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  • Blue Quasar

    This is San Francisco, “she” probably isn’t doing as much of that as he is.

  • white american

    lol, those crazy gays and their love of piss!

  • Sfbagger

    I drove right past that damn pole an hour before it fell! In that area of the City, I doubt that it was human pee…that’s more like 6th and Market. Pine and Taylor is more like expensive housewives walking their little doggies…

  • canuck49

    Jeez, just piss in the gutter.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    They need to have some big, ugly dude walking around with a large knife and a poor attitude….

    • Oliver Heaviside

      We do already…. 😉

  • Pamela

    I heard of some crazy therapy of drinking one’s urine to cure what ails a person. Save The Light Poles!

  • eon

    World’s biggest open-air insane asylum.

    clear ether


  • Been to San Francisco many times. I thought 40 years ago and I think it now: If there ever was a city to be pissed on, it is San Francisco.

  • Unca Walt

    Been to SF many times over the years. I called it “America’s only European city.”

    It was not a compliment.

  • RegT

    I had an old ’87 one-ton Chevy 4×4 with a wooden flatbed, a ranch truck for hauling feed, hay, etc. up into the higher pasture. I put a license plate frame on it that said, “Die Yuppie Scum!” – a quote from the Michael Caine movie, A Shock To The System”.

    I drove it to SF once (I lived way up near the border with Oregon) to visit my sister in Palo Alto. You should have seen the smoke from the Bimmers when they would race up to my truck, then hit their brakes and back off.

    I don’t think the rifle rack had anything to do with it.

  • Chris Muir

    Oliver H:No cursing at other commenters here.

  • B Woodman

    I was stationed in Korea for a year, a guest of Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet. After the occasional evening out at the bar(s) of Soju and other comestables, I would be walking back to the station and my barracks. I would often see older Korean women squatting at the curbside, relieving themselves. Disgusting then, disgusting now, especially in America. The Korean women, I could almost understand. Sham Francisco, ummm, not so much.

  • BlaxPac

    Hey, in NYC we had *moving* urinals…We called them “Subways”.

  • Shitty city, but at least it ain’t piss poor.

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