Day By Day


  • Shonkin

    Har har har!
    The thot plickens!

  • Iconoclast

    It’s always nice to react to political commentary with a rib-cracking laugh and so darn rare an experience in the past 27 years.

  • Bill G

    If Huma thinks the drive should have been ‘lost’ at the Double D she has no idea of what’s going on there.
    And I do wonder what’s going on in the Hillary-Huma-Weiner combo.

    • B Woodman

      I don’t want to know what goes on within that sick trio.
      Pass the mind bleach, STAT!

    • nonncom

      I don’t think hillery would huma wiener….she might huma huma….

      • B Woodman

        Let’s not go Hawaiian here:
        huma huma nuku nuku apu a’a

        (with apologies to the Hawaiian reef trigger fish)

  • Michael

    We don’t get to see Bill Whittle and Sam Elliot go on their hog hunt?

  • B Woodman

    Sooooo, what’s on the second drive that Hummus is holding? ANd has the first drive (at the DD) been thoroughly explored for hidden encryption and data?

  • That little peckerhead can’t even do a throwdown right. You’d think his mistresses would know that the most sensitive -the only- thing of import to him is his namesake.

    And Chris, you forgot to list the Hummer in your character list…or maybe you just consider her non-grata; would that it were true.

    • BTW, your caricature of it is very kind compared to the real “thing”.

  • RayNAiken

    It appears to me Hillary and Huma don’t give a damn what their husbands do just as long as it is out of the news. And it appears the media is complicit.
    The one exception was Jesse Jackson’s wife who was almost screaming to anyone that would listen about her husband’s extramarital love child. The media ignored her for a long time until there was no longer any choice lest they look stupid.

    • Solaratov

      Hah! To late to beat looking stupid. Our “media” has long since shown their stupidity – and perfidy – to any and all who care to look.

  • The concept of hidden encryption doesn’t seem possible with Weiner. Wrong thumbdrive, bah!

    • B Woodman

      Just because WEINER didn’t/couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t done by someone else (bwhahahaha – who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. . . . )

  • kadaka

    Some are invited free of charge, some pay, some are paid for…

    Ah yes, Fantasy Island. A slightly different “look, don’t touch” fantasy too, at an island of non-PC sanity in a sea of Progressive perturbations.

    A child with a mysterious past, rising to prominence and wealth, orphaned when young and given the name “Damon”… When was Mr. Roarke last sighted?

  • interventor

    Sounds like Huma wanted the drive found. Perhaps, to escape the Hildabeast.

    • B Woodman

      Perhaps to plant a virus, Trojan Horse, or worm in whatever computer tries to open and read it. Tread carefully, and use a disposable stand alone computer.

      • Delilah T

        Any really good AV software won’t let it open or suck up the virus, guys. I have it. It works. And no, it ain’t McAfeeble.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Even that Double Aught Super Spy Agent Jethro Bodeen would have gotten the assignment right.

    Isn’t it just terrible how married couples just do not communicate well?

    • Pamela

      And if Jethro didn’t get it right, Granny would have gotten out the varmint shot for an object lesson.

  • Delilah T

    Ever see what a thresher shark does to its prey? Or a school of them?

    Did you guys know shrillary’s NYC office is empty and da homelessness crowd is camped out right there?

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