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  • Perhaps that’s a good reason why I have a CrackBerry!

  • S'aaruuk

    And why I have ‘Android’/AT&T/Morotola’

    • JTC

      Sorry S’aaruuk, can’t escape the SJ world of faceless sexless brainless “zirs” with a product designed by them (google) and named for them (droid).

      Couple three decades late, but it’s finally 1984.

  • Otto Didact

    I’m sorry, Chris, but I totally do not get this strip AY-TALL!

    Chris? Somebody? Anybody? Care to help an old fart out? I know who Siri “is” – sorta. I don’t own an “i” anything. If you want to talk to anything “i” from anything with a Microsoft OS, Apple loads so bleeping much spyware/junkware/bloatware it ain’t funny. I even have no desire to own a “smart” phone. Got a cell phone for talking. Got a desktop PC (cept it lives behind a door in a section of my desk – don’t allow critters nor computers on my desk top.) and a laptop PC and a tablet (android) that I use mostly for reading. No “social media” for this old man. And it’s by choice, mind you. I’ve had my paws in the innards of every generation of microcomuter since Apple II. Also used just about every OS except for Unix.

    • eon

      No IPhone, B-berry, cell, nothing.

      Two PCs- one hooked to the Net (which I’m typing this on now), one not and it never will be.

      Landline phone, no caller ID, cordless, or etc. The last time we had a power failure (that lasted eight days) I had the only phone on the block that still worked (runs off the 64V DC system at the phone company).

      TV set, DVD player, no satellite, cable, WiFi, whatever. Stereo that plays CDs, cassettes, and LPs plus 45s when I get the urge.

      My one concession to modernity other than the PCs and DVD player- my microwave oven. And strictly speaking those have been around since just after WW2.

      I don’t even have any polymer-framed guns. Steel and wood all the way.

      I may be in the first half of the 21st Century, but I honestly think I’d have gotten on better in the first half of the 20th.

      clear ether


      • Ed Woods

        May all of the odd gods of the galaxy bless you. Quite similar here.

      • GWB

        Can’t say as I’m with you totally on this one. But I do still have a regular phone for emergencies (one that can operate totally off the phone line), and my cell phone does voice and text. (Well, it would do data if they hadn’t shut down the old-style email on it.)
        I do have a tablet for reading and doing email, but it isn’t on a cell plan, just wifi.

        And, no, I wouldn’t ever own anything built by Apple. On top of the fact that I was an Atari man (yes, old enough to have been in user groups back in the Atari 400/800 days), I’ve never liked how Apple assumed you were a moron that shouldn’t be “inside” their OS – sort of an “easy there, big guy, we wouldn’t want you to strain any brain cells or mess anything up” attitude. Of course, M$ went and got that attitude, too – assuming they know what’s best for you in all cases.

        When I protested the removal of the navigators in KC-135s, I was told I was a Luddite. I was told that computers can do the job so much better than a guy with a chart. I responded that I didn’t trust computers – not because I was a Luddite, but because I had been working with them since I was about 12 and I knew them way too well to trust my airplane to them.

        • RegT

          Doesn’t sound like you actually tried anything Apple. Back in the days of the Apple II, there was Apple Basic, and it was possible to program your Apple (and then Mac, when it first came out, with the first GUI, later coppied by Microsoft) with games and such. I was never a programmer, so when it went past Basic, I dropped out.

    • H_B

      I’m afraid I don’t get this one either.


      Separately, eon, have you heard about this: Just announced for June sale at on-going SHOT Show in Las Vegas. It’s a modern-machining version of the STG-44 rather than a true 1:1 “reproduction”. Still, no polymer – just steel and wood. Choice of chambering between .223, 300 Black, 7.62×39 Soviet, and 8mm Kurz.

      If you’re interested, InRange youtube channel has a four-part series on the design and internals of the STG-44 beginning with “In Defense of the Sturmgewehr”.

      • eon

        I’ve seen that. You can find it (and often me, in the posts) at

        Frankly, I’m more interested in their FG42 repro in 7.9 x 57. I worked with an original MP43 OUAT and came a away a bit underwhelmed; overall, it was like an AK but heavier and clumsier. Although it has that exotic “look” that the Kalashnikov doesn’t quite get to. And prone firing is a chore due to the rifle “monopoding” on that magazine, unless you dig a hole for it first, which is kind of difficult in a fast assault. (Which was of course what it was supposed to be all about.)

        Did you know that at least one StG44 showed up in the first trio of Star Wars movies as a “blaster rifle”? One of my uncles who encountered the things in Europe when he took the “tour” with 2AD under Patton’s 3rd Army from June 1944 to May 1945 wasn’t surprised when he saw the movie; he said that when he saw his first one in the hands of a German soldier, he thought it could have stepped of the cover of an SF pulp magazine.

        What I’d really love would be somebody repro’ing the Johnson rifle in .30-06. πŸ˜‰



    • nadadhimmi

      Just keep sharp at the range. You may very well need those long range skills to, uh, “correct” things. From 1/4 mile.

  • KenH

    Never owned one
    Never will

  • Eric Severied

    I was an IT specialist for 30 years and never cared about the equipment, only it’s purpose. So I worked with PCs, many systems, whatever it took to get the job done. I only worked with Apple when I had to. I find now I admire Jobs a lot more now that he’s gone when I see what his company has become. The final piece of the Apple puzzle that has start them on the road to doom is the Apple Watch, an overpriced, unglamorous equipment piece that has a purpose done far better by devices hundreds of dollars less. The most profane of them all is the 14,000 platinum model, with the same functions and design as the lowest price watch but with a platinum housing. Some should show them a 14,000 Rolex or Omega and point out what makes them worth $14,000.

    Apple has enough momentum to blast a dozen years or more especially with the iTunes. But rest assured all kings die. See Microsoft.

    • eon

      I never paid more than forty bucks for a wristwatch in my life. And that was a Timex I used for 12 years.

      Pay more for a freaking watch than I have for any car or truck I ever owned? I. Don’t. Think. So.



    • PaulS

      “Some should show them a 14,000 Rolex or Omega and point out what makes them worth $14,000.”
      I’m not sure how much precious metal is in either, but it’s likely the bulk of the value in the apple watch. The automatic watches mentioned are marvels of a different sort, and also have no difference in functionality between models made in stainless or platinum that have greatly different prices. What makes the apple watch ridiculous is the need for recharging frequently, making it a non-starter for myself anyway. YMMV

      • JTC

        Separating the concepts of form and function is what is required; eon’s $40 Timex will keep better time than a $14K Rolex, but some people will pay for and appreciate the handmade highly jeweled movement of a Rolex just as others will pay a many-fold premium for a fine hand-finished firearm or a rare forgottenweapon over the efficiency of a poly model. To each his own, especially when personally applying the very differing criteria of price, cost, and value. One correction for PaulS though; the complication of the Rolex Day-Date movement is offered only in 18K gold or platinum, while the various other models can also be had in stainless steel, starting prices from about 3500 up to about 100K or so, but the vintage ones that I deal with average 2 to 5K…and btw Rolex is looked down on by those who get into things like the Patek Phillipe models that can cost really nice house money.

        It’s the same with most things, guns, watches, cars, etc…you can get from point a to point b with basic equipment or you can want/need/love/enjoy the esoterics of elaboration…like I said, form and function with the price/cost/value variants subjectively applied, different strokes in a free capitalist society, enjoy it while it lasts.

    • RegT

      I’m not an Apple fan-boy, but having been force to use Windows in various jobs (LE and medicine), I believe what is said about Microsoft: Gates named it after his own privates.

  • I understood. SIRI warning about hatespeech is the next step in auto braking, auto parking, all the other computer controlled bullshit that cars can do already.

    • B Woodman

      This is why my SUV is a 2000, no intrusive computer. Yes, there’s a computer, to fine tune the engine while running, but it’s not “OnStar” intrusive.

  • Gus Bailey

    Zir, indeed.

  • capn

    I’m in the same boat eon.

    My phone is a “plugged into the wall” nurses special. It hangs up when you set it down on its face. Any flat spot will do No cradle needed. (It also works on the 64 DC batteries at the switiching station in town.)
    The cell I use is a Nokia “candy bar” style 6100 series. No net, no videos and no games. It will make and receive phone calls. It will also take voice mail via my T-Mobile account. (Prepaid only)

    Don’t have, don’t want and will not accept an i-anything even if it’s free.

    That said I’m guessing but I think that Sam has just canceled an intrusive “smart phone” ap that is supposed to be a “Handy and Helpful” program but is actually a sneaky, devious snoopware version of an old fashioned “phone tap”.

    How close did I get Chris?

    Why yes I am a senior American how ever did you guess? [wink]

    • Bill G

      My first thought had been that the account ended itself due to the ‘hate speech’; a second look let me realize she was out of the car and doing it herself.
      I had read of Siri, this ‘Zir’ is new to me as I am another non-fan of Apple.
      As well as being another old fogey.

      • GWB

        Skye is in the car, Sam is at home. Evidently “Siri” (or “Zir”, whatever) is monitoring Sam’s side of the conversation. I thought as you did – that Zir cancelled the account because Sam cursed “her”. (Based on the fonts distinguishing the speakers – the super bold font being Sam’s smartphone.)

  • capn

    “switching station”

  • Iconoclast

    As others have noted, Chris, some of the strips over the recent weeks presume a level of information sophistication / worldliness or technical expertise beyond the current loadouts of some of us codgers … today’s is a good example.

  • jackdeth72

    Who wants an Artificial Intelligent that is also an after the fact accomplice to murder (Siri: Where To Dump A Body?) anywhere bear them?

  • Polly Cy

    Sign me up too, kids. I’m not a fan of social media and had the text function disabled on my retro flip phone. Didn’t take advantage of the “free” satellite radio when I got my car, turned down the DVR when we went fiber optic, use maps rather than Garmin, never activated the Bluetooth on the new laptop… It’s not that I’m anti-tech, I’ve been using computers so long that I still tend to think goto is one word, not two. I dedicated my masters thesis to my Kaypro IV. I deliberately mess with the companies that try to track my browsing and shopping habits. (When I have a free minute or two, I search for expensive toys, precious gems, exotic vacation packages, vinyl siding, trendy restaurants, septic tank repair, meditation classes, plus size swimwear, power tools, new cars, wedding planners, …in other words, random and disconnected items which I neither need nor want. I can entertain myself for hours seeing the “Personalized recommendations” that are the result and imagining what sort of personality their modeling protocols have assigned me.)

    • PaulS

      Hmmm, I saw a pattern immediately, making one or both of us sick indeed. πŸ˜‰

  • Jorge_Banner

    If social justice gets Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube closed to rational discourse, and we are almost there, that is only the first step towards getting the whole of the net closed to rational discourse and then . . . we have a problem.

    Computers where invented almost yesterday and now we can’t live without them.
    Same with the net.
    We are very close and a good lot of smart people are feverishly working towards it, to having the whole of the net closed to rational discourse.
    This is a war and we are loosing it.
    Think about it.

    • eon

      There”s always printing presses, samisdats, handouts, brush passes, and snail mail. Even the USSR couldn’t stop those, and they owned the post office.

      Going “off the grid” isn’t just for survivalists- it’s for rational people who don’t like being snooped on. And of course as long as the SJW busybodies think they control all dataflow, and never see anything they think is “wrong” they sleep better.




    • PaulS

      “This is a war and we are loosing it.”
      I thought about it.
      This is a war and THEY are loosing it. (they will regret what they have loosed)

    • Jorge_Banner

      I so hope you guys are right and I’m wrong.

  • JTC

    Chris, if you’re going to really support the PC SJW GN initiatives, I think you’re going to need to return your prestigious award so that it can be presented to a black/Hispanic/muslim cartoonist…yes, I know there were no actual, you know, deserving candidates, but there are some who really want to and are getting their life together so that they can, produce something, and you need to make room at the top and encourage him, her, it, I mean zir.

    • Chris Muir

      Yeah, it’s attached to my ass.

      • JTC

        Careful, to the LGBTXYZ community, that would be a feature… ;P

  • Grunt GI

    I for one, love this one…as a long time Apple user and Mac aficionado since 1986…I own and love a lot of Apple products…sad to see what has happened to this company since Steve Jobs died.
    Yes, Steve Jobs was a son of a bitch to work for and a lefty, but he always kept his politics out of business and brought Apple back from extinction in the early 90s…I love my iPad and iPhone…he was a product genius…
    Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and all those left coast tech SJWs have let their good fortune go to their heads and inflate their sense of self-worth and moral superiority. Yup, Tim Cook needs to throttle down his Gay Warriorness and concentrate on business or his stock holders are gonna toss his ass out–so to speak.
    The only reason I would love to see Bernie Sanders elected is to see if he has that guts to stick to these bastards and make them pay their “fair share” of taxes….hahahahaha…ah, what the hell am I thinking…progressive billionaires dodge taxes the same as conservative billionaires.

    How does a conservative or libertarian define tolerance-“We’ll just have to agree to disagree.”

    How does a SJW define tolerance-“We’ll just have to agree that you agree with me or I’ll call you intolerant.”

  • Pamela

    Tech and all its permutations has become the addiction of the 21st Century. The programmer(s) behind the applications is/are the person(s) to be concerned about. SJW are neither Justice nor are they Warriors.
    They are thugs and scammers out to rip anyone off in order to profit.
    To enforce their will on others be any means necessary.
    Coveting the lifestyle and possessions of others is not the road or key to happiness. The Life would be Perfect if only ….. would submit is not the way to live.

    • JTC

      Well don’t tell that to Hollowood or its Academy…as I alluded to Chris about his award, just mention anything ending in -ism and they’ll fall all over themselves to give you what is earned by and belongs to someone else; Affirmative Action and minority set-asides have found their way from schools into the “adult” world now, and every wannabe out there has found out that they can make up an oppressed class and shame you into handing over the loot.

      And if you can’t beat ’em join ’em…I’m thinking of starting up an advocacy group for SWM’s and making all those other ists out there pay me bigtime for robbing me of my self-image, not to mention my money, my freedom, my sanity, and my country….buncha fuckin’ straightwhitemale-ist Zir’s!

      • B Woodman

        JTC, Pamela, et al,
        Reading through Dinesh D’souza’s newest book, “Stealing America”. It makes the whole socialist/progressive/DemonRat/SJW movement so simple and plain. It’s all an elaborate con, and we’re all the marks, just waiting to be fleeced.
        And what doubly makes this all so ironic, is that D’Souza wrote this after being tried and punished for campaign contribution violations. The Libtard justice system attempted to break D’Souza, but obviously that didn’t happen.

  • RegT


    I think I see where you went with this (definitely ANTI-SJ), but I’m not getting how it works. I’m not going to get into not having TV since ’87 and having a cellphone with no texting, and being slow to adopt tech, but I’m not a total neo-Luddite. Yet, I don’t get this either. It seems to me that Sam has an app on her phone (whmake what she says into her phone audible in her car. Sky _thinks_ (questions) whether or not it is SIRI, but the fact that there are two “bongs” for (BS) “hate speech”, and then the account delete (after calling it a bitch), I don’t think SIRI is involved. UNLESS there is an app which allows the owner to broadcast to the car _through_ SIRI in some fashion.

    Care to enlighten this old guy? And keep on trucking. I think most of us know better than to think – or even jest – that you are pro-SJW/GN and all that crap.

  • Dastardly Dan

    I think you guys are trying too hard.
    Sam is at home talking to Skye, in her Saracuda getup, trolling for pseudo-alpha males. She’s talking on an iPhone. She’s lamenting the lack of quality of her hardware since Steve Jobs died, and makes a politically incorrect comment about the present CEO of Apple. Siri is monitoring her speech and issues a warning. Sam reacts to Siri’s warning and expresses her opinion of Siri. Siri responds by deleting Sam’s account and re-naming herself with a gender neutral name.
    The point of all this:
    1) Apple is more of a Steve Jobs cult than an actual technology company and will continue to degenerate.
    2) Everything we say and do is monitored and there will come a time when we will ‘tow the line’ or be banished from society.
    3) Tim Cook is a gay activitest who is as much a CEO as Skye is Sarah Palen.

    • Chris Muir


      • H_B


    • eclark

      I do have to agree with Dastardly Dan on this one. This isn’t the first time Apple’s quality has fallen. It was like that when Jobs left the first time. Didn’t get better until Jobs returned.

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