid leadership. Spending time celebrating Trump is making us blind.

      • I’ve said that of the lot, there are about six good veeps. Carson is one of those, Walker another, Carly, Rubio, whatshisname Ohio gov, and a wild card to round out the second-fiddle half-dozen.

        The rest would only be happy in the big chair, but none have what it takes.

        And if you think anyone here is actually rallying for President The Donald, you must have been reading a different blog and comments than I have.

        Yes, RR is gone, but somebody said they’d vote for his rotted corpse over any of this class of ’16…and I would have to concur. So far.

        • eon

          “whatshisname Ohio gov”

          John Kasich. He’s pissed off conservatives by expanding Medicaid in the state, pissed off progressives by 86’ing their cherished “3C City” (Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland) pseudo-high-speed light rail system (very much like Gov. Moonbeam’s in CA), and pissed off the GOPe and Dems both by sticking to his pledge to make the legislature cut taxes.

          No, he’s not a “movement conservative”. He just did his job and kept his promises well enough to get re-elected by a landslide over a D challenger who all the MSM was convinced was unbeatable because all his stars were aligned- and they were putting heavy shoulders behind his bandwagon.

          Not bad for a guy who, as a U.S. Congressman, was “John Who?” to 9/10s of Ohio’s voters when he ran against Ted Strickland. I doubt that very many of them had seen him on FNC.

          I suspect he would be a Calvin Coolidge style POTUS. Coolidge is reputed to have said upon leaving office that he considered his greatest achievement in the job being to get the U.S. government to mind its own business domestically while he was there.

          After eight years of The One!/ Activism!/Fundamental Transformation!/ WORSHIP ME OR DIEEEE!!!…

          …Maybe what we need is four to eight years of the government keeping its hands in its pockets and minding its manners.

          /just a thought

          clear ether


          • Yes, I saw those qualities; please the the comment of S. Hooks below and my followup for the qualities that are lacking and that relegate Kasich to a veep post at best.

      • Evan3457

        The 2nd Amendment and Carson’s limited support for it.

        • Very Disappointed

          Do tell.

          Would Ben Carson make it a priority to destroy the Second Amendment?

          • Evan3457

            No, but he wouldn’t make it a priority to defend all of it, either. And that bothers me. Your mileage may vary.

    • S Hooks

      I did see a glimmer of Reagan in Cruz, in the sense of fidelity to Constitutional principles, clear awareness and focus on the real world threats facing us, and a coherent set of specific steps and actions he would take to engage them.

      Unfortunately, where he falls short is the lack of maturity, experience and especially that charismatic presence, warmth, empathy and humor that enabled Reagan to bypass the establishment gatekeepers and connect directly with the people.

      Like you, I’m no Trump fan, but I agree that Kelly and the Fox panel disgraced themselves. There is a difference between asking “hard” questions and asking smart, relevant and important questions.

      • “…the lack of maturity, experience and especially that charismatic presence, warmth, empathy and humor that enabled Reagan to bypass the establishment gatekeepers and connect directly with the people.”

        Yup. Not a perfect man or the brightest bulb, but add those attributes you mention to these: belief in God and and His blessings of an America whose strength flows from her people not from her gov, the strength of conviction and the steely resolve to stake a position, unwavering in the face of enemies foreign or domestic, and you got yourself a POTUS.

        • S Hooks

          Thanks for adding the needed mention of those qualities of Cruz’s character I forgot to include. I agree that his moral and spiritual resolve coupled with his other attributes would give him the potential to be a great POTUS.

          It’s tragic that we as a people have degenerated to such a level that we’re, collectively, unable or unwilling to recognize and accept such men. They remind us of our own shortcomings, and in response we must drag them down our level, not rise to meet theirs.

      • Bad Cyborg

        Say what you will about Cruz but compared to His Imperial Majesty Barak 1st, he is the very MODEL of “maturity, experience and especially that charismatic presence, warmth, empathy and humor”. PLUS he can put two sentences together in a row without a teleprompter.

        I think Bobby Jindal would do a good enough job at the Resolute Desk, too, for that matter. I could vote for Cruze, Jindal or Carson without having to hold my nose like I have been since Uncle Ronald had to leave office.

  • LifeofTheMind

    At this point it is interesting that I have not heard a catalog of reasons not to like Gov. Walker. In other circumstances that might trigger a tin hat double reverse suspicion that a failure to attack him indicates that he is being set up by the Democrats and the RINOs to be the next Establishment Lamb, but given his history with the recall election that is a bridge to far. So Walker is probably for real and Trump may have done us a favor by sucking up the Democrats oxygen and absorbing all the arrows at this point.

    Who voted for Mr Erickson? Trump should hire a nicer hall, with better catering, and invite everyone over. Has anyone proven that anything Mr Trump has said was untrue?

    • Bad Cyborg

      DAMN! Knew I left somebody out in my reply to S Hooks above. Wouldn’t have to hold m’ nose to vote for Walker, neither. Only reason I was able to vote for McClain was ’cause if he kicked off we’d have gotten Momma Grizzly in as his replacement. Mitt? There the choice was hold my nose or “Four More Years!” (nope I didn’t like it when I helped Tricky Dick Mill-louse get HIS either) of BHO.

      You know, folks, I’ve been voting since I turned 21 in ’72 and the only time I DIDN’T have to hold my nose was in ’80 and ’84. ’00 and 04 weren’t too awfully bad but it still wasn’t a clear good vs bad selection like it was with Uncle Ronald. Bet the RINOS wish they hadn’t pushed the 22nd amendment through after WWII, now. Course if they HADN’T then His Imperial Majesty would have been president for LIFE! (And if that thought don’t give you nightmares then you got no imagination aye tall!)

  • NotYetInACamp

    We will not survive if Jeb’s policies rule.
    Trump has continued to point out a basic truth, we are being invaded by masses of non-citizens and they are destroying the nation and killing many. They destroy many American’s lives by pushing wages down further than the sucking sound that still happens did with all of the jobs that were sent out of the USA. There are so many other bad policies.
    Walker would be in the lead if he had said much or all of what Trump has said.
    To survive all of the invaders must be stripped of citizenship going back many years. Their presidents have supported them.
    Millions are now headed this way from all across the world.
    They have received Obama’s message of come here and transform (destroy) the USA and live better than you ever dreamed on its hard work built up wealth.
    Ted Cruz also gets much of immigration, as per Ann Coulter.
    The crime invasion sent by our enemies must be expelled. No deport stuff, expelling of the enemy asymmetrical troops.
    If Trump actually gets serious and does basic preparation, he may crush most of the people running.
    Moral questions? Against a democrat! Democrats have no morals. All for the cause. All they can get away with. They are not your father’s democrats.
    RedState hopefully will help in the solution and not wussy out like everyone did with never vetted Obama. Obama’s records still are sealed and destroyed. He has killed people well, as he once boasted.
    The issues motivate people more than the Democrat/Rino contingent believe. The Dem/RINO group has their progressive cause and people to (American) idolize as mao’s leading the cause. … Oh … F It.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Concerning morals and women actions questioned. ( Hillary and Debbie W-S’s War
    Did you vote for Bill Clinton….twice?”

    • Bad Cyborg

      Didn’t even vote for the scumbag (with all due apologies to scumbags everywhere) even once! So there!

  • I don’t listen to what they say – I look at what they’ve done – and there were only a couple of Conservatives up there.
    Trump has been a part of the machine, and bragged about buying politicians – while he was on stage – and, unlike a bankrupt company, America can’t just file for Chapter 11 when Iran goes nuclear while the ChiComs and Soviets are hacking the Pentagon.
    Fiorina was a so-so CEO, and has “changed” her positions too many times to qualify as “reliable”.
    Rubio’s a disaster on the border, and favors amnesty – just like trump, jebby, and too many of the others…he’s pure establishment.
    Kasich is another disaster – bloating Ohio’s budget by expanding medicaid (obamacare), and backing common core.
    Walker doesn’t do too bad, but he’s “evolved” on the border/amnesty.
    Lil’ Jebby Bush? Take everything you dislike about RINO’s, add a dash of leftist lies, a splash of la salsa, and that last name, and there he is…..complete dud round.
    Huckabee? Just another “big gummint” RINO, wrapped in a TV-polished preacher outfit.
    Carson is good people, but still too green for the Oval Office – foreign policy and economics, etc – but give him 4 or 8 years as a Veep, and I’d vote for him for the top slot.
    Jindal has a solid record, but he’s got to get more name recognition.
    Rand Paul is too much like his isolationist daddy – oceans no longer work to keep the bad men away – but I’d put him in charge of Treasury (or the FedReserve).
    Christie? NINE downgrades for NJ’s credit rating…..dud round x9.
    Perry? In-state tuition for illegal aliens. ‘Nuff said.
    Gilmore – former military intel – is looking for a slot running the NSA or CIA.
    Pataki? He says he’ll “work with the other side” – the battle-cry of the wimpy RINO.
    Graham …mccain’s butt-buddy – do I really have to say anything more?
    Santorum is a decent man, but he’s had his shot – America won’t vote for runners-up…….just ask romneycare.
    Cruz isn’t Mr. Electric, but he’s solid, and more than the others, he walks his talk …..and his talk is sound Conservatism.

    Based on past records, I’d have to support Ted Cruz.
    ….but the race is still young.

    • eon

      Careful, laddie, your “Protocols” are showing.

      clear ether


      • OpenTheDoor

        Somebody didn’t get the notice, this is an inclusive strip, eh?
        No sheets or Nazis brooked.

        • eon

          I’d say the “somebody” got banhammered.

          Well done, Sir.



  • Calvin

    Since this has become some sort of reality show, Carly has to move up to the adult table and someone has to be voted off the island. Given the performances that we saw, who should it be this round?

  • Bill G

    Trump has boasted of buying politicians favor.
    Trump’s friends have said that it was a phone call from Bill Clinton that made him consider entering the race.
    Trump is a long standing friend/supporter of the Clintons.
    With Hillary’s campaign slumping, her only chance of winning the election might be a third party candidate splitting the republican-Conservative votes
    What would Trump’s businesses gain from a President Hillary if he were seen as solely responsible for her election?
    This might be time to buy stock in Trump Industries.

  • Cliff

    Whose the loser? All three got big time press. Kelly, Trump, and Erickson. Red State Gathering went world wide. In the US politics has always been rough and tumble, no holds barred, hit below the belt and come up for more.

  • Catbert

    What? No comments about Jan’s come hither repose?

  • Chas C-Q

    Trump is the negative-image Obama, and a spoiler. Kelly’s sexuality is irrelevant to the topic “who and what is Donald Trump?” (Hint: not Reagan, by a long shot.) Ericson was right to dis-invite Trump, wrong to replace him with Kelly. That was grandstanding – just more sideshow.

  • epador

    Any candidate, who then becomes an elected official, is most likely a finial for the staff and backers that put him or her there. Its the ones that stand on their own that stand out, good and bad, that tend to become targets of the “establishment.” Trump, like Obama was in a different sense, is a Trojan Horse in the melee and so few seem to recognize that. Lets hope we recognize that before the real primaries start, or we stand to repeat history for not having recognized it.

  • Iconoclast

    I guess I must be an instinctive contrarian … I really felt / feel the Fox moderators’ approach was inspired, with multiple positive effects. Then again, I detest Trump, so I’ll simply counsel folks to remember this is a massive petulant ego barely contained within the thin skin of a bombast, and nothing more.

  • Pamela

    I say we just sit back, make some popcorn, have a cooler at hand and enjoy the show. Slick Donnie needs to get out of the way, go away, but not too soon. The Progs are really pushing for him to be the nominee which will give the Hildebeast a lock on the election.

    This Nation needs a President with moral and spiritual integrity, not 30 second sound bites and a finger pointing blame the other guy mentality.

  • rooftop voter

    I’m disappointed.

    How anyone could not say Trump is a serious candidate, or that he just needs to get out of the way, to me shows someone who doesn’t understand where we are, or how we got here.

    I will give you that Trump isn’t the best overall choice, Cruz probably is.

    But he is the best available candidate that can actually get the WIN. You can bark all you want, but without the PASSION of your supporters, you are a Romney, a VERY good man, probably the best qualified candidate that there has been since early in the last century, but wholly unelectable even running against the very worst president this country has ever seen.

    Finally, we have the choice of a man with executive experience in spades, and should you doubt that, think of it like this, his companies are larger than many states annual budget, and if he screws up, he doesn’t have a taxpayer to fall back on to bail him out.

    When you get someone who can communicate a clear, mostly good message and have the people respond as they do to Trump, it is very foolish to try and cut his knees off.

    I will say this, I will NOT EVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER RINO.

    I WILL throw my vote to the Constitution party rather than vote for another Romney.

  • John M

    KnightS Errant?

  • BeetleJuice

    Karl Denninger at has two different articles, both from Aug 8th, about the Trump – Megyn Kelly – RedState kerfuffle.

    Short version: The folks who “heard” anti-woman-sexism from what Trump said are demonstrating that the ‘anti-woman-sexism’ is IN THEIR OWN HEADS. What they heard isn’t what he said.

    Also Megyn’s attempted “gotcha” and RedState’s attempted “Donald Trump Is No Kind Of Candidate For Decent Americans Like You” have fallen flat.


    More popcorn, please. Maybe at some point the GOP (Gutless Opposition Pretenders) will come to realize they Are Not The Boss of Us (conservative voters). (Or, maybe they won’t find out until The Party of Stupid is a footnote in the 2016 history books.)

  • Don’t be so easily fooled, people. Trump is self-promoting carnival barker who, up until a few months ago, has supported policies championed by the leftists, donated to the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Hillary, and the Clinton Foundation, had a meeting with Clinton just before his announced candidacy, has the hissy-fit temperament of a 12-year-old (we already have that in the WH these last 7 years), who lacks tact, decorum, and common decency, and who is the epitome of corporate crony capitalism. Imagine what the bulk of the MSM will do to him in debate Qs and news exposés down the line. He may be expressing certain things on the campaign trail that resonates with segments of the populace, but he ain’t the guy you want as standard bearer and running the WH.

    • Very Disappointed

      Right on.

      It seems that many conservatives can’t tell the difference between appearance and substance. They want an entertaining show and are easily fooled by bombast and beautiful words.

      That’s how the Progressives elected Obama.

      I was always taught “actions speak louder than words.” Well, Trump’s actions show him to be a Democrat crony capitalist.

      So, how is it that he gets so much support from a substantial number of capitalists? Because they have turned off the rational capacity.

  • Joel

    Trump has tapped into something. I think it is the boiling rage over all the running sores that America has become. Trump dares to point it out. Trump also has the arrogance ego to think he has some way of solving some of those sores. He just might have it. To talk of Trump not being a serious candidate, well we will just see. If Trump wasn’t there, we wouldn’t even be interested in the next POTUS because Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton had a lock on it. Now, they don’t.

    At any rate, isn’t it interesting that Megyn Kelly IS a SJW ? Carly Fiorina is a SJW as well.

    • Bill

      Social justice warrior? WTF?

      • Joel

        Yes. Megyn Kelly when she created the reason for her attack on Trump. Carly Fiorinna for jumping on the bandwagon. Surprising hunh?

        • Chris Muir


        • Certainly correct as to Kelly but unless I missed something can’t single out Fiorina just because of the chromosome thing, they’re all dickless; gonna need a bigger bandwagon. More PR for DT.

          • Joel

            Just googled Carly Fiorina and Trump. I have at least 3 articles that shows that Carly Fiorina is a SJW.

            There is no excuse. In short, she acted before it was explained to her that Donald Trump said the same thing about Wallace in the same interview. If you want more, just google what I did.

        • Yes I am aware of her comments and that she was first to jump as would be expected being the only female in the group, attribute that to taking up for the team as it were…even our resident woman commenter here at DBD criticized the classlessness of the D, and she ain’t no SJW.

          My two points were: 1) that most of the rest of the field jumped on that bandwagon strictly for the mainstream credit it would generate for them, not for any real concern or outrage…that is the typical MO for SJW’s; it’s really all about themselves, hence the dickless comment. And 2) the whole tempestuous teapot has done nothing but generate more PR for Trump, he of the firm and apparently correct conviction that there is no such thing as bad PR.

          • And of course for a good look at a whole passel of SJW’s and PC piss ants masquerading as right-wing conservatives, google up the hosts and attendees of the little Atlanta soiree yesterday.

  • Bill

    This crap is exactly what the Dems and the Rinos want. Somehow we have to get a candidate that can blow past all this crap and connect like a Reagan. I fear this may nolonger be possible. Excellent strip today Chris. Go listen to the first hour of Mar Levins show on Friday. Perfect match to this strip.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    The idea that a serious candidate for the Presidency would assume a woman’s attitude is the result of PMS, etc, proves beyond any doubt that he’s utterly without class, and a fool if he believes his own words. It also proves he’s stupid if he thought he could say that and not get flamed.

    As some wise person said, “His heart may be in the right place; it’s his head I’m worried about.” Trump is utterly unfair for the Presidency, even if some of the ideas he spouts happen to be correct.

  • Golden Rule

    Knight Errant or cliquish prig?

  • Spin Drift

    Trump as a Cat’s Paw. Don’t buy it, too much ego, id and super ego. Now him twirling the GOP into fits absolutely as he is a Trojan Horse of poor intentions and bad ideas. But he does draw fire and lightning to issues and for that I hope he sticks around keeps stirring the pot.

    Spin Drift
    Molon Labe

  • Kevin M

    Well, it seems the only thing accomplished by removing Cathy Crawley with Megyn Kelly was to remove about 85 lbs from the stage.

    Otherwise, more media manipulation of our debate process.

  • Kevin M

    I think the plural is “knights errant,” kinda like “attorneys general.”

  • Ryk E Lee

    Of all the people to get into a pizzing match, Megan and Carly? Such a target rich environment with all these male wannabes. What’s the old saying”I’m doing good enough in the polls, only getting caught with a dead hooker or a live 13 year old boy in my bed will stop me now”. Can we add taking a back and forth dispute to a personal level with Carly. He just lost a lot of women votes, the Donald will not win back.

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