Day By Day


  • interventor

    Looks like the Stukas are carrying TP in their bomb racks.

    • Chris Muir

      rolled up ballots!

      • Pamela

        That’s a lot of potential toilet paper they wasted printing those travesties.

    • NotYetInACamp

      That is all those fake votes will be good for. We hope.

      And work for. Let the truth reveal itself.

      • Old Codger

        I wouldn’t bet my life on it being so.

    • JSStryker

      Looks more like a Aichi D3A Type 99 Carrier Bomber “Val” the radial engine is the give away.

      • Chris Muir


  • RHT447

    Those look more like Vals than Stukas. The symbolism is perfect. A day of infamy. And the sleeping giant is awake. Again.

    • Bill G

      Perfect symbolism, indeed. And may the giant awake.

    • John D. Egbert

      And hopefully “…filled with a dreadful resolve.”

  • My Way Or --->

    Oh, that is a gigglesnorrttt!

  • Punta Gorda

    If you are looking for new and interesting flavor combinations… chocolate chip and Kentucky bourbon is not it…

    • Bill G

      Thanks for the heads-up on that. One I do not recommend is a beer, shortly after eating grapefruit.

    • MAJ Arkay

      Molasses crisps and a heavy dark beer are, however, oddly tasty, especially after a long day of sailing. Drop anchor, bring out the beer and cookies and relax. Aaahhh…

      Shame Pepperidge Farm stopped making molasses crisps. Had to find an equivalent recipe.

    • JTC

      Man this here is an eclectic comment section…

      And FWIW beer on cornflakes tastes like neither beer or cornflakes.

  • Calvin

    Yep, the Val. Stukas have a fold in their wings.

  • Bren

    I’d be a lot less worried if Biden really were in charge of their course rather than a vacant brain case. The real trouble is going to come from the hidden minions of the internationalists, and they’re a lot harder to dodge.

  • Coeurmaeghan

    What’s that old blessing? From you lips to Gods ears, I think it is.

    • Bill G

      Ayuh, I hope it’s not too impious of me to change it over to “From your keyboard to God’s screen”.

  • Ah'm Jus' Sayin'

    Congrats Chris. Most piercing & definitely timely…… You have demonstrated why you have ben awarded ‘Master Cartoonist Rank!’

    (p.s. Met Michael Ramirez @ the Nixon Library once for his book signing ,,,,,,, when is your book due out? (raised eyebrow??)

  • The Real Paul Bunyan

    Is anyone else getting random false dbd url links “hacked” into the comments section over the past week or so?

    • Bill G

      Not me.

    • Badger

      Only thing I’ve seen is that I’m not the only one looking forward to Chris’ new venture,

      • John D. Egbert

        Roger that . . .

  • Bill G

    I’d say Slow Hand Joe is about bombed out. But will enough folks notice it in time to overcome the Vast Leftwing Vote Fraud Conspiracy? BTW, I recently saw the question posed, if there is no vote fraud, why does the left go so crazy when it’s looked for?

  • Oldarmourer

    biden is completely irrelevant, assuming he even makes it to election day
    The stage has already been set, the ballot box stuffing has already commenced
    and it doesn’t really matter what the vote count is, the left is going to claim victory regardless of the numbers…if they ‘win’ then that’s that and if they don’t ‘win’ on election day they’ll keep adding votes until they do.
    Even if Trump is elected in a landslide too big to circumvent they’ll decalare that he ‘cheated’ and demand he be evicted and the media is a crucial part of that
    The current riots and artificially stimulated unrest are a test run for the main event
    biden likely won’t be inaugurated if the plan does work, both he and harris haven’t talked about a biden administration, only a harris one…he’ll probably be counted as a ,covid casualty’ with harris taking the lead and appointing killary as her vp then either stepping down, succumbing to the beerflu herself or contracting a case of Arkancide.
    killary then becomes pres, appoints moochelle as her vp and the votes for the next ‘election’, assuming there will be one, start printing well in advance so there’s no debate about it…either that or it becomes a full blown socialist election with only one box on the ballot.
    And you have it good down there, up here the PM can simply dismiss Parliament and rule as a dicator, which he already has…there’s your future.

    • Pamela

      May there be a hungry critter in his future or some angry wasps.

    • JTC

      Oldarmourer, that’s a pretty tight synopsis and very close to my own paranoid scenario, with the exception that I think they will skip the Hillzacorpse and go straight to Moo. Faster disaster.

      Sometimes you Canucks grasp the evil agenda of our leftists, socialists, commies, and marxists better and faster than we do.

      Almost like the voice of experience, forbidding, and dire warning.

      • JTC


    • Patriots 'R' Us

      This description of the nightmare scenario has better and better odds each week, unless and until the swamp is drained. Halving a food taster was old school,

  • I got a mail in ballot yesterday. Didn’t ask for it. Didn’t request it. Now I have to jump through hoops when I go vote in person. I have to take it to the poll, and they send me to the provisional table so I can turn it In and verify that I haven’t voted qwith it. Then I get tom vote. You just can’t fix stupid…

    • MAJ Arkay

      We’re getting numerous mail-in ballot “applications,” none of which actually came from our county voter office, but from various political parties, PACs, etc. They’re all going into the shredder. ChiFlu or not, I’m voting in person.

  • William Henry

    He’s probably gonna take a dump in his flight suit .

  • CaptDMO

    An experienced navigator with DECADES of experience!
    Guiding the campaign financed by foreigners.
    Just like Columbus!

    • John D. Egbert

      Good ole Cristobal – when he left Paulo’s he didn’t know where he was going. When he got there he didn’t know where he was. When he got home he didn’t now where he had been. And he did it all on Isabella’s money! He’d be q shoo-in foe todays demoncrap party . . .

      • JTC

        Well, the Pawnbroker’s money, as secured by Isabella’s jewelry.

        At least that’s the story.

  • Browncoat

    I’d like to posit two questions here. I’d do it on Facebook as well but I’m on day two of a three day suspension of my account for something I posted on August 3rd…

    First question… Does anyone think that anyone is actually ‘voting’ for Biden and not Harris? I believe anyone with two neurons they can rub together KNOWS Biden is mentally deficit and will be out within months if not weeks/days. They KNOW they’re voting for Harris.

    Second question. With the possible exception of Bloomberg, was there a more Leftist-Marxist radical in last years Democratic candidates than Harris?

    • Henry

      DNC couldn’t even get their own party members to vote for her in the primaries, so instead they’re dealing her off the bottom of the deck.

  • Pamela

    Navigator…Head towards the Ocean and drop your ballots. The Ocean Life Citizens have been disenfranchised and demand their right to cast a ballot.

  • DogByte6RER

    What with Creepy Joe putting a “lid” on his campaigning at 8:00 am, Kamala Harris proclaiming that Tupac is her favorite living rapper, and Jerry Nadler doing the shart shuffle off of the stage during a Nancy Pelosi presser … these Dems couldn’t fight their way out of a soggy paper bag.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      No, but their sycophants and armed branch (PantyFag/#BurnLootMurder/RevComParty) are ramping up beyond the usual “mostly peaceful protest” to armed and shooting.
      Ref: Kyle Rittenhouse and Aaron Danielson.
      They are not all clowns. Ignore at your peril. Carry everywhere.

    • John M.

      …or apparently, a pair of $#!tty drawers!

  • Halley

    JoMentia is bombing so bad one is forced to suspect the handmaids of evil(D) are planning on something other than the hapless Biden/Harris ticket to pull them over the finish line. I still say Foreign Crisis (concocted in collusion with a lethal enemy) and/or assassination are probable Democrat/Media game plans for the coming weeks…

    People capable of exploiting a virus to hysterically crash the economy are capable of any kind of evil.

    • JTC


      That might be the one thing that would make me abandon my SHTF defensive plan and hit the streets offensively. Very offensively.

    • interventor

      If, for some reason, Joe can’t continue. The DNC determines the candidate.

  • Rockbend

    Like Dana Perrino (paraphrasing) said:
    “Instead of answering the first question he gets, Trump should say ‘I’ll answer that in a moment’ ‘What is going on with Hunter Biden and all of those Russian and Chinese payoffs? I can’t understand it’. That will wreck Biden for the rest of the debate.”

    • Rockbend

      Trump should say ‘I’ll answer that in a moment’ (he turns to Biden) ‘What is going on with Hunter Biden and all of those Russian and Chinese payoffs? I can’t understand it’ and that will wreck Biden for the rest of the debate.”

  • Roland Deshain

    That’s some funny stuff there.

  • JTC

    That’s just the kamikaze fleet.

    But shouldn’t those D’s be C’s?

    Making it a shen feng fleet I guess.

    Either way, they’re dead.

  • JTC

    First flight was successful over Colorado…

    Corpses and illegals flooded with vote notices from sec. of state.

  • WayneM

    I sincerely hope the good voters of the United States get out there and hand Pres Trump a YUGE landslide… both Electoral College & the irrelevant Popular Vote…

    In the meantime, is there any reason to prevent Trump form issuing an executive order saying any ballot received after Nov 3rd will NOT be counted? That would kneecap the Dems plot…

  • Kafiroon

    Keep pushing, demrats.
    Even a cornered mouse, with no way (future) out will bite back.

  • JTC

    DT doubling down on the call for drug tests today…I guarantee you that Dopey Joe will NOT take a test, but a resounding and constant adoption of their tactics can get a LOT of attention…


    It’s the “Lock her up!” of 2020.

  • Punta Gorda

    As for RBG’s wish to not have Trump pick her replacement, she had 8 years in which she could have stepped down when Obama had the presidency.

    Nothing in the Constitution prevents that.

    What’s that old saying?

    “Piss poor planning on your part does not constitute a crisis on my part…”

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Or The Seven “Ps”:
      Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

    • JTC

      You know that phrase is ringing in the ears of the old hag’s corpse…

      I’m not usually so cold and disrespectful of the departed but I make an exception for such pure and intentional evil.

      As you imply, her hatred was so deep for Trump and us that it wasn’t just a procedural or even Constitutional belief that her replacement should be chosen by the President after the election, whichever it may be. No, after decades of seeing and hearing every divisive and formative issue imaginable, she specifically and deliberately as her last and dying wish wanted it to be by a new and different President, by which the bitch knowingly was endorsing socialism. Now that is some deep and serious hate.

      Screw that hag and the stupid almost hilarious notion that a conservative nominee shouldn’t be seated so fast it will make their commie heads swim.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Voter Fraud is this type.

    Vote Fraud is where the pathway from voting to counting is made irrelevant and new results are supplied.
    I have seen both.
    That woman with a Doctorate in Chemistry and a Doctorate in Physics with years of work experience in IT, who ran for Austin Texas City Commission back in 2016 has a lot to say about that. The Republican (in name only) Texas Secretary of State decided that he could release counties from following the laws as passed by the Texas State Legislature concerning backups and means required to verify and recount the results of a Texas election. She won her challenge on presenting the evidence in court only after the two year term of the office was over. The next cheated candidate can use that type of evidence next time.
    I have watch and complained about both types of election fraud since I graduated from college and started being a poll watcher and more. Thas raht. Ah started in the trenches. I just haven’t climbed out of them all that often.

    Did I just read somewhere that Dwayne “The Rock” thinks that , la is an azz kicker. And then endorsed her.

  • NotYetInACamp

    omg. The First Presidential Debate of 2020 is tomorrow! Less than 24 hours away. 9 PM Eastern Standard Time


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