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  • Swansonic


    • JackDeth 72

      Harvey Korman: “Sire….. The peasants are revolting!

      Mel Brooks: “Yeah…. They stink on ice.”

      *’History Of The World: Part I’*

  • I’ve missed something. Who and what?

  • Delilah T.

    Kirk? Star Trek II? That is too funny!

    Do we get to hear that angry bellow “KHAAAAAAANNNNN!’ ?

  • sgtcpt

    Ah the good old days. I remember seeing Wrath of Kahn at the drive in.

    • PaulS

      Someone actually saw a movie at the Drive in?

      • cb

        The ‘Wall’ will be used for drive in movies at certain locations… we are told.

    • doc

      I attended the drive-in with some frequency back in the day. Can’t say I ever saw a movie there.

      • Pamela

        You must have been in one of the back rows…

        • JTC

          “Daddy, where do babies come from?”


          Ask me how I know.

          • Pamela

            That happened to one of my sisters.

          • Delilah T.

            Yes, pickup trucks can do that to you….

    • WayneM

      A couple of years ago, the screen for old drive-in where I grew up got blown over in a storm. It was the last straw for a business that’d grown unprofitable by societal changes. The owner sold the property to a developer…

  • Halley

    As with everything Democrat, you wonder whether it’s malicious intent or pure stupidity. It always ends up being an unfortunate combination of both.

    • Old Codger

      My $.02

      As with everything Democrat, you wonder whether it’s malicious intent, pure stupidity or plain old incompetence.

    • AtackDuck

      Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and a conscientious stupidity. —MARTIN LUTHER KING

  • Lon Mead

    Couldn’t hit a bullet with the broad side of a barn.

  • Cameron

    The poor little dears are getting rather desperate.

  • eon

    During WW2 the Red Army came up with a little item called the dog mine. It was an anti-tank mine with a lever on top to trigger the charge. It was to be strapped to the back of a dog which had been trained to run under a tank by homing on the sound of its engine. They assumed that it would be a sure killer on German panzers.

    Unfortunately, in combat it was a failure. Since they had only used their own T-34 tanks to train the dogs with, which had an entirely different engine note than a German tank by the dogs’ reckoning, when released they of course ran under the Russians’ tanks instead of the Germans’.

    Moral; Bombs don’t care who they blow up.

    clear ether


    • JackDeth 72

      Or the FBI using a stray cat. Whose tail and back was shaved. And a microphone implanted between its shoulder blades, And its tail used as an antenna to eavesdrop on Russian Embassy workers enjoying lunch at Dupont Circle.

      One to have the FBI agents release the cat onto Massachusetts Avenue….. And have it hit by a bus seconds later.

    • Bill G

      Hoist on their own petards, eh, wot?

      • JackDeth 72

        That too…. But mostly the DC FBI R&D Section hating ideas from their bosses who watched too many episodes of CBS’s ‘Mission Impossible’ back in the day.

    • PaulS

      Once the pin is pulled, Mr grenade is not your friend.

      • JackDeth 72


        “Friendly Fire Isn’t!”

        “Tracers Work Both Ways.”

        “If Your Attack Is Succeeding…. It’s An Ambush!”

        “The Most Dangerous Thing On The Battlefield
        Is A Brand New Butter Bar And a PRC-6!”

        *Rice Paddy Daddy: AKA Murphy*

        • Kafiroon

          “Murphy was an optimist.”

          • gruundehn

            Murphy’s Law was not created by Murphy, but by another man with the same name.

  • PaulS

    Alternate title:
    Yes, we con.

  • Unca Walt

    I’m gonna go with CMBLAKE6: [b]WHAAAAAATT!!!????[/b]

    • Pamela

      The correlation is that trying to impeach Trump is the same as Khan trying to kill Kirk. Sheer idiocy. Or Pissing in the wind. Messy. Or pushing on a rope. Splat on your face. Or getting a Red head torqued off at you. Dangerous.

      These actions lack wisdom.

      • WayneM

        Pissing in the wind isn’t an issue as long as you squirt on the leeward… but agreed with all else…. especially the red head caution.

        • MasterDiver

          Trust me, Brunettes can be equally dangerous, especially the petite ones!

          • Driftwood


  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

    According to the date on the ‘toon, this one is from teh future!

    • drew458

      Chris must have been hanging out with Mika and Morning Joe

      • MasterDiver

        Or at Calahan’s Crosstime Saloon, where it’s Time Travelers STRICTLY Ca$h!
        Zar Belk!

    • Chris Muir

      Crap, I keep jumping ahead!

      • Pamela

        Having trouble with the time change…
        It messes me up

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’ve read and grown up on so much sci-fi, especially the Masters (RAH, AC Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury), and so many others (Andre Norton, Zelasny, a raft of others…..), and oh, my favorite horror author, HP Lovecraft.
    So, past, present, future, this world, other planets, future technology, aliens, whatever,…..meh.
    But a “simple” thing like the DST change has me going to bed early and exhausted. I’m getting old, and I don’t wanna.

    • Epador

      Move to Arizona.