Day By Day


  • Delilah T

    Maybe Oscar Mayer would be more interested.

  • Pamela

    Tinder as in easily lit

  • Dead wood. Entirely appropriate for a dead head for whom a date is just a fuckboy and is herself just a ho.

    And the truth is that this is an accurate depiction and commentary on the lack of respect for self and others, breakdown of morality, and bleak prospects for the American dream that is a greater threat to the Republic than all of the thugs, immigrants, and terrorists on the face of the earth.

    • And it occurs to me upon reflection that those societal breakdowns are traceable almost entirely to the new “progressive” society that belittles and eschews moral standards, personal responsibility, and spiritual guidance. 🙁

    • Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder

      Tasteless people used to have to work at being immoral,
      had to put in hours at the taverns and bus stops making suggestive leers.
      Info-Technology makes the descent and decay so convenient.

  • KenH

    Skype’s kinda guy

    She probably trollin for genetic materiel for kid #3 now….

    • RandyB

      More like trolling for a Child Support Provider via kid #3.

  • interventor

    That’s a great dress Sam’s nearly wearing.

    • Grape

      I don’t even want to ask what the pattern on those dresses represents, but they sure are slick.

      • Bill G

        Glad to see I’m not the only dirty minded one out here!

  • Indeed. Chris, you saved my night with humor. Eclectic, but humor nonetheless.

  • Bill G

    Hard drive or floppy disk?

    • Pamela

      A floppy the new puppy used as a chew toy

  • B Woodman

    So. Is this the new Kongressional Kwalification? To see how many pics of your genitalia you have sexting out in the Twitter-verse? Doesn’t matter what your education is, or your principles (oxymoron alert!), or your politics.

    BTW. . any more on the thumb drive pics for possible encryption? Inquiring minds, etc.

  • Gus Bailey

    Well, cut right to it, whydoncha?

  • Big Jim

    Skye’s poor kids–exposed to potentially limitless risk of STD’s.

  • Big Jim

    Not to downplay the exposure to feckless stupidity.

  • Pamela

    Someone smack that idget upside the head for boinking an FB instead of having a real relationship with the Sheriff.

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