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  • LifeofTheMind

    If you do not want people posting naked pictures of you on the internet then do not pose for naked pictures. It is unfortunate that Sam is not even surprised that Skye had such a pic of her.

    • Bill G

      Who says she posed? I don’t recall if she did, and if she didn’t Sam would not be surprised that Skye would sneak such a shot.

      • Tiger Tomcat

        Sam did a Calendar a couple years ago remember, and had a couple nudes in it, though were back shots.

    • Grunt GI

      This is a very interesting question…hopefully we will get more details…

  • Delilah T

    I do not understand why Sam has not smacked Skye in the head… with a cream pie.

    Oh, well. Nice dress, Chris, but red on a redhead?

    • Arkay

      That red matches her hair, so it’s good.

  • KenH

    Hows about pistol-whipping her skull with a .500 Magnum??
    There are some things you JUST DONT DO
    Forget the “oh, its just Skype-bitch being herself”
    She should get a one-way ticket ELSEWHERE

  • Bill G

    Burnin’? I dunno. Is she really burning hot or someone who just uses her body to get what she wants while only pretending to enjoy what she’s doing?

    • Chris Muir

      Bob Marley reference.

  • Pamela

    I’ve never really understood why some females want the hot-for-them guy when they can be so unreliable for the long haul. Hotness is transitory.
    But then, this is Skye going her thing.

  • 'TreHammer

    What is the brand name of the dresses Sam and Skye are wearing?

    • Chris Muir

      Muir Design!

      • B Woodman

        Good styling. You should get someone to make it for real, sell it through this site.

        • cb

          Dunno about the dresses… but if the contents can be cloned…

          • Chris Muir

            ok, I hooted when I read this.

  • Bill

    I guess this is the same mentality that buys and wears shorts in public that say PINK across the ass. What a skank.

    • Fox2!

      Or “Juicy”

  • eon

    Skye’s theme song-

    “You’re A Sweet Little Headache”


    “How Sweet To be An Idiot”


    You tell me.



    • S Hooks

      eon, how about this one as a theme song for Skye?

      There’s a ‘RAT who goes by Carlos Danger
      To every girl he meets he Tweets his wanger
      With every bulge he fakes
      And each selfie that he takes
      Odds are he’s a lefty-leaning hanger

      Secret Wiener Man!
      Secret Wiener Man!
      You’ve given up Miss Huma
      And even your stupid name

  • B Woodman

    No, no, no. This is just SO wrong on so many levels, to ruin such a great song by having it come out of Skye’s mouth. . .
    (BTW, I prefer the Eric Clapton version)

  • Spin Drift

    Bob Marley vs Eric Clapton, that would have been something to see. This is just an observation but is anyone else noticing that the millenials are having a serious flirtation with vinyl, especially vintage vinyl. The dollar albums are now 8 bucks at the local flea market. Maybe there is hope yet.

    Spin Drift
    War Damn Eagle
    Hold Fast
    Molon Labe

    • Arkay

      Hmmm. Time to sell some vinyl. Just a few and it’s enough for me and Spousal Unit to enjoy a nice evening out.

  • interventor

    Nashville company that makes vinyl records is doing well.

  • Kevin M

    Maybe it’s me, but this cartoon is stretching credulity.

    Sam would have massacred Skye in high school for her sluttiness, let alone give her the means to survive to adulthood.

    Teh b!tchez just don’t tolerate sh!t dey don’t like. Sistuhz or no.

    There are millions of Skyes out there. But growing up with a Sam next to you? Talk about Orca exterminated!

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