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  • WayneM

    Oh, that burns!!

    I wonder if bearded bar buddy realizes what he’s tangling into?

    • H_B

      “Abandon all hope…”

      • interventor

        There are cures for most STDs. Otherwise!

    • Polly Cy

      Of course a redhead of her own might be just what she needs.

  • JTC

    Let’s just say that the beating that Red is in for will be much to her liking, while the one awaiting beard boy, not so much.

      • JTC

        Thanks, H_B…I just in general don’t like Limbaugh or give a fuck what he thinks or says even though he seems to think everyone does.

        I actually never ever listen to, watch, or read him, and I guess the disjointed incoherence in that piece explains why, but I think it does show that he listens to us. And more importantly I think the principles themselves, through their wonks, listen to us too.

        Chris likes to say that DBD is just for fun, and it is fun, but his brand of commentary and our discussions here, have a hell of a lot of power in this intertubes world, and I think that more than anything is what explains the phenomenon that is the defacto third-party represented by Trump and Cruz.

        Trump/Cruz ’16
        Cruz/ ? ’20

        • PaulS

          Okay, my default position is to respect DBD readers, and all people actually, and leave it up to them to maintain it.
          So please help me out here.

          “I actually never ever listen to, watch, or read him, and I guess the disjointed incoherence in that piece explains why, but I think it does show that he listens to us. ”

          He listens to ‘us’ and becomes disjointedly incoherent?

          My socialist commie pinko uncle, whom refers to me as his racist bigot homophobe nephew, says the same type of thing you have above. I can’t get a good answer out of him as to how he can have such a passionate opinion regarding someone he doesn’t listen to, and refuses to.
          Perhaps you could give it a try, I really do want to know how it is possible. I’ve spent time listening to various LSM pundits so know exactly why I don’t give a fuck what they think, and also why I don’t continue to watch them (it would not be healthy for the viewing device).
          Thanks for helping out.

        • H_B

          The “disjointed incoherence” is because that’s a direct transcription of a phone conversation. Copy what most people say over a telephone, with mis-heard words and lack of visual cues to keep people talking over one another, and it reads the same way.

      • rooftop voter

        Actually Trump/Cruz is the PERFECT dream team for us Conservatives.

        First, you are assured you win, period. Second, you virtually assure yourself that after 4 or 8 years of movement forward, you won’t have an asshat undo all you have done in 4 like Bush the elder did, Trump gets to have a real Constitutional Conservative ( mostly ) as his ear, and Cruz gets to learn how to schmooze people without scaring them off with his Evangelicalism AND how to run Government more like a business.

        The only ones who should fear that ticket is the DC Elites.

        • JTC

          rv, yup…scares the piss out of libs and rinos (redundant), no magazine “leaders” or pompous “deans” required; and that’s what they’re all afraid of. Real grassroots; sorry dittoheads.

          Trump/Cruz ’16
          Cruz/? ’20

  • Pamela

    Arrggh! Skye’s drinking Jack Daniels on the rocks with a slice of orange!

    • Kafiroon

      Damn Straight!
      I used to drink good Scotch years ago…
      then I met this red head, she liked Jack and I’ve not gone back.

      • S Hooks

        If you ever have the opportunity to try some Pappy Van Winkle don’t pass it up. Unfortunately, it’s just about impossible to find. I’ve only had it once, and that was over ten years ago.

      • Immanuel Goldstein

        I don’t know. I like a good scotch, or Irish whisky. But Jack Daniels tastes to me like gasoline. Maybe I just never acquired a taste for it.

        • rooftop voter

          Has to be you never acquired a taste for it.

          Straight up Jack is heaven, I prefer it even to Crown Royal.

    • Polly Cy

      That’s a slice of orange? I thought it was an onion ring.

    • jackdeth72

      The orange slice makes it “girly”.

    • I_Scold_Beer

      I hope you’re getting product placement $ for the Old No. 7.
      It’s going right to their demographic.

      • Pamela

        Jack Daniels was a favorite libation while friends were drinking Sunrises and SloeComfortableScrewsUpAgainsttheWall.
        A few things I learned were it is sipped, never on the rocks, and never, ever mix it with Bacardi 151.

  • interventor

    JW Black in winter. JD in warm months.

    • OpenTheDoor

      JD is for people who think they like bourbon. Rock stars and such.
      Tennessee never did quite get it right. Lincoln County Process, my big ol’ hairy butt.
      JW Black, now that’s some fine whisky.
      I have a bottle of Blue, waiting for the end of O’Baja’s reign.
      If Hill wins, I may just kill myself.

  • Ozymandias

    Skye in a bar.. adding alcohol to stupid. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Exactly. Mind you, even as stupid as she is Zed is family. What could possibly go wrong?

      • jackdeth72

        Zed intervening with his silenced .22 to break up another altercation… Again?

        • Bill G

          We did get the mention of how he can go from ‘citizen to savage killer in a heartbeat’.
          Let’s hope the bearded one doesn’t need to find that out.

    • Pamela

      I don’t know who to place the “I’m with stupid” bet on.
      Ya don’t think Beard Boy is looking for a fine breeding female and has a bit of duct tape restraint right handy? Maybe a Preacher cousin to tie the knot?

  • Grunt GI

    Hmmm…almost seems like Sam is looking forward to a little spanking for her naughtiness…then she can make Zed a sammich. Just an idea.

  • B Woodman

    Thanks for the good humor, Chris. Just got back home today from a business trip, and needed this. Humor is the best medicine. Now, to bed and sleep.

  • I’m trying to visualize where this will go from there. Dude, don’t be stupid.

  • Aside from that, I don’t care who you are, that shit’s funny right there.

  • Big Jim

    Bad Moon Rising.

  • southpaw

    As the Latin proverb says, in wine there is truth

  • Bill G

    The Alpha Male she seeks would not have that look in his eye while ogling an inebriated woman.
    Looks like Skye has found more trouble.

  • Texas is a state of mind

    Note Product Placement : Chandelle Heller Bust is a California wine. Not Texas! Nice P51 D on the label. The winery is owned by the “Hap” Arnold , five star general, WW 2.

    • Ed Woods

      “Hap” Arnold died in 1950. The winery was started by his descendants in 1986. Good product.

    • Arkay

      Hap Arnold died in 1950. The winery was not established until the 1980s, by his one of his sons, Bruce, and Bruce’s son Robert. Grandson Robert still owns it.

  • m225

    If he’s an alpha she looking. He will just take her back home or some place to sleep it off. If he’s one of the progress/libs he will take advantage of it.

    • My thoughts exactly. An alpha doesn’t need cheap thrills dispensed from a tart dressing up like Sarah Palin. Zed wouldn’t fall for that at his most inebriated. If beard-boy falls for it, he’s no alpha. Skye will wind up getting only as much as she gives, in more ways than one.

    • JTC

      I like that thought, if Skye has lucked out, The Beard will DTRT, pick up her cell and call Zed, and watch over her ’til he gets there to take the silly little ho home. Eventually though, her behavior and stupidity will cost her big.

  • Texas is a state of mind

    My Bad . Last sentence should read “The winery is owned by the “Hap ” Arnold family, WW2 , five star general.

  • PaulS

    Why Skye why? Oh right! Sorry.

  • B Woodman

    Somehow the CCR song “Bad Moon Rising” keeps coming to mind.

    • Pamela

      Maybe the Eagles “Witchy Woman”.

  • Dr Urchin

    Isn’t that bearded guy awfully similar in appearance to the guy who used to beat Skye and whom Zed allegedly convinced to go become a monk or something?

    If she’s that inebriated, could she tell whether it was the same guy or not? Either way, that’s her real taste in men.

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