Day By Day


  • TomZ

    Sounds like flesh tones and clothing take a little time to implement.

    • Fox2!

      And are probably lowest on the interrupt priority and resource allocation stacks. .

    • GWB

      Likely that it builds like avatars do in SecondLife: skins first, THEN clothing. So Anatoly is admiring the interim.

      Or, it’s that she *just* asked for flesh tones, and not clothing.

  • Unfortunately, i don’t speak binary.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Working girl.”
    ‘Toly better watch out saying that when the real Naomi is around.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Nice how the Dawgs can communicate with Jo in binary machine language. ANd Jo can understand them.

    (I’ve always wanted to learn “catanese” to be better able to speak with my felines)

    • Old Codger

      Do you REALLY want to know what they think about us?

  • Big Jim

    ….and what are those vague structures on the horizon? One yesterday looked like it might have been a pump jack, but today….??

    • Stephanie Osborn

      Sure looks like they’re on Tatooine… 😀

    • MasterDiver

      They look like the spires from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom. Can we expect a visit from John Carter?
      Zar Belk!

      • GWB

        Or better yet, from the Princess? BarSOOM!

  • JSStryker

    Let’s hope Jo isn’t reprogramming them.

  • Big Jim

    “Sure looks like they’re on Tatooine… ”

    That was MY first thought also .

  • Alex J

    Ever since this story cycle has been running, I’ve been thinking about the firmware. Who knows what evil lurks in the firmware levels and updates?

    Architecture counts

    • Pamela

      Just hope the firmware doesn’t have add 50 pounds and droop mode.

  • John T. Block

    Is this ‘bot an AI, Chris? I cannot trust a machine, no matter how talented, that might one day decide humans are a detriment to the planet…. AND WHOS GOT THE “OFF” SWITCH???

    • Pamela

      Ice cubes maybe since Jo’s original state was cold liquid

  • Bill

    I will say this, Chris, you do a great job drawing chrome.

  • Indiana Mike

    That gal riding a Sybian?

  • JTC

    So what do y’all think of this, from my comment at Redvolution…

    “Always been plenty of reality reflected in DBD, certainly more will be reflected as the “plot” thickens.

    Chris, I would suggest keeping this second platform for a plot-less single-panel once-a-week serving of your delicious cheesecake…ala Vargas? How about a Sunday Nude on the former Redvolution site? I mean the framework and the link from DBD are already built out, no heavy thought or commentary etc., just your amazing renditions of female finery on a rotating basis? Just say yes!”

    • JTC

      That is of course in response to Chris’ announcement that his excellent but double workload alternate universe creation is “fini”

    • Chris Muir


      • Vince

        Better toss in something for the women too. I wouldn’t want them to feel slighted.

        • Pamela


        • JTC

          (grumble grumble)…okay, gotta be co-ed though ‘kay?

          Nice series for that might be depicting the preggers as it progresses with hubbies involved…nothing more beautiful and sexy in the world than that.

    • Texas is state of mine

      • Texas is state of mine


    • Grunt GI

      Now I love the babes as much as anyone and I would certainly enjoy Sunday cheesecake.

      But if anyone asked my opinion. I would love for Redvolution to be a Sunday only toon to keep the plot moving.
      Especially the Jan rescue and infiltrating to Queen’s ball.

      But integrating it into DBD would be equally good. Just please please don’t let it totally die.

  • JTC

    “hmmm” is not yes, maybe it’s a maybe?

    But as I recall “hmmm” also has been used as an expression of disapproval if somebody (ahem) stepped over a line…do hope that is not the case here as the intent is sincere and supportive. But if so, please disregard.

    • Chris Muir

      Hmmm,as in most interesting!

      • JTC


  • James Gemind

    The face still looks like a creepy chrome Hildebeast Clinton. Please fix it…

    • Chris Muir

      It is Naomi’s face exactly, but I see what you mean.


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