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  • Merle

    And – it’s on!!! πŸ™‚

  • Pete231

    Ohhh, the fat’s in the fire now. Game on !!

  • formwiz


    My money’s on Naomi.

  • JackDeth 72

    What are the odds that Naomi won’t pistol whip a Fed until Zed shows up?

    • Janir

      Better yet, how long do you think Zed will stand there watching Naomi beat the crap out of the fed with 1/2 her top off before he finally stops the fight?

      • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

        til both tops are off?

        • Doggo

          We have a winner!

  • Malatrope


  • WayneM

    The elbow is more effective at that range but a strike like that is telegraphed like waving a flag… I”m frankly shocked Naomi would get surprised like that…

  • lurking

    With the Dawes and an ornery bull outside, i don’t think she’ll make the gate… and “backup” mat have a hard time getting in .

    Despite tge FACT that she threw the first punch, it’s assault of a federal officer. I smell a set-up.

  • Oh hell, party time! And great wardrobe malfunction for all who were wondering earlier.

  • hbbill

    Tol’ ya so.

  • Too Tall

    Real World: That elbow is not lethal.

    Real World: Naomi’s retaliation is lethal. Given the position of Naomi’s hands, my money is on numerous shards of nasal bone and cartilage several inches deep into Inspector Quan’s brain as well as at least two crushed cervical vertebrae.

    Real World: Inspector Quan will never get to throw the punch from her cocked right hand. From the beginning, her feet were poorly positioned, and her left elbow was hampered coming out of her jacket to generate any force for either her first or her planned second blow. Her body is wide open to any number of lethal counter-attacks and her momentum is going to carry her right into Naomi’s strike.

    Clearly, Inspector Quan is a “wonder graduate” of one of the two-hour “hand-to-gland” courses many of our Federal agencies seem to think are effective. Nobody ever taught her, and she has never experienced true hand-to-hand combat.

    Even if Zed is six feet away, it will be over before he can get there.

    If there were a level three trauma center right next door, there will be nothing left for them to save.

    It does not matter that the soon to be deceased is a Federal agent.

    The training is hard-wired into Naomi’s DNA and her response is instinctive.

    “Stem Lock” has no meaning to Naomi (or Zed for that matter). Naomi couldn’t “pull a punch” if she wanted to. The blows will come up from her legs and finish several inches beyond her target.

    The autopsy report will use words similar to “bone structures were observed to be shattered (pulverized, anihilated, destroyed, take your pick) beyond any capability for surgical repair. Numerous bone fragments were observed to be dispersed multi-directionally, several inches deep into the soft tissue surrounding the original structures whose remnants are largely unrecognizable.”

    An inexperienced physician will find it difficult to believe that any human being could generate that much damage in one or two blows, especially a woman.

    A wise physician will recognize the results of world-class training diligently applied.

    Don’t mess with the pros.

    The Greek playwright and “Father of Comedy,” Aristophanes called this match correctly over 2,400 year ago:

    “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupidity lasts forever.”

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      You know, Yer takin’ all the fun out of a good catfight! we haven’t even got to all the hair pulling , clothes rending, nail scratching parts yet! πŸ˜‰

      • Too Tall

        Concur, especially regarding the loss of entertainment value.
        Reality Sucks

        • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

          I agree totally on the reality part, thats why I’m here instead of in reality, because it does indeed suck.

    • JTC

      Aristophanes? I thought it was Larry the Cable Guy…”Cain’t fix stupid.”

      • TomZ

        He paraphrased the late Jim White. KMOX radio’s late night host ‘The Big Bumper’.

  • RegT

    Aristophanes is for The Birds.

    • Too Tall

      Well Played!

      You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. It’s a pity there are so few of us left (mostly on DBD, it appears), as more would greatly expand the market for Chris.

  • Hardball

    Do I see left hand on jacket, then left hand with gun?

  • Jay B.

    Now thass whut Ah’m sayin’ … Art Appreciation!

  • HH

    In Texas, a lovely lady with a gun drawn on another female would draw tons of attention. Female Two hitting the first female would result in more attention, guns being drawn and the County Sheriff being called to sort it out. Security would ramp up and the Fed agent would be questioned, if possible. Other federal agents would be searched for just in case of a multiple layer attack. Phone and radio jammers could be activated to prevent communications between attackers.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    So much for, “I’m only here to find Agent Smith”.

    • MasterDiver

      And from the surrounding tables the whisper of metal on leather and the sound of NUMEROUS safeties being switched to “armed” and hammers being cocked.

  • eon

    Extremely unwise move on Quan’s part. She’s just escalated a first contact to a potentially lethal encounter. A bit too much “Federal programming”?

    clear ether


  • Unca Walt

    Boogers. They both are too adorable to be fighting. Mud wrasslin’, yeah. And just how the heck can the jacket in her left hand turn into a pistol in 1/5 second?

    Naomi (bless her Eve’s Puddings) apparently has Good Witch magic on her side in order to accomplish that transformation.

    The Feeb Lady ain’t got a chance, but I hope nobody gets dinged too badly.

    • Chris Muir

      Naomi swapped it for the pat-down.Look at yesterdays.

    • PaulS

      β€œFull metal jacket β€œ. πŸ˜‰

  • Doggo

    That is NOT the first barfight I anticipated in the new club, HOWEVER, at this point I’m intrigued. Chris, I am humbled by your ability to bring the jab from outta nowhere (and your drawing skills).

  • Johnny Z

    Chris is the modern day Russ Meyer and this will be the Battle of the Super Vixens

    • NotYetInACamp

      He oughta sell signed prints or originals. πŸ™‚

  • Bren

    Hope not. Meyer had a tendency to kill off the women in his movies.

  • David Grimes

    Oh honey, you just made a serious mistake. What next? Gonna challenge Audie Murphy to a duel as one of the gun “experts” once did? To which Murphy is reported to have replied “any time, with live ammunition.”

  • PaulS

    Why did Naomi let her remain on her feet for the search? Having to control the two pistols in that outfit is quite a disadvantage I would have thought she would avoid, unless baiting her opponent. Interesting strategy.

  • KenH

    So sad


  • Spin Drift

    Saturday’s toon, the holster is empty. Control the weapon first people. Naomi has lightning fast hand changes and I suspect that Zed has also drawn, since he got the initial warning of the interloper on premises and Naomi calls his name.

    Artistic license has Naomi’s gun sliding across the floor next and then its game on. My money is still on Naomi but the Fed chick is some “ancient Chinese secret” agent with genetically inbred chop sockiness, hence the Quan name. Also note the oblique reference to the Q’anon similarity. Maybe she has info that will enlighten us all, once Quan is vetted by the DD tribe, if she survives the sorority initiation and makes Zed a sandwich.

    Good Men Must Stand
    Hold Fast

  • Epador

    Ah come on analysts, this is a cartoon!

    I’m all for taking this one outside and into the mud.

    Unless the barn has a dirt floor, then just spill some sudsy water and get down.

    • Too Tall

      You are correct, I like the way you think.

  • rooftop voter

    Inspector Quan, that king fu bull is gonna get REALLLL EXPENSIVE. ( Best Sailor voice )……………. Now, lets see Naiomi roll.

    • Ozymandius

      Heh… Randy “Tex” Cobb, Uncommon Valor.

  • JTC

    Said the other day they’d end up hand-to-hand and it would be a good one…the one chick a career Mossad killer and the other trained up by us or the chinks, Somebody will end up comatose or dead pretty quick, but I did say I hope they get down to panties only panties first.

    I’m all for a good hot chick brawl, but whatever Quan (and Smith?) have as an end game, she does have a strange strategy. Are our FIB’ers really that bad at their job or is there something else in store? Hmmm?

    Oh well whatevs, back to titties for now. πŸ™‚

  • gruundehn

    In panel 2, it looks like Naomi is bringing her hand down to control the weapon. At least, it looks that way to me. But why didn’t Naomi have her prisoner stand against the wall with her weight on her hands and spread-eagled?

    • JTC

      “…stand against the wall with her weight on her hands and spread-eagled…”

      Man that makes me think of that upside-down spreak-eagle of Skye he used as an (awesomely effective) lure. Absolutely, up against the wall and spread ’em agent Quan…maybe add a little come-hither glance over the shoulder? Or a death stare, either way hot as hell.

      • JTC

        spread-eagle, although a nice spreak- might be interesting.

        BTW Chris, what happened to that incredible Skye pose?

        • Chris Muir

          I am not actually sure which one you are referring to,JTC.Doesn’t strike a bell.

          • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

            Maybe the one around the time of “Blood flows red on the highway” aka, “Death of a Charger”? dream sequence of Zed’s with a nekid Skye looking down at him?

        • JTC

          Sorry, taking care of some real-life stuff.

          Anyway Chris, that large portrait was usually positioned under the toon where your ads are now…and I think used during fundraising time too?

          The iconic Skye, tats and all, on her belly and striking a very welcoming pose…as sultry and tempting and twisted as anything Vargas ever did.

          More memorable for me maybe because you know, Ass Man.

  • Pamela

    Somebody turn on the fire hose…

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      Only if we’re trying to make the mud wrasslin’ pit! πŸ˜‰

      • Pamela

        Is there a bag of Jello powder in the Kitchen…

  • LowKey

    …or throw a bucket of ice water on them to break it up….and do other things.

    • Warhorse

      I rather doubt that that would have any effect on Naomi, at the least.

  • lurking

    ‘Yall don’t forget that there is a sultry critter up on stage that has a nack of pulling out nasty hardware concealed in her flimsy garmets.

  • lurking

    Then again, there’s always the piano player.

    • pyrodice

      I just heard Beastie Boys playing “Paul Revere” in my head with that line…

  • Robert

    From a different plot perspective, I suspect it will be Sam with a chair on the dance floor.


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