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  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Guess I’m in love with Megyn K for the wrong reasons…

  • Snafu F. Ubar

    Professor Vallicella at Maverick Philosopher has executed a “Big Unplug.”

    “Starting now, I will unplug from this hyperkinetic modern world for a period of days or weeks. How long remains to be seen.” … “From time to time we should devote time to be still and listen beyond the human horizon. Modern man, crazed little hustler and self-absorbed chatterbox that he is, needs to enter his depths and listen.

    “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)”

    Before the good Professor’s Big Unplug, in one of his most recent posts, he wrote this: “My point,then, is that if you demand certainty of guilt before you will allow capital punishment, then you should demand certainty of the moral permissibility of abortion before you allow it. I should add that in many capital cases there is objective certainty of guilt (the miscreant confesses, the evidence is overwhelming, etc.); but no one can legitimately claim to be objectively certain that abortion is morally permissible.”

    To Planned Parenthood and your supporters: you are on the hook according to that last clause of Professor Vallicella’s.

    • eon

      As P.J. O’Rourke once observed, a dedicated humanitarian my be opposed to both capital punishment and abortion, while a ruthless pragmatist might support both.

      But it takes a very special sort of mindset to say that one may never execute a murderer, no matter how heinous their act, and at the same time insist that an unborn child, by definition an innocent, may be disposed of at will and especially at the taxpayers’ expense.

      IMHO, the only logical conclusion is that the average progressive seeks the extermination of as much of humanity as they can get at. Allowing murderers free reign, along with abortionists, only really makes sense with this assumption.

      It is also congruent with the dogmas of deep ecology, which hold that humans are nothing but a threat to “Holy Mother Gaia’ and that the human race should be culled down to the planet’s “carrying capacity” at a pre-Bronze Age “Gaia-safe” tech level, which they reckon at about fifty million people.

      (Hm. The deep-ecos themselves, plus about ten slaves apiece with two armed thugs per elite’ to keep the slaves in line?)

      /But you can’t tell by me; as Leela once said, I am only an ignorant savage.

      clear ether


      • Bad Cyborg

        Thank you, eon. To this day (I grew up pre Roe V Wade. Was just shy of 22 yrs or age when SCOTUS handed it down so well recall pre-Roe times) I do not understand how ANYone could be against capital punishment and yet support abortion on demand. Of course, I readily admit that I cannot be cooly impartial on the issue. You see, I am an adoptive Father. I took the younger of my two – the light of my life – home from a maternity hospital in Tokyo when she was 8 days old. Additionally, I have a nephew whom I love dearly (fiercely even) whom my wife’s sister adopted as an infant. To support abortion would be to wish they had never been born!

        This while being an eldest son, father, grandfather and great-grandfather and thus having a duty to protect siblings and family with all necessary force. I have a DUTY (I know, a “4-letter word” these days) before the One who created me to protect and defend hearth and home, kith and kin TO THE DEATH!!! if need be and whether that is my own death or that/those of the attacker(s). The Creator instituted capital punishment, not men.

        Watch this:
        Read the lyric and then tell me that – compared to Planned Parenthood – Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler and Joe Stalin COMBINED AND CONCENTRATED 1000X do not fade to utter insignificance. Convince me that the SCOTUS “Justices” who approved Roe did not perpatrate a truly MONSTROUS evil.

        “What Was I Supposed To Be?” by Ray Bolz
        Jesus walked upon the earth,
        On the shores of Galilee,
        He’d say to His disciples,
        Let the little children come to me,
        I wonder if up in heaven,
        Do you suppose we’ll see
        little children asking
        what was I supposed to be.
        What was I supposed to be,
        What were my eyes supposed to see,
        And why did I taste of death
        before I even drew a breath,
        Laid my head at my mother’s breast,
        to sleep.
        Oh Jesus, what was I supposed to be.
        Was I to be a prophet
        used in the ministry,
        A doctor who would find a cure
        for some terrible disease,
        Even if I’d been born imperfect
        why couldn’t my parents see,
        That I’d have been made perfect
        when you came back for me.
        Oh Jesus
        Oh Jesus, what was I supposed to be,
        Oh Jesus, what was I supposed to be.

        (I apologize for the length of this post. It is a subject about which I am somewhat “passionate”.)

        • lonevoice

          Me too, bro.

        • Snafu F. Ubar

          As bad cyborg’s litany (Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Joe Stalin) is a true litany, it leads to:

          the SCOTUS. The Seven of Roe v. Wade and each successor SCOTUS have gained what? Jesus clearly warned about the very real danger to our immortal souls of preferring gain in this life (in a world we distort by wishful thinking) against honoring his words in this life, no matter the cost in this life.

          The blood coating the SCOTUS’ hands is of innocents that lived, and live, and will judge. Justice denied them by you will not be denied you. Will you escape justice then, oh “Justices?”

          The monstrous, evil majority opinion in Roe v. Wade is all the ‘standing’ you will EVER need to vacate Roe v. Wade, and thus be separated from this perpetuating crime against humanity. Do you see what has been done and what, through your inaction, you continue?

          Is there excuse? Who else’s bloody hands will hold up as an excuse for your bloody hands, do you suppose? The States’? The House’s? The Senate’s? THIS death loving President’s?

  • RegT

    It may be a while before Carmen is as hot as Megyn 🙂

    Megyn may be a bimbo, but at least she isn’t a (completely) liberal bimbo. I think she actually tries to be somewhat conservative, in her own muddled way. As with many folks, overcoming years of indoctrination can be difficult.

  • Pete231

    Don’t understand why Megyn was such a flaming B last night. Her disdain for the Donald was uncalled for. Matter of fact, just whose side were the moderators on ? Shoddy treatment by all of them. I recall a few years ago when A. Weiner used to get under her skin during interviews by being a world-class asshat. She’d get so POed that her face would turn bright red, her fists would get white-knuckled, and she’d loose bladder control. Looks like things haven’t changed much for her nowadays. Time for a pill, Meg…..

  • Iconoclast

    Atty Kelly is very attractive, however I would dispute her being any form of ‘bimbo.’ There is a fairly sharp brain behind the pearly whites … granted it is less sharp (and certainly less acerbic) than Ann Coulter’s, yet she was clearly the best debate moderator I’ve seen at least since JFK-Nixon. While she eviscerated ‘The Donald,’ it with his own words, in context. She, Wallace & Baier did more to brand Fox as a truly journalistic enterprise than any PR / advertising campaign could have achieved in 100 years. She also set a high bar for the dims & Fox’ competitors. Any moderator who lets the dims evade questions as they usually do will gut what little credibility the lapdog media retains with the average American, especially independent voters. It was a bravura, not bimbo, performance, with profound implications for much more than the 2016 campaign. Chris, if anyone ‘won’ this debate, it was Megyn Kelly. Right about now, the dim candidates are going to be consumed with a desperate focus on avoiding such probing, arguably even devastating, questions. Their usual Teflon BS will look even worse than Trump’s attempts to deflect those slashing sallies.

    • nonncom

      I actually thought Martha McCallum and Bell Hemmer did a much better job in the earlier debate…clear, to the point, and they asked a question and got out of the way, with no snickering behind their hands….the second one was about the moderators, or inquisitors as the case may be….

    • If “bimbo” is euphemistic for whore/prostitute and applied in a um, broad sense, Ms. K certainly fit the description in her obvious gotcha effort. Amazing how some can be so enamored of physicality to overlook or even endorse such an obvious “bought and paid” performace, but I guess that’s exactly the point of prostitution.

      Entertaining as it might have been, this thing was in no manner of speaking a “debate”, but rather just another “reality” show with scripted performances intent only on creating conflict and drama. How pathetic that something that could play a part in a contest where the ultimate “prize” rewards the winner with nearly unlimited power, fame, and fortune but also the responsibility for the future viability of the free world. A fucking circus of clowns, and I really fucking hate clowns.

      That commentary is intended to damn the lot of those on the stage and the “journalists” table, and I sure as hell am no big fan of the Donald, but as to Ms. Kelly’s “performance”, and that’s all that it was, I kept waiting -and hoping- that he would have played the ultimate Trump card, paraphrasing one of the best and most famous lines ever in a teevee comedy, which is all this thing was, and intoning after one of her attack questions/comments:

      “Megyn, you ignorant slut!”

  • Miss Kelly and her co-moderators were acting according to the orders of Rupert Murdoch, who directed that no favorable treatment ever be given again to Trump. Miss Kelly actually did Trump a solid with her half-assed hatchet job, as 3 polls showed well.

  • A little unkind to Ms Megan Kelly.

  • southpaw

    I’d watch Kimberly Guilfoyle read from a phone book. Even with the sound off Something about the heady combination of brunettes and boobs.

  • rooftop voter

    She may not be a bimbo, but she is a tool of the Establishment, and quite clearly they are showing and sacrificing their pawns to try and stop Trump.

    They still don’t get that it makes him stronger…… Reminds me of the part of the movie Mars Attacks! where the US sends up a nuclear missile to destroy the Martians, they send a little ship out, suck up all the explosion then they use it as a one hitter…………..

  • Pamela

    Gentlemen please. Remember the proprieties.
    There were specific Rules of Engagement for the Moderators.
    Each candidate was allowed so much rope to hang themselves.
    Trump wanted all of the rope as is his nature.
    (The Left wants him so badly they are weeing in their collective pants.)

    Considering Mrs. Megyn was green gilled with a bug a few hours earlier, I think she did rather well in not gelding Donnie boy and snatching him bald headed. St. Mother Teresa would have birched him, he’s that irritating. Great for entertainment purposes, but still irritating.

    • Joel

      I can’t get around that Megyn Kelly went SJW on Donald Trump. Aren’t SJWs the ones that get made fun of around here?

  • Lee P Rodgers

    I am troubled that the attacks on Ms. Kelly are just a knee jerk response to her lack of deference to The Donald. She asked real questions. and he should have better answers than to face shoot the questioner. You can get away with it when you own the microphone and the room that it is in, but when you are representing the People, your debate toolbox must contain more than ad hominem.

  • Desert Lion

    I am very disappointed with some of the candidate zealots and others who are attacking ‪‎FoxNews‬ moderators for asking tough questions at the ‎GOP Debate‬. Really, Chris, piling on here? Surprised to see that. Maybe you’ve already decided Trump ought to be the next candidate. I am decidedly undecided and found the debates to be very enlightening. They WERE tough questions; what did people expect, marshmallows? The opening question was absolutely targeted at Trump because all the others have openly stated they are more interested in getting the Democrats out of the White House than making it all about themselves. Trump has made some pretty outrageous statements about several women, and Kelly called him on it. If she hadn’t, the left wing would be all over Fox News for being soft on the Republican field. How fair to the candidates and voters would that be?

    Look, I like to hear candidates when they are thrown off their talking points. Speeches, all polished and perfect, tickle the ears but only give us what the candidate wants us to have. Some handled it well, others didn’t. Either way, we got to see sides of them they would never volunteer to share. All of those who think the moderators were unfair to your candidate, are you mad at them for the questions or for exposing an aspect of your candidate you were either unaware of or actively chose to ignore or hide, hoping it was going to stay hidden? After reading several rants, methinks they doth protest too much.

    Here’s the real question – so now that FNC has set a new standard for what pointed debate questions sound like, will any of the media start asking them at the other debates, especially of Clinton? Not holding my breath…

    ‪The first post-debate polling I saw analyzing what people thought of the debate put Ben Carson on top as both the one who the most people thought better of after the debate (80%) and the one who was the overall winner (22%). Trump was in overall second place with 19% thinking he won, but he also had 45% of the respondents thinking less of him as a result – a very divisive candidate. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had more than enough division, especially within the party. Trump has done a great service to the GOP by bringing up elephant-in-the-room issues that the mainstream media would rather have left until a weak nominee was in the final general election debates. A few of the candidates acknowledged that in their responses during the debate.

    Trump is treating this as if it were a business deal he’s posturing to get the most out of for him. His post-debate comment regarding his refusal to commit to support the ultimate GOP nominee was about not wanting to give up “leverage” as if he might be better postured to win if he can twist thumbscrews better and use that leverage to force an outcome to his liking. As tired as I am of division, I’m even more tired of politicians who are in public office for the power it brings instead of the opportunity it gives to serve a higher cause – defending the Constitution and the Republic it created. Trump has made it pretty clear which of those two motivations drive him. I doubt it would have been as clear if the questions had been less focused.

    Hate on them all you want. Fox News knocked this one out of the park (and not because this debate drew the largest number of viewers of any non-sports cable event ever, which it did).

  • Chris Muir

    I’m not a Trump guy, and I’m glad Kelly asked tough questions, she’s an adult…until she retreated to the standard PC ,’women are victims’ PC crap.
    That default to the infantilization mode nullified her credibility in that setting. She became, in that moment, a helpless girl instead of the excellent reporter she usually is.THAT is the issue here, I believe, and part and parcel of how PC becomes the default setting of both sides.

    • Joel

      I agree. She went SJW. Aren’t SJWs fair game around here?

    • Delilah T

      Trump was rude as hell to her, both during the debate and afterwards, offstage. I have no issues with his having stirred the pot and throwing PC crap to the winds. That needed badly to be done. But there is such a thing as good manners, especially in that arena, and he showed none.

      You can argue that point all you like, and use whatever silly labels you wish, but the fact is that he was needlessly rude.

  • And today the blowhard Donald is “disinvited” from a forum ostensibly organized to allow free exchange without the pathetic partisan pandering, sickening Political Correctness and anti-Constitutional blathering of MSM and libtards in general.

    How pathetic and ironic is it that the “leaders” of even the Tea Party are now engaged in the very censorship, nauseating PC, and ad hominem attack that they rail about so. In so doing, they have made a mockery of the terms “forum” and “quorum”, as the elements critical to the meaning of the words have been eliminated.

  • Advo

    Megyn is no bimbo. She’s as sharp and incisive a mind as there is in the world of political commentary, and she’s fearless to boot. What she also is, is relentlessly establishment. Her bread is buttered, and very well, by the people who pay to ensure their candidates are elected.

    I don’t give a care for Trump, but he is touching some sensitive nerves. He’s getting positive attention from the public, and pissing off an important minority well represented on both sides of the political divide. From the opening “Pledge not to run third party” ploy to Megyn’s focus, Trump will get the media treatment from both sides. If that doesn’t work soon, he’ll get the full Palin like nobody else.

  • Chris Muir

    Anyone remember the Dean Martin Roasts? Where every race, creed, color, ideology, gender was fair game.Everybody laughed at each other AND at themselves…because they were all adults. Only children and the Left can’t take a joke…and increasingly, the right.

  • “Megyn is no bimbo…her bread is buttered, and very well, by the people who pay to ensure (her advocacy).”

    Okay, not a bimbo, just a ho. Not unlike most of us who do what we are paid to do. But then, most of us don’t pretend at non-partisan journalism.

  • RayNAiken

    I may be going against the flow here but, if Kelly didn’t bring those questions out the democrats were. I feel she did the Don a favor by letting him dispose of and get them out of the way now instead of a batch of October surprises next year.
    The candidates need to get it done and buried now what ever the little ankle biting issues.

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