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  • Vorlonagent

    That could lead to some interesting interactions at the club however….

    By which I mean celebrities and/or political figures with sprains and maybe a torn tendon.

  • Delilah T

    Skye put up Sis’s instead of her own?

    Eeewww! Tacky, tacky, Skye! Revenge is so last year. Is Skye gonna grow up or just wallow in it?

  • Grunt GI

    Well, on the one hand..Skye is correct, Sam’s tatas are real and spectacular. Although we could have a photo comparison just to be sure.

    On the other hand, Sam and/or Zed are not going to be happy and payback is a bitch. Kinda like Skye most of the time.

  • KenH

    Can we please just kill her now?

    At least beat her with an axe until she begs to die??

  • H_B

    This is why most young children’s toys are light, low-mass objects: so sisters can’t beat each other to death when given cause.

  • Just typical prog behavior; take and use for their own cheap, selfish wants.

    Even from their own sister, or mother, or nation. Parasitic vermin.

      • Kevin M


    • Bingo.

  • It is grossly unfair for you to tell us about Sam’s topless photo and not show it to us. Bad Chris! Bad cartoonist!


    • I second that sentiment. 😀

  • Swansonic

    I’m sure Sam could replace Skye’s pic with one of those Hillary bikini photo-blobs. Give Skye’s audience some regrets….

    Gonna go prowl through the archives for some good Sam moments – I may be a few weeks…..

  • Revenge is a dish best served cold. Skye will get hers.

    • Nipple-y cold? 😉

  • SteveInCO

    Huh. Skye has a not unreasonable pair herself.

    The problem is with the so-called mind that accompanies them.

    • Her hooters are okay. The cooter and the pooter however, I wouldn’t want to approach without hazmat gear, industrial disinfectant, and some good strong deodorizer. Maybe a barf bag. No telling what that girl’s been into, and what’s been into her.

  • JavaMan

    Sorta in keeping with “from each according to their ability (or endowment) to each according to their need”, isn’t it?

    • GWB


    • bryane

      But what about OUR needs?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Her own pleasure trumps her family’s rights.

    Sounds like members of my family. Disappointing. And damaging. And just plain wrong. How progressive. They can do anything they want. Reality has nothing to do with it. reality will be force shaped to their desire and pursuit of pleasure, and their feelings.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Redhead Eruption in three…. two… one…

  • Bill G

    “Deal”…a standard liberal response to someone finding out about their cheat.

  • Joel

    Classic Bait and Switch.

    • Pecan Scandi

      “Back home we call that bait.” Jumbo, even.

      • interventor

        Skye needs the switch.

  • Pamela

    Interesting. So the Brat is that insecure about herself or that envious of her older Sis. Maybe both apply.

    • eon

      There’s “sexy” and then there’s “skanky”. I suspect Skye has finally figured out where she falls on the spectrum.

      It could have been worse for her. She could have posted a picture of Naomi, and inside of five minutes after Naomi found out Skye would be getting forcibly acquainted with the utility of an armadillo as a “medical implement”.



      • B Woodman

        Don’t f**k with a chef (Naomi) in her own kitchen. She knows where the knives are hidden and the bodies can be buried.

        • OpenTheDoor

          Or consumed, ask Big George.

          • John M

            “Fried Green Tomatoes?”

  • B Woodman

    Yeah, Skye, you’re “yuge” alright. A yuge disappointment.

  • Unca Walt

    It is incredible how I reacted to this denouement. (And how others reacted, too.)

    That pure creature, Sam, got soiled by a beautiful pig.

  • Unca Walt

    — And what I meant to say before fastfinger struck:

    What a GREAT piece of art! Kudos, Chris. Your characters are alive and cared about.

    • Chris Muir

      The characters talk to me, I present them, but I’d say more than half their Life comes from readers.

      • On that note… it is now the dog days of deep summer in TX right now. Perfect time for another dip in the pond… if yah know what I’m sayin’. 😉

  • bill


  • B Woodman

    Way past time to deliver an unexpected throat punch. Won’t kill, Skye will eventually recover (maybe not her voice for a LOOOOONG time), but she MIGHT learn a lesson on CONSEQUENCES.

  • Unca Walt

    She might have trouble from one of the “respondents”. Mebbe the sheriff will haveta step in.

    …And straighten the painted one out a tad.

  • Bob in Houston

    Dare I hope for a catfight?

  • Tiger Tomcat

    Can y’all dead baby sister walking. The last time Sam and Skye went at it, Skye ended up face first in a mud pit, and the only that saved her from getting a broken nose was their mom stopped Sam.

  • Pamela

    Ack, wonder what Momma is going to say or do if she finds out.
    I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.
    You think she’d choose a belt, wooden spoon or a fresh cut switch to get the don’t do that again message across to her youngest?

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